[] Radaggan's Colorful Folly Deceiver & Cabalist - 150-170 in 10:35 and 9:25 min

A very quick look into this new set for both Cabalist and Deceiver. After the balanced solaelbuild i’d say this is faster(higher dmg sigils) but slightly more squishy with cabalist version being immortal during MoT. The lack of DB nuke is sometimes felt vs resistant/healing Kuba

[v1.0.6.0]Video 150-170 Gladiator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZMcBegi3NQ&feature=youtu.be Played recklessly to see how the build can be pushed so got a close call at 160 and got used to the lag and build ( bit more dynamic casting than solael) so by 170 all was well:), Belgo type gamplay:rolleyes: You don’t need to. I’m confident it can do under 10 min. especially without my lag made worse by meteors. 150-160 is often 4:30 min

I. Deceiver

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7Mp15N(666 spirit hmmm)Use the Devotion setup and gear from Cabalist version as it is a final more polished setup. Use Myth Signet of the Fallen ring not Voidheart as in pic cause the conversion causes a bit of interferrece

II. Cabalist

[v1.0.6.0]Video 150-170 Gladiator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRDCcdCSH1o&feature=youtu.be (~9:25 min) The oops moment vs 2x Reapers at 170 was due to my fault in poor positioning. Sigil builds can make you too confident. Use them Balconies:)



This set is very, very good. My preffernce is towards CAbalist. I’d play deceiver with fissure and amatok as well but it won’t proc Fissure as well as Cabalist

What the shit dude, how many hours have you been playing? :rolleyes:

I had a feeling I’d get this build instead of something Acid like. Also Signet of the Fallen not usable?

Did you mean Superfluff and not

Usable, i wanted a Cabalist first so i just left the original setup i made in grim tools :slight_smile: So use that I guess.

I made this one very fast actually. I already had the WoP Deceiver so i just changed him. Could be worth experimenting with fissure and amatok. I sure will make lvl 23 RE+ Fissure cabalist. Should be fun

Yes thank you. I think i made that mistake on another build too.have to check?

Yes he did. The fact that he did it twice leads me to believe he needs some kind of intervention with his GD addiction :rolleyes:

Fissure + RE is pretty fun. I tried it with Fire and even then I could enjoy it
Although I used Mortar Trap for kill speed :smiley:

Yes, too much sleep deprivation it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have seen Jov :). He gave himself the intervention:p

Here’s the Cabalist version, of which i’m way more fond. The total dmg mod and RE+ fisure is insane. Not sure I i should just leave it on main page&change title or make separate thread…we’ll see

GT: …

Stick to the same thread if the core concept is similar. It’s not easy managing 30+ build threads :smiley:

Yeah probably

incredible speed to process a build …~~

well hopefully i’ll make the update tomorrow. I changed the gear a bit for more dmg and less green.

Final version of the build includes both Cabalist and Deceiver. I’d use the Cabalist version on Deceiver as well, including devotions. Cabalist has a fantastic kill time of 9:25. Had a single ooopsie moment vs 2x reapers at the end due to defiant and stupid positioning but it’s solid and frantic to play as a caster

Maybe we can used the Gargabol Pistol with Cabalist if we use Meteor fire devotion route for more RR :slight_smile:

You don’t need gargabol for conversion. The conversion from decree + Radaggan helm is not additive with fire>vit, it’s multiplicative and elemental comes first.

Basically gargabol would convert 50% of the 20% or so fire left. Effectively 10%. A steep price for what it gives in return.

Btw. Fissure is far more powerful than meteors in this particular case bound to RE if you play Cabalist version. The shotgun power is insane

Quick rundown of the leveling part? :slight_smile: Pox is op i know, i’m mostly interested in the devotion’s path. Mainly interested in the main game too, not crucible if tjat changes anything!

Well these chars were already lvl 100 and I respecced gear and devotions only.

Just do the usual, Pox, spectral binding, Bone harvest. Whatever you want

Sweet looking build. Do you have the grimtools link to the Cabalist version that you like more?

It’s in the video description

ah crap, i’ll post it ion the guide too. and thanks:)

Found it on the video description. Thanks again guys