[] pierce Blademaster


Crucible Gladiator 151~160:https://youtu.be/40qxDmlc7S8

Crucible Gladiator 161~170:https://youtu.be/KcIyqbx4SOU

Simple configuration


Last breath before nerfs??

Thought the same. Patch is already around the corner, soon these builds will be irrelevant.

This is why I didn’t post my update publicly. Waiting for patch 0.6:)

Congrats on the effort though:)

I pray everyday that every build that would use the stalwart prefix be cursed to irrelevance. :stuck_out_tongue:

It has come from the mouth of blessed Zantai himself that PTH is to be capped, hamstringing DA stacking builds.

Sigh…, Although I’m not a fan I just hope that they won’t butcher DA like they did lifesteal before then, I almost quit the game because of that.

Life leech you wanted to say??

I wouldn’t worry

There was a period when lifesteal or whatever simply did not work on bosses at all, or my memory is playing tricks on me.

Do you think 60% cap for PTH is a bit too high?

Nice! I created a pierce blademaster build, that got up to wave 150 with the extra spawn. I didn’t try past 150 though, it only had 3k DA. If Crate plans to nerf DA, they could make the resistance debuffs of certain enemies smaller. I do overcap my resistances to at least 15%, it can be disheartening to see that resist type drop to 41% :o

The idea is that builds won’t need to go to far into that direction any more with new changes.

Even now there are builds that do, and builds that don’t. Changes will alleviate DA needs on both types and allow them to focus more on damage for example, thus clearing faster.

Personally I don’t care if it’s 60%-50% or 40%. I said in a therad i’d have stopped at 50%. But for me personally I don’t want to have to ever get there with half the builds i’m playing so i’m not pro or against PTH. The PTH thing is one change that is big and many players are talking about it. But the other 99% percent are changes that will cater around this problem, making easier than before.

Im really feeling like a noob now…

what does PTH stand for ?

Probability To Hit :wink: