[] [Melee] DW Cold Infiltrator Full Deathmarked - Lokarr Suits Stealer / Gazer Man Dropper ^^

[] [Melee] [COLOR=“DeepSkyBlue”]DW Cold Infiltrator Full Deathmarked - Lokarr Suits Stealer / Gazer Man Dropper[/COLOR]

Lokarr’s Suits Room and Gazer Man :

Full Deathmarked

Grimtools :
Full Deathmarked DW Cold Infiltrator

Video :


~Lokarr Suits Stealer - Gazer Man Dropper~

Aura of Censure or Aura of Conviction ?

Aura of Censure indeed nice for Elemental Builds since it’s provide nice Elemental RR.

In this Build, since I use it for farm Lokarr and John Bourbon Clones, Aura of Conviction is better in term of survivability :

  • It gives Physical Resist which is nice since Nightblade is a little bit fragile
  • It has Burn Duration Reduction
  • It gives OA, so more Hit, more Crit, and more Lifesteal
  • For you that play with Pierce to Cold Conversions, Aura of Conviction will give you additional Flat Cold from Pierce

Our toon can reach more than 50% Physical Res with Full DM Set
Also we have more than 70% Chance to Avoid Projectiles :wink: (Full DM Bonus + Shadow Dance + Null Field)

Nice final bonus of DM sets also good for using with WH (Witch Hunter - Nighblade/Occultist), since WH has additional Physical Res from Blood of Dreeg’s Aspect of the Guardian.

I also tested this build using Aura of Censure.
After several testings, I can say in farming Lokarr and Gazer Man, Aura of Conviction is better for this Build.
Surely you can change to Aura of Censure for more DPS from RR for fighting other enemies…

Gear Alternatives
I use Mageslayer Amulet in this build for additional Elemental RR.
Combine it with Ignaffar’s Combustion + Reaper’s Mark + Night’s Chill + Rumor + Viper + Elemental Storm will mark up our RR since we’re using Aura of Conviction

You can change Amulet with these :

This Build has 50% - 60% Pierce to Cold conversions.
For more Pierce to Cold conversions we can use Silver Sentinel Set.
You can check 2nd post for more Pierce to Cold conversion DW Cold Infiltrator.
I mixing DM and Silver Sentinel in order to get more Conversions…

In Closing

BM Sets need some Love
People usually squinting eyes to both DM weapons, greens are more appealing
A little Buff + OA bonus to BM set wouldn’t hurt too much

Attachment: GDquestion.JPG

Silver Deathmarked DW Cold Infiltrator

To make it short…

Silver Sentinel’s Mask is used for more Pierce to Cold Conversions

It has more conversions thus more Cold Damage, but since it’s not using Full DM Sets, it has less Physical Res.
Aura of Conviction is better if you want more defense…

I tested with 2 different weapon augments :

- Ravager’s Eye --> More DA + Health



- Creed’s Cunning --> More OA + Health





Build Fully Updated
Grimtools Links Added :slight_smile:

Nice build! As usual :cool:

Wich class you would suggest to start with or more perky, will there be a leveling guide soon?
How is the suvivability and QoL during leveling and farming when you don’t have any item of the suggested gear?


Can you kill Mogdrogen and Ravager with this build?

If you want play DW from the start, take Nightblade since beginning!
Nightblade has several Cool Skills that make it can survive

Take these while leveling (in sequence) :

  • Dual Blades --> make you can DW Melee weapons
  • Veil of Shadow, just a few points --> Slowing your enemies and reduce OA
  • Night’s Chill --> your first RR
  • Pneumatic Burts + Transmuter --> your Healing Pot Best Friend
  • Shadow Strike --> for your mobility + Boss Nuke
  • Amarasta’s Quick Cut --> your nice WPS
  • Blade Barrier --> Emergency Button
  • Ring of Steel + Ring of Frost + CoS --> for CC and for leveling with mobs
  • Blade Trap (optional) --> it’s nice too while leveling
  • Execution --> like it’s name :wink:

Inquisitor :

  • Deadly Aim --> OA + Crit
  • Word of Renewal Line --> HP + DA
  • Aura of Censure / Aura of Conviction

Yes in Normal :smiley:

It seems doable with special setups, it may hards and will take some times, since they are super celestial bosses

Quick question, I haven’t played this game in awhile, how do you get enough blue constellation points (10) in order to spec into Solemn watcher?

Probably some respeccing trick I’m missing.

sure just get another blue devo like eel get watcher, buy back eel. You can take the points from amatok for this or a T3 devo