[] Iskandra Binder Crucible 150-170 under 12 min

Easy overpowered build, can farm crucible under 12 minutes, maybe under 10 if pilotted by a better player than me with a less laggy pc. Run done unbannered, 4 buffs (can be done with life and damage buff np).

GT link -> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYKvOBV
YT link -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBjD9aavMb0&feature=youtu.be

running something similar, but with Agrivix set and using non transmuted CT. Have u tried the same build with Agrivix and Clairvoyant set for comparison? (I cant test it myself as I dont have full sets sadly).

I would rather not level with pets. Any other recommendation that is efficient?

I recommend changing gloves cause the fire>lightning conversion is a dps loss. Krieg gloves or soul’s touch can be good. I’ll probably suggest a redistributed skill distribution once I get back home.

Interesting build.

My only comment:

Decree of Aldritch drop rate is something like 1.5%. Thus, it is pretty hard to farm, more so considering it also drops from a Roguelike dungeon boss.

This should be noted in the build and a possible alternate suggested, imho.

@aerinqq I only tested with iskandra and clairvoyant. Iskandra is more glassy but hits harder.
@x1x1x1x2 looking forward to it. I went for them for the extra +to calidor, OA, crit% and for the fact that I have smth like 95% ele to aether conversion.
@hammyhamster I will test the build with other scepters and come feedback :wink:

I had the same gear setup on my Spellbinder once, then swapped to Clairvoyant and my DPS increased by about 20%. Back when I had Iskandra and 100% Elemental -> Aether, damage was about 40k DPS using Callidor/Seal of Corruption on mouse buttons, then I swapped for a bit more RR, got some more skill points and damage, my DPS increased to 62k, now my DPS is 72k with Clairvoyant, has much more RR and only 59% Fire -> Aether (belt). Moreover, I have a chance to chain two Devastations one after another.

Imo, Clairvoyant set is much better, more fragile, but the damage (even without conversion) is way higher (sometimes even doubles the damage dealt with Iskandra’s set).

I really don’t know what to say about this. I tried both setups and with clairvoyant i couldn’t reach 500k highest damage dealt, more precisely 485k and with this setup i have 616k. Also clairvoyant is actually safer if you ask me since you have the chance to cast all your skills more often thanks to it’s proc, not to mention the bonuses you get more hp with it cause + to spectral binding :D.

EDIT You could post your setup here also and I could try adding a comparison video of clairvoyant vs iskandra :D.

I need to clarify something about the gloves. It’s not a dps loss due to conversion due to how Elemental > x conversion interacts with Fire > x conversion. Fire>lightning conversion ends up negligible in this case since you have 95% elemental>aether conversion so only 25% of 5% ( = 1.25%) fire damage is converted to lightning.

However, Cindertouch is still a dps loss compared to Krieg based on the weapon damage stats in grimtools, so I recommend that.

Here’s how I would redistribute the skill points without touching the others, except gloves: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gvxoWN

I just removed unnecessary excess points in some skills and dumped everything to Bone harvest for a tertiary damage source. CT + BH + Devastation is very good. Also Star Pact over Reckless Power because you don’t need Cast speed and the CDR from star pact outweighs all the damage boosts from reckless power.

Here’s how I would build the char if I had full control on itemization, without MI’s because idk if you don’t like them: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRlmy42

Better defenses, but lower weapon damage and aether damage/conversion, however that’s balanced by the RR on scepter and Manticore so it should end up even or maybe better in terms of damage.

On Iskandra vs Clairvoyant debate: Clairvoyant is of course better in terms of damage but imo in binder builds you should build around the items instead of the skills becasue if you just wanna build transmuted CT then everyone would use clairvoyants and nothing else.

Here’s Ptirodaktill’s Clairvoyant Binder, the fastest clear I’ve seen on a binder: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57552

What would you bind Acid Spray and Arcane Bomb to? Options appear to be limited with the available skills left.

Flame torrent to RE, TD to CT, Hungering void to BH. That leaves Arcane Bomb to Aether Corruption and Acid spray to Siphon souls, which I forgot to put 1pt both to the main skill and the transmuter. Take points from either mark of torment or elemental balance and allocate them to siphon and the transmuter.

Did you got to test your setup x1?
Edit ptiro’s cdr binder is a more defensive version for HC. Not that much damage compared to a SC version of it :D.

Nope. Haven’t got time to play yet. My binder is still the agrivix build I recently posted. But it’s a binder so it’s guaranteed good :

Edit: don’t believe about that hardcore shit that Ptiro puts on his build. Not saying he’s not playing legit HC but guy plays so good he can pilot SC chars in HC without much trouble. Look at his grimtools. Uncapped resists, shit phys res, shit armor/absorb. If this isn’t fast clearing, then idk what is.

well if you really wanna very offensive clairvoyant then there’s this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYWIb_xmmbs

Hey there,
your thoughts about Agrivix vs Clairvoyant vs Iskandra set? Normal CT without Bone Harvest vs transmuted CT with Bone Harvest? Also do you think it might be viable to use incomplete sets in favor of helmets like Maw of Despair or Outcast Secret?

thanks man

@Aerinqq depends on what you want to empower. If you wanna make a binder with stronger devastation Outcast’s Secret is definetly the way to go.
@x1 regarding the link from your spoiler, that was the build I was mostly fascinated about and I even talked with Reym a bit about it. That’s way I wanted to make the Iskandra version of it to actually see if I can make it as strong or even stronger than the clairvoyant one. Stronger in terms of general dps, tankyness, highest damage dealt and so on. Even Reym said that the iskandra version is a lot more offensive and that it can reach higher numbers. I’m still testing and learning, thus this is another reason why i share my ideology with the veterans on the forums.

I am not rly sure what I want to empower specifically, I am just looking for w/e makes me clear crucible safer and faster, if that makes sense :slight_smile: Will the added devastation and transmuters from Outcast secrets outweigh the bonuses/transmuters from Maw of Despair or other bonuses that you lose for not completing the sets? I am sure the vets on the forum have tested those setups and know what works best, thats why I am asking.

I understand what you are asking for. But things go like this…If you choose to go for outcast secret helm for example which actually empowers devastation, you will loose the full set bonus, be it the 10% chance for 100% cdr and +1 all skills from full clairvoyant (which basically means every skill increased by +1 is a big deal in terms of damage and survivability, and the chance for 100% cdr means more [not shown on the sheet] dps) or the 18% extra crit damage, OA and 20% inc armor which means higher crits, higher chance to crit, more damage reduction and also that bonus skill that activates to save your ass from the full set. So basically if you go for incomplete sets you loose dps on clairvoyant and you loose dps and a circuit breaker on iskandra. To sum it up, using outcast secret or maw of despair with those incomplete sets means basically that you are playing a different build that empowers other aspects. For instance iirc using outcasts secret means you also should use that Terrnox MI off-hand to empower devastation even more. For the Maw of Despair it is probably recommended to use Agrivix set for more fire damage and use cord of violent decay to convert that fire damage to aether. Maybe x1, fluff or spankalot can further detail that since they know better what this is about.

Thanks. Ye, thats pretty much what I was thinking. So it looks like if we chose to go transmuted CT, it would prolly be best to use Clairvoyant set, for untransmuted CT prolly Agrivix, Iskandra could work well with both I guess. With Agrivix set we have a free helm slot, which is awesome, so we can use Secret/Maw, but I cant help myself to think that the Agrivix set bonuses are very underpowered, at least compare to the other 2 set bonuses.

I am currently running CT spammer Agrivix build, managed to clear 170 crucible with it on 1st try with 3 buffs, so overall I am pretty satisfied, but still would like to improve it and squeeze out of it even more:)

Sadly I cant test all 3 sets with full bonuses as I am missing 1 item from each lol

Maybe we can get recommendations from X1 or other guys :slight_smile:

Most likely just like x1 said earlier, best binder caster build is the clairvoyant setup using accursed reaper as an offhand and starpact, all of these 3 aspects providing a big dps increase via cooldown reduction.

Actually the ‘best’ build will be determined by your playstyle, skill, and pc specs. For example conversion rune builds, especially fire or cold/fire double runes should clear less than 8 mins but I clear cruci with it in 10 mins due to lag in every Kalastor/Hagarrad blast. It’s the same in binder. Ptiro’s build (or a variant of it) will probably be the best dps due to all the cdr and resets but if you’re someone who whiffs a lot of the CT’s and the BH’s then most of the damage is useless and CT spam is more recommended. That said:

Full Agrivix + Maw = CT spam with/without devastation
If you wanna strengthen devastation at the expense of sustain then use Outcast’s secret. Maw doesn’t increase dps anyway. More focus on devastation will prompt you to use terrnox aether tome at the expense of weaker CT.

Clairvoyant = CT+BH+Devastation. The amount of +1 all skills in this kinda build makes it possible to use three strong skills. Add terrnox tome for devastation focus, also outcast helm if you wanna sacrifice +2 all skills and cdr. I think feelgodstoya also used a CT spam clairvoyant build but can’t find link atm.

@Roman - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p0v1j2 look at this as basis. That’s what ABCbarbecue used during the DA meta where the crucible was much much harder. Try to improve it.