[] Bleed Warder - Gladiator 170 Capable

Everyone bleeds

Tried this a few ways, it also can work ok with a butcher of burrwitch + shield. You’d have to change devotions and skills a little, but I prefer this way, I had faster and more reliable clears. You can bleed out Kupacabra in 2-3 blade arcs, Alkamos takes longer to kill than anything else I’ve come across. Screenshot is with perma buffs up only:


Video having switched back to savagery, about 12 minute clear of 170 with 3 buffs no banner:


This is an older video using Cadence instead of savagery:


As always I’m open to improvement ideas.

I see you cadence for your build. You ever think of pulling out a few points from some skills and putting it into the savagery line, only maxing might of the bear and getting tenacity of the boar as high as possible, then using savagery like you would lethal assault on a spellbreaker? The buffs savagery gives are just too juicy. Something like https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EAOR72. Not only will you get a nice boost in OA/DA. You’ll also get that much needed phys and slow resistance. Downside is that you’d have to remember to whack monsters with savagery once of twice at the start and in between cadence hits. Honestly though, i think you’d just be better off going savagery and skipping cadence all together.
For comparison i can do 150-170 in on my warder on dead with 4 buffs/vanguard in 8:30min-9mins while only triggering menhirs once every few runs or if i’m playing a bit recklessly on certain waves

I was in savagery when I first started playing with this build, I found the bleed from fighting form is a quite significant source of my damage. I did forget about might of the bear though when I speced back from testing axe+shield. Maybe I’ll just find 4 point to pull out to fill that up, or perhaps I’ll pull some from Markovian’s advantage and do something like this.

Thanks for the input.

I’d personally take out some point of menhirs will. also put one point in upheaval since it was fixed in last hotfix and now hits main target too. The fighting form bleed does looks juicy but i find i don’t even need it, i’ve killed reaper and kupa in one blade arc. My laceration is maxed out for that additional crit damage, which does wonders for a dot build, and i have rend attached to war cry, so what i do is simply war cry and blade arc, if blade arc crits it’ll kill whatever is hit by it and i can safely distance myself until war cry and blade arc is off cd and repeat. Obviously i’ll fit in a few savagery hits in between too.

It’s a fun build though, i’ll try out your cadence variant some time see how it is.

Here is the new build I went with, found it takes a little longer to build them up, but I can get higher bleed ticks this way. Recorded a new video and 170 went even smoother, I’ll upload it in a little bit.


Also look into other belts. Guthook would probably do more for you. You could also try swapping your medal for mark of consumption see what that does. And again, put one point into upheaval. It’s an additional source of bleed stack

Yea I didn’t see your other post before I posted that reply above, I think I had the window open the whole time and hadn’t refreshed. I didn’t realize upheaval had been hot-fixed that’s why I was avoiding it, will definitely take it now though. I did look at guthook, the only reason I stayed with my current belt is +1 to solider skills, I have a lot more spread around in soldier than I do shaman. Going to try mark of consumption now though, looks like it could be better even with the oa/da/health loss, but the elemental resist could also let me switch components up slightly too perhaps.

the 25% damage to humans really helps get rid of aleksander/fabius/maiden fast though. In addition to having flat bleed damage on it. losing the +1 to soldier and gaining +1 to shaman is negligible, just move around some skill points to even it out again. Only real loss would be 25/26 blade arc, and if you switch to consumption that has +2 to blade arc so you’ll get it up to 26 again and get an additional point to spend elsewhere. Up to you to try it out, good job on your new vid getting the time down to 12mins from 16mins. If you threw in a vanguard banner you could probably shave off even more time