[]2H Vitality Defiler ( 170 Cleared)

English is not my native language.Sorry for any mistakes.:slight_smile:

This is the 3rd defiler build from me. :smiley:

Grimtools : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlllBRV


Gladiator 170 Cleared (4buffs+banner but I believe this build can do no banner. ) :slight_smile:

I think this build can still improve. I would be grateful if you could help me. Thanks.:smiley:

Credit : x1x1x1x2 , [] Death’s Scythe - 2h Vitality Bone Harvest Cabalist - 1.2M Crit in Crucible, 10 min 151-170 I got the idea from your build, thx:D

Cool build.

Since you’re doing Vitality damage, Explosive strike is better to get to 12/12 vs Fire strike.

FS level 12 vs level 2 gets you 20% weapon damage. (and flat fire that you won’t use).

ES level 12 vs level 2 gets you 23% WD, chance of physical damage (some of which is converted to vitality), and + 1.6 meter AOE.

Thank you for your suggestion.:smiley: