[]DW+Melee Aether Defiler

English is not my native language.Sorry for any mistakes.:o


This is a DW-Melee Aether Defiler.
This one has potential to do Gladiator Crucible wave 100-150 (no buffs/banners)
Wave 150-170 = CLEARED (4buffs+Vanguard Banner)

Defiler is one of the least supported/synergetic masteries, but I think the exotic things are fun:rolleyes:

Grimtools : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvK93kZ


Permanent buffs

I think this build can still improve. I would be grateful if you could help me. Thanks.:smiley:


Iron Maiden


Facetank Madqueen

Gladiator Crucible 150 ( no buffs/banners)

First time I tried to do wave 150-170(Failed):undecided:

Gladiator Crucible 170 Cleared (4buffs+ Vanguard Banner)

change Dreadfire to Mindwarp + move some devotion points & skills Credit : mad_lee

Add SS : Gladiator Crucible 150 cleared (no buffs/banners)

New Grimtools : More Damage :cool:

Add SS : Gladiator Crucible 170 cleared (4buffs+Vanguard Banner)

Does it do 150 with or without buffs/banners?


Try this version. Mindwarp is a better sword choice. Plus moved some devotion points and skills.

Wave 100-150 can do it with no buff/banners , but I’m not sure about time so sorry about that.

Thanks, I tried your version. Mindwarp need 511 cunnings that made my DA dropped to 2.8k but OA increased to 3.3k :smiley:

Update : Gladiator 150 no buffs/banners

wave 150+ = WIP :o

Interesting build Firegunz. I haven’t made a Defiler yet, but this may do it for me!

Here are some changes I made to the build - test them out and see if it’s an improvement:

  1. Changed Eternal Haunt to a second Albrecht’s Duality to fully convert all Chaos to Aether.
  2. Swapped those weapon components to Seals of the Void for an additional 32% WPS that hit 3 targets hard with almost all Aether damage as well as adding more Attack Speed plus flat Aether damage. (Total WPS=96% now)
  3. Maxed FS to give more flat damage to convert and more multiplicative WD.
  4. Changed Devotion bindings and attached Raise the Dead to BWC - more damage from them attacking as well as more targets for the enemies to hit…
  5. Changed some Components and Augments to finish resists.

Trade-off is -200% Aether Damage, 20% Aether to Physical conversion and Eternal Haunt’s -15% Aether resist proc, but dat WPS! :cool:

Alternatively, you could keep the Eternal Haunt ring to keep the proc…

Here’s the grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvK9ozZ

Thanks:D I’ll definitely try your set up when I’m back home.:cool:

I almost made it :cry:

Gladiator Crucible 170 CLEARED

Great job, mate. Although, don’t beat yourself up too hard, it’s the class combo that is really underpowered and not supported enough, no matter what build you produce with it atm.

Great to hear Firegunz - congrats!

I played around with this build a bunch last night and made the same choice to use Decree of Alditch and Essence of Beronath, but with a Heart of Theodin Marcel instead of Mindwarp to not waste points on Cunning. I’ll post my build later, but I’m still going full Fire, full Chaos and half Elemental conversion. I changed Devotions to include Aetherfire as well. So far it’s fun, but Defilers really need some new items!!

Thanks :smiley: This class combo really need some new items as you guys said.:undecided: