[] Death's Scythe - 2h Vitality Bone Harvest Cabalist - 1.2M Crit in Crucible, 10 min 151-170


Ever since AoM launch and I found my first copy of Mythical Death’s Reach, I have always wanted to make a build with the cool scythe. The problem back then was that there wasn’t enough support for what the weapon wants to be. Even now Wildblood is (probably) better at tick-based bit builds. Fast forward to 0.6 patch release when we had Blood Knight which brought us very good support to vitality Bone Harvest. One of the things I immediately came up after seeing BK Set was 2h Vitality Bone Harvest. Death’s Reach is perfect for the concept because it has no physical damage, meaning the 2h transmuter for Bone Harvest won’t do the build any harm. As expected, the build dishes out a ton of damage, getting up to 800k on the earliest versions. The first few iterations of this build were failures, though cause they were too squishy to handle the higher waves of crucible. I often find myself being 1 shotted by things like Ekket’zul and 161 Alex. After a few revisions. I have finally reached what I can consider to be the best form of this build that performs consistently in the crucible while being better at damage than my previous versions.

10:04 clear. Video of the run below

151-160: https://youtu.be/f__YZ320ZKE
161-170: https://youtu.be/OrhV6ZIKui4

Build clears cruci in 10 minutes or less. The run in the video had 10:04 including pauses (and there are a good lot) so it’s realistically about 9:55. Better players and better PC’s should do better.

As usual, sorry for the lag.

The Build - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7MMD5N

Char sheet with permanent buffs and Blood of Dreeg

Gameplay is supposed to be simple with this one. Cast CoF, Pox, RE then go ham with TD/Iceskorn boosted Harvests and Reaping Arc, casting Mark if needed. In Crucible though, you need to always be mindful of your play if you wanna get good clears and/or live.

Waves to watch out:

[spoiler]154 - Always start this wave (meaning end 153 in this spot) on a spot near one of the boss spawnpoints, preferrably Kuba or Gabalthunn. The reason for this is because you wanna kill one of them as fast as possible cause it’ll be hard to tank all three at once and it’s also hard to kite given our abysmal movespeed.

156 - Larria/Janaxxia have 1shot potentials so cast Mark when you can see her going in. Other than that it’s chill.

159-160 - Not many builds can tank this one and this is no exception. I like to kill one boss immediately (preferably Ilgorr/golem). The important part here is to end this wave near an AoM nemesis spawnpoint for 160 (varies by map, bottom left is best on Dead) so that you can get a 1v1 fight at the first few seconds of 160.

161 - Rush the Myrmidon spawnpoint and kill em all before you engage Alex. Also, for some reason Alex is more dangerous here than on 160/165/170.

164-165 - see 159-160

169 - Try to end 168 near Theodin’s spawnpoint to kill his first form before most of the other guys arrive. If Anasteria comes in before you kill everyone then kite. Tanking even for 2 seconds can be dangerous. Try ending the wave near an AoM nemesis spawnpoint (see 159-160).

170 - Same as 160, just harder.[/spoiler]

Items - Weapon of choice is Mythical Death’s Reach. You can go for Mythical Wildblood Crusher as an alternative and it will theoretically produce better (maximum) numbers but the damage spread is too big and it has no CDR, so the scythe is better. Blood Knight set is a staple here. Iceskorn for the reset chance and the rest are BH support. The epic ring is to boost both our RR skills. Pants is used over Grava pants because HP. I find HP to be a lot more useful in this patch than before. Boots of Ill Omen can be used instead of the green one but you’ll be squishy on cruci. Still very good if you just want campaign.

Skills - Pretty standard. BH transmuter does so much considering we don’t have any physical, so there’s no drawback. Master of Death over Possession because we need OA/DA so much. RE over Ill Omen because I think the build needs the reduced all damage and we don’t need the easy spread of omen that much.

Devotions - Goal is to get Rattosh, Kraken, Hungering Void and TD in the setup. There are multiple ways to get it but after testing a lot of them this turned out to be the best. More DA, less HP versions turned out to be worse. Yeah, health is so good for this build.


So you said 1.2M in the title, where is it now?

Yeah that’s sweet. Pretty sure that happened in the video too. It’s hard to point out where but I had 1.04M max damage before recording so it should be there.

Thanks for reading!

Reserved to remind myself of posting a video. Really love this build.

Damn you I tooled up this ~exact build when BK was released just haven’t had time to make and test it :smiley: Looks like it’s even better than I thought! Well done sir


I wanted to try Wildblood Crusher + BK set Ritualist didn’t think Cabalist would work as well. Out of curiosity did you try a Ritualist variant as well?

Always interesting to see what you come up with. Good one

Bonus points for beating TomoDak to the punch :rolleyes:

Lol thanks man!

I actually thought about switching to Ritualist should this version not work, cause I thought the main problem with my earlier setups was HP. I think Ritualist can work in cruci (it should work in campaign without any problems) but I imagine it would be harder to pilot. Swarm isn’t as good QoL as CoF. Same with Savagery charging vs Bloof od Dreeg.

What. A. Freaking. Beast.

You make me question my sexuality, x1x1x1x2.

Funny, I’m lvling something similar! Currently about lvl 73!
I wanna try dualwield too… something alike that:

But I also wanna try the Death’s Reach for the higher base damage and the CDR.

Cool build X1X1X2! Interesting that the blood knight set is so versatile.

It may not fit with the scythe theme, but have you tried spectral warmaul + syphon souls? With some good affix/prefix, it can potentially be better as myth death reach is only contributing to the build with its flat damage and CDR.

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I sexually identify as an attack helicopter. You should be one too :eek:

Your dw version actually has a higher weapon damage than the 2h one lol. Dunno if harvest uses both hands, though. What I don’t like about dw is that you won’t be able to use dreadchill mark and no cdr so it’ll be harder to optimize unless you go acid deathguard reaper. Still, i think it can work.


Last time I checked 2h doesn’t have a cdr affix so warmaul is in the same league as wildblood crusher. Better theoretical max damage but lacking in cdr, which leads to less potential harvest chains with iceskorn mod.

You are right, it doesn’t have the CDR prefix/suffix. I thought it has, lol.

Also, bone harvest only use main hand damage.

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Well one reason could be because the %vitality damage is up to 3.2k on grimtools and it’s with average % rolls. Also the attack speed is higher with my DW version so damage wise it should be fine. I also maxed Ravenous Earth and Siphon Souls at 12 so the damage isn’t only comming from Bone Harvest!

I’ll see what happends, Maybe I will be able to get the build up to lvl 94 this week-end, or maybe before.

I’ll be excited to see that one once it happens.

update: VIDEOS ADDED!!

Hey. First off good use of a weapon with qestionable mods for a caster build:)

When AoM was launched was thinking at best a BH + Boruuk reaping might work but BK set didn’t exist. It looks good, and safer than Deathguard with same dmg which is sad for DG.

Second. Would you like Bandicam Cracked? I used to do 159-170 cause of 10 min limit too,

Thanks a lot! Yeah this looks like a safer version of deathguard. Deathguard is just a pain to pilot cause BB Mark Pneumatic ABB. BK is just smooth.

Also I would’ve downloaded Bandicam cracked a long time ago if I don’t always forget it. :rolleyes:

I don’t mind the piloting. He’s just low HP and very squishy and does not naturally have the luxury of TD without Gimping damage

Good job here! I just finished leveling a new char based on the same concept, but it’s already invented :slight_smile:

440% WD nuke with 9 metre AoE and 2,1 second recharge? Count me in :smiley:

Yeah it’s sad that you can’t get both tainted eruption and Td without sacrificing an important T2 like Manticore.

Looks like everyone had this concept on their minds. I just got here first cause I didn’t level a new char and went straight to optimization :stuck_out_tongue:

Easily the highest damage build I have that’s not a copy of another popular build. Though pretty sure something like Malkadarr Korba could get higher numbers but less AoE so this should still be better in clearing.