[] Build Concept - Nurgleblaze Pyromancer - WIP Help

Long time forum lurker here, posted a handful of times a while back.

I’ve been reading and trying various builds since coming back this summer – AOM really added some cool things to play around with! In particular, I’ve noticed there’s a ton more items that give huge percentages of damage conversion. So I got curious about combining two of my favorite skills: BWC and DEE.

She’s primarily converting Fire to Acid and I’ve named her Nurgleblaze accordingly, lol.

The build concept is based around 3 critical things:

  1. I like leveling close to the playstyle I’m aiming for. So it was important to try for BWC and DEE right from Normal, onward.
  2. Putrid Necklace: This converts 45% of Elemental to Acid while Blood of Dreeg is active (which is always.) You can get it right in Act 1 cave.
  3. Ugdenbog Venom Launcher: This too converts 45% of Elemental to Acid while BoD is up. These start showing up in Act 5, right around lvl 50 for me. So that’s 90% Elem to Acid conversion, good for all that Fire/Burn BWC damage.

Current Elite Act 2 character: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrvWkkZ
Possible endgame skills/devos (ignore the gear): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B6Wvr2

So far it’s been super fun chucking burning poison everywhere – really wish there was a palette swap to actually have greenish flames! But I don’t know what I’m doing as far as optimization. Some questions I have:

– Is this a completely inert concept? I won’t expect to smash 150-170, but at least perform OK in lower Crucible and MC?
– I’m not real familiar with super high end gear, so what kinds of drops should I be looking out for? I have some stashed gear, but not a ton of mythicals yet…
– Regarding the conversion, what happens to the +%Fire or +%Burn damage on my gear? Is it applied to BWC damage and then converted to Acid/Poison? Or does the Acid/Poison conversion happen first and the BWC skill line dmg is then boosted by +%Acid/+%Poison? What about +%Fire/+%Burn from devotions?

Green! /10chars

style > dps imo

Wow, interesting so I should focus gear on acid/poison, but elem procs might still be effective. I’ve seen so far that all the +Demo or +BWC items will boost fire damage, which isn’t great apparently.

Poison meteors sounds freaking awesome, though tbh!

BWC and DregsEE build:

-I tested BWC for %elemental --> acid conversion. It should be global, but something is off with the numbers. So maybe the burn doesn’t convert. You’d have to get more input on that.

Generally, stacking one %damage type leads to better overall dps in the long run. So if focus is -->acid, then stack %acid where possible.
It’s also generally better to focus on either non-dot or dot damage. If Dot focus, then you really want to focus on %bonus and flat dot
and remember that you are only getting 90% conversion for max damage numbers.

DEE is especially bad for splitting types as it also has vit damage thrown into the mix of acid and poison. In the case of CD DEE and BWC, = dot and extended duration.

**TLDR - I think you will struggle with 4s CD dreegs and 5s CD BWC. You will be filling the CD gap with one-hand shooting. I’d say to focus heavily on dot (poison) and that would allow you to move around while still doing lots of damage… You have ok regen, low HP, but no leech - which means you probably will be forced to kite often.

If you can stack enough dot, you should be ok.


  • Mix and match gear like what you have can work for a while. The Dark Ones Set (or 3/4) would be a good fit - but that might take a while to get, although it is a dedicated drop, unlike other random set piece drops.

-your rings:. Dot procs are likely your best bet, but Entropic coil could be replaced with something that boosts %acid.

-* a particular consumable from the Kymon’ Faction: Kymon’s wrath. This has a huge burn dot portion that @ 90% conversion will stack much poison in a decent radius.

-Fiend proc and Guardian’s Gaze are decent procs. It certainly fits in with the colors perfectly. However, you might want to look at getting to the Abomination devotion and grabbing the tainted eruption proc for more poison stacking and % acid/poison.

And of note, act 5 tends to be a little harder on acid, as resistances are typically higher in the jungle and other spots. However, one tough nemesis is surprisingly easier with acid - Grava Thul, since he has low acid resist.

-I am a big fan of Sigil of Consumption for flexible extra leech when %adcth is not in effect - but that’s more of a playstyle thing and for this conversion build it is quite item-dependent and generally not worth it.

-you might want to have some %adcth to help top up your health -->to give you get some leech value from Dreegs(blood burst), Fiend, and Guardian. Each of these has %WD, which will have a % of the %adcth. hard to say - it depends on your up-time and proximity with these devotion procs.

keep in mind that consumables like Devils Crossing Sithblood, Homestead Courageous tincture, etc. can help in dire circumstances.
-there are consumables for resistance boosts when needing overcaps like when fighting Garbagol.
-there are also Aether clumps, but I don’t use them

I am currently running an ele-> acid DW pyro focused on apr. This particular build is quite offensive but somewhat glassy.

Here is the current build for reference. (Note I’m just testing Arcane bomb mostly to see the mechanics and I am still feeling out Amatok Blizzard. I did test Tsnami, which has a pretty good proc for ele->acid when used well. I’ve also tested most of the others)

Current fun %ele->acid Pyro test

The key devotions are obviously Murmur and maybe Manticore (if no Agonizing flames BWC). I personally think Dead god is worth it for % cri…if it fits your style. And the other devotions are just personal preference/defence or whatever.

Thus, fair bit of kiting on tougher stuff (bosses, nems, etc). It is fun for campaign and nemesis. I think it would be very sketchy in 170 Crucible from what I’ve watched (I dont’ have cruici).

this is the build I did like 2 or 3 months a go. It’s not easy to gear for obviously as BWC and DEE don’t have the same gear. Build would be so much better if Crate changed the necklace and the gun from 45% to 50%. Really hurts losing a good off hand to get 100% conversion.


^this is the general idea of what I was talking about for devotions and focus.

However many of these matching item prefix/suffix will be essentially impossible to find without the use of GDstash or each wouldl take endless MI runs:
notably these combos of ring prefix/suffix, amulet prefix/suffix, guns prefix/suffix, shoulder prefix/suffix and the prefix/suffix BoM might take many craft attempts.

OP should be able to find items that aim for this direction of focus and definitely gives the idea.

Edit: also good to see confirmation that bwc apparently does convert correctly. Thanks for tooltip image.

Yeah its a bitch to gear. It’s one of the reasons I hate how Grim Dawn handles conversion. Wish it was more like Path of Exile’s conversion.

Working concept but personally I never ever found even a half decent Ugdenbog Venomlauncher, and I have a lot of hours in this game.

Greens drop predominately with the magic prefixes/suffixes.

It’s the rare prefixes/suffixes that are really hard to find, especially with a desirable prefix/suffix match.

So magic prefix/suffix such as corrosive prefix, spellweaving suffix with acid roll, alarcity suffix, etc. are actually relatively easy to find if a bit of farming is done. Quite a few mobs drop this MI.

But yeah, sometimes even reasonable RNG will give you a hard time.

dunno about predominable or abdominable affixes, but I can’t even recall finding a single corrosive of alacrity.

Thanks for all the feedback, I figured this was sort of a steep climb, but yikes! That gear grind tho…

^^ build looks like an advanced version of pretty much exactly my vision for Nurgleblaze. Gonna study this one, I think… But I agree losing the offhand seems like a harsh price to pay for 100% vs 90%. Not to mention forcing the relic slot to allow dual-gun wielding. Is that really worth it in the long run?

Then again, was it fun to play without feeling like spinning wheels? I could live with that!

Re: being sort of a glassy kiter – maybe I go bonkers on stacking defenses for more facetanking? I could imagine using the %WD devos with adcth to help, but not sure if that kills the offense in a counterproductive way.