[] Boogermancer Witch Hunter - How to make a meme build clear 151-170 in a reasonable time

Older players might remember the Boogermancer build, probably the oldest meme build I have ever seen. For those who don’t know what a Boogermancer is, it’s basically a build that spams a lot of items with the ‘of blight’ suffix which grants the ‘Poison bolt skill’. With good proccers like CoF, pox and Night’s chill, you can have an endless stream of boogers all the time. I haven’t played during the time the original build was posted but I found it around September 2017 while digging through older build Compendiums. The build was so fun to play especially if you go full boogers. Full booger is very hard to make work in cruci though. All your items have to be greens with specific affixes which aside from affordability, will cause you to have lacking OA and DA as well as damage. I therefore decided to take a main damaging skill in ABB and just go for partial boogers. This version is what my successful attempt at making a Crucible Booger build looks like. Now onto the build:

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVARaMoZ

I didn’t intend for this build to be a crucible farmer, however this can be made into one with more reliability and speed at the expense of boogers. As for the link above, build clears in around 12 mins give or take 30s WITH HORRIBLE LAG. People with better pc’s should do better, around 10:30-11 mins.


  1. Boogers
  2. Boogers
  3. Boogers
  4. Boogers
  5. A lot of good non booger procs
  6. ~40% phys res
  7. double heals.
  8. Faction Weapons. Epic rings
  9. Seriously boogers are enough.


  1. You basically look like a drunkard drinking mana pots almost everytime even with ulzuin buff.
  2. Squishy. Needs a lot of attention when piloting on cruci.
  3. Don’t look at the negatives. Look at the boogers!

Gameplay: You just play like a regular caster, casting CoF and Pox to hordes, getting RR, multiple eyes up. SS into ABB for the Tainted Eruption and ABB poison (all Cold/FB is converted to acid/poison courtesy of the helmet). Always keep BoD and Pneuma up but only heal when needed, especially in cruci. Minimize CoF and pox spam to only the necessary ones. Build is one of the most energy hungry builds I’ve played since cruci changes. If things go badly, do what any Dot Caster would do, KITE.

Skills: I basically wanted to make ABB my poison dealer skill cause I knew boogers weren’t enough for cruci. DEE nets you more damage but I wanted Lethal Assault in cause OA is very important for a DoT caster. Maxed NB tree for stats and 1pt Nightfall is very useful for proccing Tainted eruption.

Items: Double Coven Biletouch for boogers. Also better than even the best Slithtongues cause tongues can only have one affix, which are all unable to compete with the crit and OA the Biletouch gives, also Biletouch boogers are better. Vileblade set for head and chest for the ABB support. Dark One Grasp for Pox mod (thanks sir spanksalot!). Radaggan Mantle cause I didn’t wanna have another green. You could use Zantarin Shoulders for more boogers. Mark of the Forbidden, as well as Ring of Eternal Rot provide great bonuses both offensively and defensively. Pants and Boots can be non-green ones and will probably make you tankier but I wanted boogers.

Devotion: Standard poison stuff. Went Ghoul cause the proc is a very good lifesaver. Bind Acid Spray to CoF and Scorpion to ABB. I messed up the bindings in my char.

Closing: Big thanks to mothballs for the original boogermancer build. I know he isn’t active since like forever but still. Also to sir spanksalot for some good advice for this build. Thanks for reading!

Mothballs and boogermancers.

What are the kids of today doing? :eek:

P.S. Another cool build, by another cool guy. What’s the clear consistency like on this 'un?


What a big chunk of boogers! And these boogers flying around a circle make me laugh unstoppably :smiley:

It’s fun to see builds like that, good job!

Another thing to consider:

From my experience polishing my breaker, 17/16 is where you should leave ABB unless you can 26/16 it (look at the increase in frostburn DoT from 16 --> 17, and from 17 onwards). Beyond that point you enter the land of diminishing returns.

Would instead shave off enough points to get 16/12 shadow dance. (I think you can afford losing 1% RR from vulnerability.

EDIT: What you can also try instead is to use seal of shadows as a spammable attack. Slap that on Nightshade’s reach (another weapon I love), and it should deal pretty hefty DPS.

Alternatively something like this might work - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkq7bDV

Admittedly, you lose the phys res from dual blades but it’ll probably fix your mana issues a tonne.

P.S. Fantastic job clearing 170 with a poison WH.

Still not as good as a farmer. If farmers have 90% clear rate, this one has around 75 I think. If you’re used to it then it’s pretty consistent but it’s still very risky. a seal of blades might help here for more lifesteal but it’s still probably not enough to make this a farmer. I think pants and boots change should follow but goodbye boogers.

Thanks! Unfortunately some of the boogers often can’t be seen since it’s mostly melee. Will probably upload a shitty video that stutters every minute just to showcase the boogers.

points after 17/16 isn’t really diminishing returns. Well, WD portion is, as with all skills but the flat damage isn’t. There’s just a big jump of damage for 17/16 that goes back to normal at the later levels. I’d look at getting 16/12 dance though. Thanks!

edit: as a response to your edit, I don’t think I can afford losing dual blades. build is already very squishy with it but Seal of shadows is interesting. Will still probably be good in a dw setup with seal of blades on the other hand.

Also, acid/poison WH is still one of the hardest classes for cruci to me. Admittedly I’m not used to play melee, that’s why I made this more of a caster.