[] Chaos Witch Hunter - does this work?


I was trying to find something unusual and wondered if a DW chaos witch hunter would be viable. It’s proving pretty successful so far but as always, advice to improve the build would be lovely!


The core dynamic is Vitality converted to Chaos with a Bloodsworn Scepter and fairly large damage via Chaos Strike; with other sources of damage being Doom Bolt, PBlades and Sigil. Guardian’s Gaze is pretty hefty too. The dog is there for a small chaos boost and because I get lonely without a pet :slight_smile: but it’s reaching the end of its usefulness in Ultimate.

I’ve made a chaos WH - can’t remember where the link is. but it’s viability on 170 is highly dependent on pilot skill. I have a 30% clear rate with it, and wasn’t pleased enough with it to post.

But basically, I used darkblaze ammy to convert all the acid to chaos, double fangs for 100% pierce to chaos, ravager’s, harbinger’s grasp, and the malmouth void pauldrons and chest.

You’ll get 22/12 solael’s and possession.

I’m building something similar but besides darkblaze amulet + belt (great OA for 2 pieces) I’m going to use justicar armor set because frankly the chaos options are average at best and fire bonuses aren’t bad for a chaos build. Game needs a decent chaos melee set.

Maybe they’ll give the demo an exclusive skill in FG with flat chaos damage. :rolleyes:

We also need a way to elemental damage to chaos damage outside of the blood orb.

I’m building something similar but besides darkblaze amulet + belt (great OA for 2 pieces)

I think the bladebreaker sash might give you more OA and relevant skill points/damage. But I could be wrong here.

Alright so you need to decide on a main attack I feel. You’re doing phantasmal blades, sigil and melee I think? I’d drop one of these to be more efficient.

What would I do? Go full on for the sigil by dual wielding those scepters (the conversion stacks) and perhaps a darkblaze amulet to convert the remaining vitality damage to fire. This way you have a chaos/fire sigil that combines very well with a melee build. I’d also drop the seal of the void, great though it may be, for a shard of beronath. This allows for much better devotion triggering. The skill points you save by removing phantasmal blades will be needed to flesh out skills like shadow dance, vulnerability and blood of dreeg/aspect of the guardian.

For a witch hunter, yes, probably. But mine will be a deciever because I’m bored of conventional.

Lol, I also theorycrafted something similar. Haven’t tested it, but Weapon damage sheet is good. RR is quite low though, only like 83 + 15% RR. Need to test it first in crucible as the weapon damage sheet is so huge with all the procs (about 45k).

For melee, It might be better in saboteur where you can build chaos fire strike.

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Damage is good. Just not good enough for how squishy it is

Managing defense is hard for a class that is not Necro, Inquisitor, arcanist, and soldier… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I take it back regarding chaos saboteur. Itemization is horrible for DW chaos melee fire strike.

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Chaos itemization for autoattackers = Darkblaze set and ONLY the darkblaze set.

Maybe the harbinger’s too, but that’s a hybrid build.

We need:
> Elemental to chaos conversion which isn’t limted to blood orb
> Better chaos weapons (like seriously? Why would I ever use pagar’s betrayal even for blood-orb’ed FoI when the weapon damage is physical?)
> More than 2 dedicated chaos sets. (Compare this to the number of aether sets for example)
> More than 3 skills which give +% bonus chaos damage/flat chaos damage.