[] Deceiver - Lord Radaggan

New Radaggan Set Deceier, Facetank Gargabol and Lokarr! (at least when you have mana)

One of the new sets Radaggan’s Folly caught my attention since Zantai’s stream. I decided to try it out first and see if it’s any good. Turns out - it is.

(Pic with Blood of Dreeg, Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim and Hungering Void up)

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWqmPdN

The set is based around the Aura of Censure skill, making it a lifesteal/debuff, much like a weaker version Siphon Souls with resist reduction, but permanent.
Using the set and a few MI’s we can spam 10s duration Sigil’s of Consumption that have 1.7s racharge. The Sigil itself doesn’t do much dmg, but huge crits and the ability to stack up 5-6 sigils under an enemy make up for that. Huge amounts of lifesteal allows this build to facetank most bosses. This build also has a pretty good resist reduction and a lot of enemy debuffs. Though, there are problems with Rashalga (red aura) and Zentarin (lifesteal immunity).

The biggest issue is mana sastain. Since the build uses a shield, it’s pretty hard to keep up with mana loss. While fighting fat enemies (Lokarr for example) it’s nessesary to kite for a few sec and wait for the mana flask to recharge.

Haven’t tried cruci yet, but I think it is possible to solo 170 with improved buffs.

Hope you like the build!

Now with The Sentinel battle video!

Lokarr Battle (changed the green ring and moved a few components around to increase mana pool and hp)

Reserved, 'cause everyone does that

Also looks rly interesting!

Too bad I only own the BP for the helm of this set yet and no other pieces.
Guess I keep on farming until I have the set. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you considered adding Mythical Signet of the Fallen instead of you green ring?
You would have to adjust res. ofc but it would add another vit dot and further decrease vit. res. :slight_smile:
Also, do you really need the Mark of Illusions in ur green ring & the Arcane Spark in ur medal?
If not I would replace them both with Runebound Topaz for more life and DA.

Cheers, Mergo!

I was thinking about that, but still decided to use the green one, because of the mana issues. Same goes with the mark and the spark.

Finally! This is my favorite set from the new 3… build looks gorgeous, congrats

I’ve been theory crafting a similar build and it looks like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrrXMOZ

Managed to reach 170 with it consistantly during testing, but i have a similar problem with the build being sort of energy starved. Sigil of Consumption costs too much energy atm imo.

For dealing with the mana issues I would recommend maybe swapping from using the Bone Wall, which I agree is excellent, to something like Mythical Skull of Gul’Amash. Getting all that regen on one item should free you up to change some of your components to more relevant things.

I really wanted to use the shield, because usually nobody uses that MI. The Skull is a good option no doubt. Maybe I’ll swap some of my greens with an extra mana regen versions if I find any.

Congrats 4 posting, nice build.
I really like that somebody do show some love with this mi shield.

Trying something similar as an acid DW ranged with ugdenbog venomlauncher. Trying some theoricrafting, i noticed something on grimtools. Does the life leach to aura of censure apply to the aura damage or to all weapon damage?

Really nice. I am always curious about combining those scepters+bonewall.

BTW, you may want to switch the gloves to valguur’s because you already have reduced Target’s damage from censure. Also bonewall might not be worth it because you almost have nothing to support the shield, so valguur’s focus for the set bonus with valguur’s gloves or skull of Gul amash might be better.

Also, vigor is only worth as 1 pointer, you can put the rest of point to arcane empowerment. Devotion setup may be able to be more optimized. You can actually get both solemn watcher and oklaine’s lantern while still maintaining all your procs there.

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