[] Incariol - Aether Devastation+Apocalypse Battlemage


FoI has 310K in campaign (cold dmg):smiley: Granted, a lot is DoT but it mets with or without effective dps

DE can have 200K in campaign with a more offensive setup

AAR, given the above, should melt through a single target and it’s mommy since it is a single target laser beam

Tooltop is bugged. Aar provide 1/4 of tooltip dps. And if you disrupt ray casting dps goes down to zero. This skill need some love(

Holy cow!
I just calculated some values. With 162% cast speed and 13-15k per hit AAR must hit 8.3 times per second, while it’s actually hitting 5.3 times.
Broken at all.

/delete plz

errr. is that with 0.3 (0.2) CD it has with CDR?

You can;t go above 5 ticks per second since it has 0.2 CD with CDR no matter the cast speed

The flat dmg is the main problem not just the ticks

It also “miss” ticks if target move. You expect 300k dps with 100% crit dmg to melt stuff, but in reality you only deal less that 75k dps.

Like FoI enhanced mods, AAR mods should be also enhanced and made a lot stronger. Give it more % crit dmg too

Need to look at this skill and figure what is wrong with it first. I will post in bugs after work.

I thought AAR hits 3.33 times per second on 100% cast speed, and 6.66 on 200%. Is that correct?

To get mentioned 8.3 ticks per second I divided 124k DPS from tooltip on 13-15k damage per hit from second tab.

UPD: cast speed directly affects AAR, if I look at tooltip.



it has 0.3 CD. 0.2 with CDR.

Idk you it could go above 5 ticks per second no matter how CS affects it

Look a little above. I posted some screens

Tooltip is bugged. You can do dummy tests to see how cast speed and cdr affect the ray.

That CD means not the delay between two consistent ticks, but between two presses of attack button, when you release it and press again. That’s the mechanic of all channeling spells.

Yes you added some CS.
I don’t know how CS affects AAR from 100 to 200.

But since it has a CD that limits it. You’d attack 1 time every 0.2 secs at most.

or 0.15 if you go hard on CD to reach 50%

Korsar. Is it? I though all had this internal CD and having CDR improves your DPS

We need slowmo vid :smiley:

How did this bug live for years since Arcanist mastery appeared? Tooltip is more than bugged - it confuses and provides wrong understanding of AAR mechanic itself.
But there is a possibility of cast speed regulation of AAR, and this causes more questions than answers.

UPD: finally, it’s clear that AAR DPS is calculated using Cast speed, not CDR. Same for all channeling spells.

CDR doesn’t affect this type of spells, only casting speed. Today I’ll try to record a vid and count ticks on slowmo with 200% cast speed :smiley:
I think really should be 6.66 attack per second, but I’ll check this anyway :slight_smile:

Oh, that would save me a lot of time :smiley:
I suggest this method :
1)Naked Arcanist with only AAR at 100% Cast speed and minimum off-hand CDR roll.
2)No more CDR anywhere, 200% Cast speed from Celerity affixes.
3)52% CDR 100% Cast speed.
4)52% CDR 200% Cast speed.
Record on Dummies in Homestead, watch in slow-mothing.
BTW, DoT is calculated as it affect every tick , in fact DoT is applied only once per second :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very funny to see 500k DPS on Flames of Ignaffar, with each tick containing 12k Chaos, 6k Vitality, and 3k+3k Vitality Decay + Burn :furious:
What a DPS loss.