[] Mad Excitement Witch Hunter Gladiator 150-170 viable

So for no good reason i wanted to carry my soiled trousers and cauldron of excitement through waves 150-170 for some time, and I’m happy to say it was quite a surprising (to me :rolleyes:) success, although this build isn’t without its flaws here it is!

Current setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9AWpnV

(Stats with perma and self buffs)

-Some top tier poop throwin imo
-Fun to play
-Reasonably overcapped resists
-Tons of poison duration increased allows for nearly limitless kiting
-Manages DoT ticks up to 250k in crucible
-Has respectable survivability and lee way to react to sticky situations

-Lots of kiting
-Still susceptible to one shot combos i.e. reaper+alex situations
-Devotion setup could be considered situational and not optimal for damage output

Crucible strategy and play-style:
Play-style is pretty straightforward coat mobs with CoF > DEE > Nidalla’s Final Strike >Throw poop > Noxious Fumes, then start running. use ABB to keep Lethal Assault up when you can, and pop Pneumatic Burst and/or Blood of Dreeg when your health starts dipping. You wanna watch out for Laria, Janaxia, Zantarin and shotgun casters in general. Pop Blade Barrier if you’re entrapped and cant move for Alex’s Meteor i.e Behnjar trap.

Item Choices:
-Deathstalker relic is a viable choice for this build i imagine, since it has synergy with Nature’s Guardian proc and adds some nice RR, would have to do some further testing though

-Mark of the Forbidden can be switched out with Mark of Divinity for an additional circuit breaker

Crucible 160-170 clear: https://youtu.be/UDtTWKCGHGE
clear speed is nothing to write home about, also kind of played like a dumb ass, still worked out anyhow. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s one shitty build.
Thumbs up anyway though.

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Uhh thanks lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

This build stinks! Of success! Loved how you drowned wave 170 nemesis in poo.

Top 1 meme build imo.

Best build on the forums EZ. Good shit.

Have you considered a Cabalist for more shit spam with Ravenous Earth?

What the shit? You couldn’t have picked up a crappier build

10/10 Great build
Gz, btw playstyle of all DoT builds is relaxed besides IT. So remove that from your cons :stuck_out_tongue:

/yet another magnificent shit joke/

No jokes, great and creative build!

Thanks man, had a blast with this one. You have a fair point I’ll tick off one con LOL

Indeed i have, and i didn’t find the base poison damage to be too appealing and it didn’t seem to fit with the play-style i was going for despite it being an amazing skill as well as more thematically fitting with the build lol.

Thanks for the kind words, glad the build works all memes aside lmao

No seriously, I am now waiting for a successful Crucible 150-170 build that utilizes double “f… you” epic blue sticks don’t remember what their name is.

Finger of Gar’Dalvur.
Sounds like challenge :smiley:

I’m assuming you mean this

Seems like a worthy challenge, I’ll definitely post if i come up with something worthwhile lmao.