[] Crimson Soviet: 2H Blood Knight, 4buffs/no banners Cruc. 150-170 in 10 min. (Death Knight)

Vitality Trickster does need it though.

Is it though? I have seen one iteration of Vita WH PB that is faster than my trickster, Ptiro posted it in Spanks PB WH guide, it had absolutely impossible to obtain greens and yes, it was faster, but looked a lot squishier and less consistent than my Trickster.

Would more rr from a second ring help you like Fallen? You have plenty of lifesteal. And more dmg= more lifesteal

I thought about that but Signet of the Fallen sucks statwise, plus it has a single target proc that is not that great. Meanwhile Lifegiver Signet got amazing stats and boosts our flat damage by giving +2 to Soulharvest. To me it felt like every bit of defense this build hand after all the polishing I did to it was needed, and two-handed builds are the squishiest among melee imo.

Posted a promissed mini-guide (in thread’s second post) to 2-handed physical Death Knight with a video.

Very tanky 2-handed build, does the job without green items. Although probably the slowest Cadence swinger around :slight_smile: (still 10 to 10:30 minutes clear times with 4 buffs/no banner and as fast as 9 minutes with a banner).

I like this vitality deathknight. Bitch to get resistances up though. Thanks for this build.

I dont know if this has been suggested but mythical voidsteel gauntlets might boost cadence quite a bit. The physical to chaos conversion shouldnt matter much since you dont do much physical anyway.

I considered them for the build but after doing a bit of research it turned out their weapon damage only affects Cadence hit (so every first hit), so not really that game breaking. And in this build most of the damage comes from Bone Harvest anyway, and current gloves are there to support it.

I see. yeah prob not that good then, i didnt know that about voidsteel.

I also meant every “third hit” obviously.

yeah i saw that in the tooltip