[] Assassin of the King - DW Aether WPS Spellbinder

Update 1: Rearranging skill points by Ptiro suggestions. Increasing the Weapon Attack Damage Sheet to 37k (from 32k). Make it close to abominable might setup. The build now able to complete 150 without buff and banner easily.

I actually plan this build to be a double chaos striker with clairvoyant set + mindwarp, abusing the 100% chaos conversion with albrecht’s duality ring. However, it struggled to accommodate cunning requirements of the sword. Mythical dreadfire might be workable with its conversion, but it will have lesser flat damage as it might not be able to cap fabric of reality and reckless power.

Then I look at Theodin MI. Being a scepter, it has no cunning requirement, also plus to reckless power help the build easier to fully overcapped said skill.

The build first still use chaos strike + seal of the void for nightblade-style spellbinder, but it since been converted to double seal of the void for more attack speed and 94% WPS.

This concept has been experimented many times, in the end of this guide, I will present different devotion path that is more interesting and affect the build and playstyle as a whole, it was more situational though. Maybe you can help me to improve that alternative concept more.

The Build

Screenshot of 1st version with all permanent buff + Soul Harvest, Moment of Clarity, Hungering Void. 2nd version should be higher
DPS shown is fleshwarped strikes.

Build Feature

  • Super Huge Weapon Damage
  • Maximum of 104% chaos to aether conversion
  • Good burst damage with due to hungering void crit damage and clairvoyant set nature
  • Good Lifesteal
  • Auto-attack build, simple playstyle
  • 94% WPS
  • Spellbinder’s “half” immortality
  • Safer than WH auto attack build
  • Only one MI needed for the build
  • Dual wield melee
  • No mobility skill
  • No circuit breaker whatsoever, full concentration is needed, especially on crucible.
  • Theodin MI need some specific prefix+suffix for optimal damage
  • Harder to cap resist by not going with crafted stoneplate greaves
  • Dual wield melee

Equipment Choices
For this build, all item is chosen to support the clairvoyant set as dual-wield build. Supporting items are mostly to fully overcap fabric of reality and reckless power, also for adding more attack speed which is lacking in the set. Understandable as the set is intended for caster.

Core Items:
Try to get 100% total chaos to aether conversion from chest, shoulder, and ring!
The Clairvoyant’s Focus full Set, put the scepter in off-hand slot
Main Hand: Heart of Theodin Marcell. Build defining items, adding auto-attack replacer. For optimal build, we need the one that gives +3 fabric of reality and attack speed. It can be “Magi” with +3 to fabric of reality and “of alacrity”; or “of shattered reality” with whatever aether prefix. For campaign though, it is OK to use whatever prefix/suffix you have
Medal: Mythical Direwolf Crest. For dual wielding
1st Rings: Mythical Albrecht’s Duality. For fully converting chaos damage
Belt: Mythical Cord of Violent Decay. For converting portions of fire damage which exist in burning void WPS and Flame torrent

Supporting Items:
Gloves: Krieg’s Grip. +% Aether damage, decent +% attack speed, nice procs, nice +% Aether damage in two set bonus, and +2 to MoT and MoE to reduce the cooldown / increase duration
Alternative Gloves: Voidsteel gauntlets for massive +attack speed and flat chaos that will be fully converted to aether. Mythical version for higher armor, non-mythical for nice procs.
Boots: Krieg’s Boots. +% Aether damage, +2 to reckless power, nice +% Aether damage in two set bonus, and +2 to MoT for increase duration
Pants: Mythical Wraithborne Legwraps. +% Aether damage, +2 to reckless power, nice +3 to Spectral wrath, nice procs
Amulet: Empowered Essence of Beronath. Massive +% Attack speed and +1 to all skills
Alternative Amulet: Mythical Arcane Shard of Agrivix or Mythical Flames of Wrath. To further convert fire to aether if you can find additional source of attack speed
2nd Ring: Mythical Band of The Eternal Haunt. Best Aether RR procs
Relic: Uroboruuk’s Reaping. +% Attack speed and ADCTH, granted skill is decent but not necessary as it is not using both hand damage. Get +1 to whatever skills you prefer
Alternative Relic: (1) Mogdrogen’s Ardor will be better if you can find additional source of ADCTH. (2) Bysmiel’s Domination for huge physical resistance and flat chaos damage, not really reliable though as there is no way to make it active 100% of the time. (3) Korvaak’s Deception for reallyt good status overall (no AS though), nice mobility skill and the damage will be mostly converted to aether. (4) Haunt for nice additional RR and fumble/impaired aim CC

Aside from the usual flame torrent, arcane bomb, spear of the heavens, and time dilation; other devotion skills taken here is for adding more burst damage (hungering void) and survivability:

  • Flame Torrent --> Beside the 26% WD, additional Fire and chaos damage will mostly be converted to aether
  • Twin Fangs --> More ADCTH source in the nodes and procs ensuring survivability, especially important when hungering void is active while giant blood is not
  • Arcane Bomb --> Usual Aether RR, although not that reliable
  • Giant Blood --> Covering high health cost from hungering void
  • Time Dilation --> Resetting cooldown for immortality skills. 8.8 sec is enough to kill most stuff (Kuba died less than this :p).
  • Spear of the Heavens --> The nodes are really good, the proc is taken for additional source of damage and life leech.
  • Hungering Void --> Berserker skill, giving additional 10% total speed and absurd +40% crit damage, making this build conformed to DW auto-attack code of practice, which is kill before being killed.

For sequence:

  1. Crossroads Red
  2. Fiend, bind to Ravenous Earth
  3. Bat, bind to Fleshwarped strikes
  4. Crossroads Blue
  5. Sailor’s Guide, Re-spec crossroads blue
  6. Widow, bind to Ill Omen
  7. Behemoth (to proc only), bind to whatever permanent buff
  8. Jackal
  9. Eel
  10. Hound
  11. Lizard
  12. Dying God (all nodes), bind to Bone Harvest
  13. Aeon’s Hourglass, bind to Callidor’s Tempest
  14. Spear of the Heavens, bind to whatever permanent buff

LMB: Fleshwarped Strikes
RMB: Bone Harvest
Mouse scroll up: Ill Omen
Mouse scroll down: Ravenous Earth
Middle mouse button: Clairvoyance (not necessary)
Keyboard 1: Mark of Torment
Keyboard 2: Mirror of Ereoctes
Keyboard 3: Callidor’s Tempest
Keyboard 4: Nullification
Keyboard 5: Reaping Arc (not necessary)

Standard procedure:
Scroll up & down to activate Ill omen and Ravenous earth, triggering arcane bomb and multiple flame torrent
Cast Bone Harvest to trigger soul harvest and hungering void
Maul your enemy with fleshwarped strikes.
Make sure soul harvest and flame torrent always active, ill omen too. Press Reaping arc if you want more variation :p, but I suggest don’t. It’s interrupting our DPS.
Use MoT+Moe+TD combo for stronger enemy, surrounded, or facing multiple nemesis.
Cast Nullification for annoying enemies that rely on aura like cronley, zantarin, Mad Queen, or reflect mobs. Also cast nullification when get hit by multiple debuff.
It is preferable to isolate one nemesis from the other, and kill them one by one.

Build Explanation and Performance
Main damage sources will be fleshwarped strikes supported by 94% WPS and huge flat aether damage from the spellbinder skill tree. Thankfully with the abundant of aether conversion, nearly everything in the game can be converted to aether, thus seal of the void damage can be mostly aether.

For defense, we utilize %damage reduction from ravenous earth and ill omen. Good life leech provided by flame torrent and twin fangs. Mark of torment and mirror of ereoctes are only used for facing multiple vanilla nemesis, multiple dangerous bosses, and AoM nemesis. Giant’s blood is icing on the cake.

Being an auto-attack build and spellbinder, it can dish out damage quickly, but it require constant focus in +121 and +151. It can clear 150 crucible with no buff and banner easily, but beware if you receive bad mutator. Using 2 buff (damage and health) make this build an easy 150 farmer.

I have also manage to clear 170 with this build with 4 buff and vanguard banner. The damage with buff and banner is quite crazy, kuba died in the duration of MoT, grava died slightly longer. High aether res AoM nemesis is harder though, try to isolate one or two nemesis to kill them and make sure you are inside vanguard banner radius. Also, kill Alek first as his meteor is PITA to dodge.

Experienced player may make this build 170 farmer. I don’t see myself as the best pilot as I have not familiarized myself with all the enemies. The build performance may vary among player, especially for a spellbinder when you need to timing MoT, MoE, TD correctly.

See next post for alternative concept using different devotion ability and slightly different item setup

Alternative build, put for discussion:
Crazy 40k Weapon Damage.

More explanation later

Oh and Belgo relic is defensively better because of additional 1 second reset to Mirror and Mark.

I think this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0PQvJV is more optimal setup in both dps and survivability-wise.

1)Elemental balance is a waste on DG setups, cause the returns are extremely low.
2)AM look tasty on paper, but trust me, it suck. Most of the time it wont be on when you need it the most.
3)BH does less dmg that any of our WPS, so there is no point to invest in .
4)Due to absurd %aether gain from our gears and stuff SoTh provide only ¬8%dps increase - not stellar.

So is full clairvoyant really the best way to go with this? All you guys links have full clairvoyant. Can’t really open GT cause on mobile but I think decree with maxed IEE is better

I use this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MDz1WN setup. Under 9 minutes clear 150-170 with extra spawn.

I don’t realize that you have posted clairvoyant Theodin. People only posted krieg setup most of the time.
BTW, you maybe right, belgo relic + dreadblade medal + searching for more AS in theodin MI + ADCTH from ghoul might be doable. I will try to mess with it some more. Preliminary theorycrafting shows that it is hard to cap resist with current pants/gloves/boots setup though.

Thanks for the suggestion Ptiro. Solid input from spellbinder master:
(1) You are absolutely right. 5/12 already gives 10% crit damage which should be good enough
(2) It is suck. It put so much constraint to the playstyle with how the ability proceed. I put it here to incite some discussion. Maybe other members have other way to utilize it better.
(3) Again, you are absolutely right. This is one of my first auto-attack setup, still learning about it. The main focus should be the auto-attack while other ability should only be used to support it.
(4) The proc is indeed gives miniscule effect, but the nodes are good. So… Yeah…

BTW, really thanks for the suggestion. I manage to increase the weapon damage DPS by 5K by only rearranging the skill points, make it close to abominable setup:

It has been in my mind for so long to max soul harvest instead of BH, I hesitating because of lack of RR, but flat damage is still flat damage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from clairvoyant, krieg and iskandra should still be solid. Clairvoyant gives +2 to all skill, crazy high +% aether damage, and can give full chaos conversion to aether with just one ring. Krieg gives so many good procs and good ability. Iskandra gives insane flat elemental damage, defensively better with more physical res, and -15% cunning req to melee weapon.

One more interesting option is diviner set with its elemental conversion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing your setup Ptiro. Just curious of why you still use magelord set in this setup, as we know that tri-elemental and single element conversion doesn’t stack additively. I think that ring set will be more beneficial in iskandra setup.

BTW, first post updated with new build link!

These rings are BiS for any aether build with %WD. Flat aether, some conversion, solid stats, nice proc.