[] Deathmarked Blademaster - ~12-13min 170 clear (4x buffs, no banner)

I believe he was talking about the decision to do a BM instead of say an infiltrator. But I could be wrong here.

Deathmarked pierce BM was one of the top builds back then. And was nerfed to unplayability. It’s one of the reasons why Pierce is so popular here in this forums. Pierce BM was only recently revived with belgo set and even then it didn’t become that good until the recent buffs.

What was the nerf about if I can ask? I remember indeed that Blademaster was very popular once upon a time, but I was just starting to discover the game (and the forum) at that moment so I can’t remember that was the mechanics behind its strength. What have they done to the build?

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I wasn’t really playing at that time and it was also only explained to me by Chthon and Fluff so this would be inaccurate.

So the build was pierce deathmark SS BM with beronath’s fury autoattack. When you look at current pierce devotions, it seems underwhelming, it’s because it was nerfed to the ground. You didn’t even care if beronath’s fury had phys>ele conversion (aka dps loss) cause you still hit like a truck. Also, belgo relic (and markovian set) proc was stronger back then. I think it had lower proc cd and better cdr, can’t remember, but it was basically like having TD chaining your SS, but without TD. They also nerfed deathmarked set itself and now kinda transformed it to cold focus. Devs hated pierce so much that at the first sign of BM coming back, they nerf it again. I remember reading old builds (I think from JoV), first older build states “despite he nerfs, BM still playable” then 2nd build is like “I’ll make BM work no matter what”. Pierce BM never came back until AoM and Belgo set.

Again that is inaccurate. Some older players should the story better

Edit: found this

I see now. Cheers for the info.

114% base bero

(1.14)2(hands) / 5(way split) * (128% MA + 128% shears + 1.590% quick cut + 124% WD + 319% execution) = 380% WD

I keep forgetting how charge levels interact with stuff like bero fury and belgo strikes, where does that factor in on this?

From what I’ve seen some people calculate savagery, it’s just directly multiplied to the final result.

Uh, how do the devotions work out? You need atleast 1 red for Viper, the only other source of red is Murmur, which also requires red itself.

edit: And blue for Solemn Watcher is also not working out. Either i have a horrible misunderstanding in relation to devotions, or this build isn’t for

edit2: Apparently you can unlearn single devotion points at the spirit dude, did not know that.

awesome build. Nightblade has very good aoe and single targeted skills :smiley: and with soldier, he is truly unkillable.

But why don’t you get ring of front for more damage? double the damage output for that skill (considering you have bonus cold damage 2 times higher than piece)

Bro, you have joined for 4 years and you didn’t know that? :0

Thanks for the build, was just wondering if this is still good in FG?

Anything to do differently?

One of the smarter crafters than me is working on a better DM build. I would wait for his to come out :wink:

Awesome, hopefully soon!