[] Deathmarked Blademaster - ~12-13min 170 clear (4x buffs, no banner)

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g4yOYV --> Swapped out seal of the night for coldstone because x1x1x1x2 is smarter than me.
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRz8n8Sd5l8&feature=youtu.be

Shoutout to the legends out there, with notable thanks to korsar and veretragna.

With this guide, I conclude my unofficial series of WIP specs I’ve been meaning to post. And I’ve saved my personal favorite for last - the cold blademaster.

And as my favorite, I must admit that I GDstashed some godly greens just to see what this guy can do.

I’ll list out some very competitive, and much cheaper options below.

I did the math here, and I could be wrong, but IIRC with beronath shard and with WPS, the average WD per autoattack comes out to around 243%.

While not phenomenal, I think it’s not too shabby for a component granted main attack.

You also have a pretty nice amount of RR going on here: -111% to be precise.

Look at the GT link, but it’s pretty damn substantial with healthy armor, phys res, dodge, fumble, ghoul, and mobility.

Playstyle in the crucy
Again, I’m no fluff in the crucy, but I’d recommend using SS to reposition yourself at the edge of mobs. Going back and forth the extremes of packs allows you to avoid a lot of on-floor AoE, while giving you a second or two to isolate a priority target.

Cheaper options
I do think that at least one of these greens is a must (not with the specific affixes, however) to ensure you can fix your resists, but feel free to mix and match them with:
Shoes: Greaves of ill omen
Pants: Nidalla’s legwrap, really great pants, chausses of barbaros
Amulet: Mage slayer’s protector, m. executioner’s judgement, m. night’s embrace

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

EDIT: I believe timing could be more than a minute shorter if it weren’t for an issue with the button on the side of my mouse - I couldn’t reliably proc LA.

Nice to see one of the classic builds here! This looks so great. Btw, coldstone :stuck_out_tongue:

Coldstone over seal? Is there a reason why?

EDIT: DOH. More flat damage. Yeah. I was so busy thinking of OA that I completely forgot about that

Fully charge, beronath’s fury will inflict = 1.1*1.14 = 125.4% WD.

Your weapon damage sheet is not that high to inflict damages through beronath’s fury. Why don’t you use cadence instead?
I haven’t touch soldier mastery and havent leveled one though, so I am just asking.

Also, why people only use 4 buff without banner in crucible farming? Banner will always stay in the field, so you need to only refill the buffs.

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I’m including average bonus WD values from WPS into my calculations.

IMO, cadence is too much of a skill point sink, and I don’t have enough +skill points to support the soldier class.

As for no banner - I just wanted to see if this build could do it without banners. I don’t farm the crucible, I farm gdstash. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it’s just a challenge, really.

EDIT: Added ‘with shard of beronath and with WPS’ into that sentence to clear up any possible ambiguity on my end.

I see, because if we can do that, you can put double coldstone. With ellena’s necklace, it will be avg 60% phys to cold.

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Yeah. :confused:

I tried doing a cold-cadence based BM with double dreadweavers, but there just wasn’t enough RR.

Unfortunately, unless you take something like winter’s bane, this is the only way to get sufficient RR.

Made some changes to the GT-link and did a quick 170 run.

Managed to clear 170 in ~10:45 with the changes. However, I would attribute the biggest contributing factor to the drop in clear time to me being able to see the minimap.

What the devotions are bound to?

In the grimtools link 3 devotions are not bound to anything

OP’s been fixed to answer your question

Mate it’s hard to do cold bm. with DM. Now it’s more cold oriented than before.

Pre AoMgetting Deadly momentum was the best option.

I remember I tried after pierce a cold dual Lox BM but I didn’t post it cause it was a test with impossible to find Lox daggers. I just wanted to know if it’s possible. This was back when Spellbreaker plagued the forum with absolute supremacy and I wanted to defy it :smiley: It was really fun to play though. Now Lox is more on SS side…ehhh none of them work as they did before:p

Congrats on doing it anyway

Yeah. I agree - no way this is a top tier build.

It’s my salute to our fallen comrades/meta from a time before AoM.


P.S. Watched the video of your lox BM. And 2 things I want to say:
> Great piloting
> Stop bitching about your PC. x1x1x1x2 has it so much worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he powers his computer with a foot pedal. And the lag comes when he gets too tired to pedal fast enough.

I really think you can do it without watcher. Maybe panther for extra crit. Some Cold nodes in AmatoK for an extra 100% cold dmg and the other two remaining wherever. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jKd4vV

Also you can change the /component in the medal. Your AS is overcapped without ghoul proc. Put a tainted heart or Topaz, even attuned stone

What do you think of hardcapping elemental awakening?

Nah he’s not forstburn savy. It’s why i didn’t put in leviathan FB. But you can if you want to put those 2x remaining points in there. Threre is also the last node in crown,

Wouldn’t the FB from each WPS stack?

EDIT: Stupid question. I keep forgetting that they don’t.

Also weapons don’t have any. I mean it wouldn’t hurt if you had spare points to dump in awakening. You’d also get %dmg but it’s very costly

Would it be possible to do a (good) pierce version of this build? Somewhere in the thread, Fluff said that it is more cold oriented than before, and also gives a link to an old thread where the Deathmarked set was used in a pierce build.

What has changed since then? Why is it not working anymore?

What’s changed is the introduction of the belgothian set. :smiley:

There’s no point in making a pierce DM BM seeing that such a variant is literally outclassed in every single way by the belg BM.

Sure, no doubt about that. :smiley:

I was referring to that statement:

I am not sure to understand what he means by that.