[] Commando Justicar SHield + ranged build (help required)


So yea that my first build, the concept was simple, Ranged + shield combo on a commando.

To do so i have use the mythical justicar set and the stronghold set.

Why the justicar ? For the forcewave buff + fire dmg and phy dmg (forcewave on left click to stun and burst anything that come too close).

The problem is, only 60k dps and 2.6k OA, which is very low no ?

The devotion is very tank oriented (healing rain, empyrion, shield maiden etc). Maybe try a more dps oriented devotion (ulzuin torch, magi etc).

SO here the grimcalc : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxMjOpZ

Anyway any advice is welcome :wink:


Either choose Fire Strike as main attack, or Force Wave. Using both won´t work well. Plus FW probably can´t proc Concussive Round and Stun Blast.

I´d say go Demo with FS or Cadence (physical dmg) or Purifier with Fire Strike.

Tanky devotion setup is okay, but probably not really necessary outside of hardcore mode or Crucible/Shattered realm. This is my tanky Purifier. Works quite well, but it´s too tanky. I guess I´ll play that character again in Shattered Realm, maybe tankyness pays off then. :wink:

FS proc both (very powerful in close range) but yea FW don’t. I cant’ go FW if i use a ranged weapon, so i should change my armor ? For something like Ulzuin set ? Or try cadence, could be fun enougth.

Anyway thanks for the tips :wink:

too tanky, too less dmg

justicar + stronghold is tanky enough.
and u are missing key skills like fighting spirit and markovians advantage

try this.

left some skill points … put where ever u want

edit: AND another relic is appreciated :slight_smile: u cant use that skill without a melee weapon

Thx, I’ll try this

But 2.7k DA isn’t weak ?

The problem with the relic it’s the only relic for Demo of lvl 90, maybe i’ll look to the one lvl 70.

Edit : Tryed it, 61k dps, it’s better ^^. But with the massive increase in OA the damage output is far better than the one I got with my initial build, thx you a lot !

Ulzuin set has a 2-handed ranged weapon in it, so I don´t understand why you would want to use it. If you really want to use FW, then yes, you´d probaly use a different set(up).

Sheet dps can be misleading, the Purifier I posted has 42k sheet dps and still shreds everything, item and devotion procs don´t show up in the sheet dps. If you really want to know how much dmg you dish out, get Grim Internals.

So obviously you are GDstashing and as such can pick any silly greens or whatnot.

Since you are focusing on the weapon side, I’d suggest trying to work on attack speed where possible. Try to get to the max of 200%. Offence is also a form of defence.

So as tsuelue pointed out, sheet dps is deceptive.

I’d suggest that where possible, look at %speed boosts through skills, devotions and components (consecrated wrapping, dread skull, seal of annihilation, seal of the void, etc.). Ring suggestion would be Cronley’s Green Rings.

Seal of the void looks sadly counterproductive, but in fact gives speed + a pretty good proc which may offset the flat->chaos convert. However, it may very well be counterproductive if you do have very large amounts of flat physical - you need to calculate that.

Each % of attack speed increase effectively increases your wpn dps 1%.

For example: if you are at 2000% bonus, a 30% further bonus is a 1.5% wpn or dps increase. 5% speed as is a 5% dps increase.

For offence it’s a matter of juggling OA, attack speed, %bonus, and flat damage.

Korvacs Relic is ok and has great stats. Only thing is you don’t get anything out of the proc. But some soldier thing with flat physical and +1 skills may also work, which would provide some flat pys–>fire conversion.

I’ll just didn’t get the last set bonus, ok as is awesome, but the spell isn’t worth it (in my past experience).

Sheet dps can be misleading, the Purifier I posted has 42k sheet dps and still shreds everything, item and devotion procs don´t show up in the sheet dps. If you really want to know how much dmg you dish out, get Grim Internals.

I will look at that, thx again :wink:

Are you adamant on making a commando? Because a purifier will probably net you better results if you’re doing a firestrike stronghold/justice build

I use GDStash yea, but not to create item (didn’t know there was such option, could be useful to try some build on a blank char)

Seal of the void ? I don’t use one

I’ll note all of the infos, even if I know a good part :wink:

I’ll go farm Cronley to see what he give (I don’t use GDStash for “cheating”, and farming love)

Another decent option is to put enchanted flint on the shield and seal of destruction on the pistol - this raises damage output quite dramatically. Also try to put some blazecore powder on rings/amulets etc which will also raise damage output but at the expense of OA/DA if you replace the survivors ingenuity.

Maybe something similar to this perhaps?


This also changes the devotions and skills a bit…

I know that, but I wanted to do a commando to get profit of the shield bonus (menhir will, Menhir bulkwar, shield training)