[] 2H Cold Trickster (16 sec Dummy, 10 sec MQ, etc.)

[b]Hey guys,

it’s been a while, but I am still playing regularly. In the age of Crucible builds, I present you a totally not Crucible tested build. I tend to farm items in Crucible from time to time, but didn’t hit it within the last month, in which I raised this char. Nevertheless, it’s a lot of fun and might work in the Cruci. Feel free to try it out.
I love all my dw chars, but this one is equally fun for me, personally.[/b]

My recommended Gear, Devotions and Skilldistribution:

More beginner friendly:

This is a two handed Trickster build, focused on massive Cold Damage and damage conversion (Pierce and Lightning into Cold). It clears all regular content with ease. Didn’t try Ravager and Lokarr yet

Yes, the items are a bitch to get, but worth farming for (took me 3000 hours to collect all my gear). As a beginner, you might want to aim for a different setup, like in the Grimtools link above. I might also add a more detailed alternative gear listing soon.

With all buffs active you inflict around 200k paper DPS. Without, you will sit around 150k DPS, which is plenty. Additionaly, your procs will hit hard.

The OA can be pushed to about 3200 with ~80% Crit Damage. Sitting at around 2400 DA and 14k HP, you are tanky, but I guess that’s not quite enough for Cruci. You might want to skill and gear otherwise for that matter.

Resist Reduction is served by Devotion Procs and Skills and sums up to -181 Cold RR. Maximum damage dealt outside Crucible is 650k. :wink:

As Auto Attack Replacer we’re using Savagery with the 2H-Transmuter.

17 sec. Dummy kill (did 16 before, but RNG):

6 sec. Sentinel kill:

10 sec. Fabius kill:

10 sec. MQ kill (with MoD):

LMB - Savagery (Hand of Ultos)
RMB - Shadow Strike (Elemental Storm)
Keyboard 1 - Pneumatic Burst
Keyboard 2 - Ring of Steel (Rumor)
Keyboard 3 - Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Keyboard 4 - Wind Devil (Blizzard)
Keyboard 8 - Pet Attack

Cast Wind Devil, rush in with SS, cast RoS and ABB, hit with Savagery, everything is dead, recast if not.

Mad Queen and Grava:Put on a Mythical Mark of Divinity before the fight.

Crucible: Try for yourself, can’t tell.

Alternative Gear:
Hard to tell. I tried Mythical Bloodrager’s Cowl, several Cronley’s Signets, Mythical Bloodrager’s Shoulderguard, Mythical Chilldread Mantle, Mythical Chilling Grip of Hagarrad, The Crimson Claws, Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath, Mythical Mark of Dark Dreams and several MI Pants, but none of these outperformed this setup.

To sum it up: I can’t tell if this build can clear Gladiator without any stress but it is well rounded, with high DPS and it’s a lot of fun to play with. Give it a try!

Shoutouts to Chthon, JoV, Thrasheur, TomoDaK, Superfluff, Drizzto and jajaja.

You can clear Crucible 170 with a build like that, but it’ll be squishy and require decent skills to do it.

I have literally the same build but initially developed for Crucible. Works pretty well, clears Gladiator in 11 minutes. Beast crits up to 950k.
Optimized by Zhuugus: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m9PED2
My version: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73354

Hey Weyu, how is it going? :slight_smile:

Ya, I thought so and veretragna also confirmed it. But Cruci bores me out so much, can’t stand it anymore. :smiley: I rather run my Vanilla farming routes 24/7.

Wow, nice. :slight_smile: Should’ve hit the search button or looked in the Compendium first. But this +5 Savagery BoM is just a bitch to craft. :rolleyes:
Mythical Titan Pauldrons for Cruci is indeed a nice idea!

I decided to avoid using of such rares in my future builds, but now I just have this BoM.
In fact you even don’t need it, Savagery itself it very good. Just keep Feral Hunger maxed, it’s multiplied with Savagery to ~470% Weapon damage, my build gets the maximum advantage from Doombringer and Dying God to give additional 80% crit damage to Feral Hunger.
As an easy solution, you can get Ultos’ shoulders + Direwolf crest + Crimson Claws for easy +6 to Savagery to get 24/16

If I had that medal, I’d put it on and never look back.
I will try this setup asap. :slight_smile: You’d lose some AS and -15% Elemental RR though, but lets see.
Thanks for the input! I should join the Discord channel again for some theory crafting I guess.

I’m gonna quote myself:
The amulet can be replaced by the Mageslayer’s Protector, and a relic to the Ignaffar’s Combustion. But if you change only one thing, you lose the damage. In the current setup, the dummy is killed in 23 seconds, and with the Mageslayer’s Protector + Ignaffar’s Combustion - 24 seconds. If you change only the amulet, the time grows to 31 seconds, and if only the relic - up to 35 seconds.”

Personally I prefer Doombringer, but Heart of the Mountain and Mageslayer’s Protector work perfectly too. It’s a matter of taste.

The chance on getting +5 skill on the badge of mastery is something like 1 out of 6x6x6x6 for crafting, considering it rolls a +3 and +2.

…probably worse odds than a rare MI with perfect suffix and prefix.

Tried some setups with your suggestions and kept Doombringer. In Dummy kill time, there is no difference. Still around 16 to 19 seconds.
But now I crit up to 600k in campaign. :cool:

Crimson Claws, Ultos’ Spaulders and Direwolf Crest all result in a recognizable DPS loss though.

Ya, it’s pretty low, but finding specific rolls always relies on massive RNG. You might craft a +5 BoM the first try, or maybe never. I just don’t consider it worth the material cost at some point. A build usually doesn’t rely on a +5 BoM anyhow.

Crimson Claws are used for more survivability too - extra ADCtH to Feral Hunger is good if you hit 8 targets (Doombringer mod). Damage-wise they’re worse, but take a look on Crimson Claws if life gets hard :slight_smile:

That’s definately the case, but I haven’t run into survivability issues yet, except MQ and Grava. Against those I put on my MoD and it’s okay.

I guess 6% ADCTH and 33% Feral Hunger keep me alive for now.

Agreed. I initially developed the build for Crucible so I took everything I could get. If you’re running good, Crimson Claws are useless.

Updated with a more beginner friendly GT link and I might add some more and detailed alternative gearing options later.

Well, not useless. More ADCTH is always nice and the stats fit the build nevertheless. :slight_smile: