Crucible Discussion

Just finished on cruci run on the new patch, after like 3 runs that crashed my crappy laptop (geez). Used an aether apostate (non DE) that was good for me back in 0.5. I didn’t modify the build for the new patch just yet so I can compare. Cleartime-wise not much has changed. I guess the monster health buffs compensate for the OA buffs we get, and the damage buff from Empyrion wasn’t really much. Also, in my build’s case, Flame torrent was nerfed (deserved).

What I really like about this patch though is that cruci is waaaaay less stressful than it was last patch. I said above that cleartime wasn’t increased by much, but my 13 min cleartime in 0.5 had me focus all my mind to playing while now I could even watch Ip Man at the side. Before you couldn’t hope to last 4 seconds in front of Reaper without DA stacking or Mirror/Mark. Now I didn’t even need TD Mark at 170. What a big difference.

I guess it’s time for some new builds to appear in the crucible meta. Of course all the old builds that didn’t stack DA will still own it now. On the other hand. It doesn’t seem like you could just make some random build with enough OA, DA and HP and make it to 170 easily, unlike the old 150 pre 0.4. Reaper is still a threat, so is Alex meteor. Hope we’ll all have fun with this crucible until the next expansion arrives.

What do you guys think about the patch and the crucible?

Yes the monster tweaks + blessings are quite amazing.

Yeah. It makes the older builds not OP while still making new builds good. Nice job by Crate really.

Also, from your belgo thread, Cold PB does 9:30? Holy shit that’s fast. And not from a build that’s naturally supported by a set.

My run is 9:50 or so.

But Speaker of the Dead, DEathbound amulet and new MI shoulders are quite amazing.

When you PB with LA charged you tear appart everything in a cone. This is like Pre AoM pre patch 0.4 SS but ranged and AoE:rolleyes:

Although it requires more focus than Belgo. Belgo is just good DW fun

My latest build with low HP and high DA now suffers from Alex meteors. But patch allowed me to get damage rings instead of Stalwart dummies and swap celestial powers to damage ones, so it’s ok really.
Finally one can make its path in a way of pure damage.

When you did this, you made a child smile somewhere in the world:)

Whats fun - CDR stacking builds are less affected by CD changes on MoT/Mirror and Aeon. With 40%+ CDR +Eternity you can still chain this stuff with 100% upkeep.
New life buff helped mostly ADCTH heavy builds - my Bone charmer can do 150-170 now with ease. And PB spammer is bonkers-broken :smiley:
Overall nice changes. Ppl who enjoy challenge would run nobuffs anyway. PPL who want fair challenge would be pleased by extra HP juice.
Fumble changes are hard to notice - all my melee chars still run permanently fumbled unless I kill fumbler-casters. :smiley:

It’s hard to ask for gladiator farmer, but who exactly casts fumble effects? For now I just kill everything and trying to find these baddies.

90% of yellow creeps in crucible :smiley: All basilisk`s. Grava, plants, etc etc.

Thanks! Btw Grava’s fumble is easily avoided by stepping off of the whirling dark spot

Yes, good luck stepping out off whirling dark spots as melee autoatacker. :smiley:

I found Grava way more manageable with BM. Zantai said Grava received special attention in this regard.

Yeah Alex meteors now look so scary and will now the the thing to always watch out now that builds are getting more offensive.

Funny you say that. My only near death experience in my Runebinder Tactician run was Grava on 165. Sometimes you just get so unlucky that almost none of your attacks hit.

Having done both group and solo runs I’d say that it is much easier now.

I’m not sure that group Crucible benefited having seen Double Ravager getting melted in around five seconds, and Alek not even getting to his first animation sequence. My character is considerably stronger now, but that is not of my doing so I’m ambivalent on that aspect of the changes.

Solo is also much easier having gone from 0 - 150 with no buffs, banners or pots and not even the need to use mirror. Again I’m ambivalent on that.

But if viewing the changes from the perspective of their intended goal, then I’d say it was a success. Viewing from an individual perspective, I can’t say that I’m happy about the changes, but I’m not outraged either. Some of the challenge has been lost and I’ll now need to artificially work it back in.

I rejoice at the dawn of DA Cult! :cool:

After all it isn’t amusing if gladiators don’t suffer a little, don’t you agree?

I did it casually on my 40% cdr 9,8k hp Spellbreaker after not playing him for like a month, first try, 2 buffs 150-160, 3 buffs 160-170, and I was going to do it for thesecond time when on wave 162 two buffs expired leaving me with just damage buff I think, and I only died on 170 because I didn’t walk out of Alex’s meteor.
Definitely much much easier now. Although I weirdly died with my Belgo infiltrator 2 times on 160 with full buffs and I could do it to 170 pre patch with just 2 buffs.

It’s easier to feel the difference with a fast fitting DW build.

2h auto attack builds suffer the most

I see. Also understandable since DW normally has maxed AS while 2h doesn’t. It’s sad that Grava falls slower than Maiden on my build when Maiden is supposed to have better resists against my damage.

Grava is such a paint to deal >_> I don`t know if Crete reduced the magnitude of his debuffs for crusible - 66% less dmg form every atack on top of fumble pool is just cruel =( Even worse if you are not slow immune.

Funny how cruci went from “Fuck Reaper” to “I can kill Reaper before he kills me. But Fuck Grava”