[] DW Pistol Tactician - Physical/Trauma - Crucc Capable (NEED HELP)

Without further ado:

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I always wanted to make a physical/trauma DW pistol build (Crucc capable), but for some reason it never worked out for me. Now, it ‘kinda’ worked out, but my devotions are a mess and need to re-augment a bit.

It does beat crucc 170 if you now when to kite:cool: (need to watch your procs religiously) in about 11-12min w/ 3 buffs + banner, or 4 buffs. QoL is excellent due to the INSANE move speed and maxxed out AS. Certain spawns are very tricky though, so I definitely need to tweak res’s around, and I don’t like my Badge much (a lazy workaround to trying to get enough spirit for rings/amulet).

On a sad note, I first thought this build was complete garbage (could only get to 160 in Crucc with serious playing) until I realized I forgot to allocate around 20 skill points:rolleyes:

Dmg a little on the low side, crits for 250k+ very regularly, but build still lacking something (devos & skills are not optimized probz). Tried two havocs, vs death dealer & havoc. Not too much difference but I like the extra +1 skills to soldier & death dealers proc. Maybe two death dealers is better? Ill try that later tonight.

Also tried going for Seal on Inq (that’s why skill tree goes that far - need to clone my lvl 100 classless and redo this build), but because I suck at playing:cry:, I couldn’t really use it well. Seal does not lend itself well to kiting either. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong though as I usually play mage/spell oriented classes AKA button spammers.

The build can be tampered with to convert phys to ele dmg, but I keep looking at Break Morale…that phys rr is too sexy for me to pass up, and if I’m gonna go ele may as well change to purifier or commando imo.

If anybody has suggestions, that would be excellent! :smiley:

P.S. Shoutout to Crate for making what I think is my second favorite game of all time! (which is only cause Diablo came out when I was a kid)

Reserved for…I don’t know what.

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Edit: Cause I’m an idiot.

Hey, GT doesn’t work. I’m sure we can push dps up:)

Ah, fixed it I think. Forgot to turn on perma buffs of all things lol…

Hey. A few things that are important. Tankyness is great, but so is eliminating the threat that is hurting you fast enough

You need to get assassin’s mark.

Also there is no reason not to use both phys and pierce dmg. Max ranged expertise imo at least. Max arcane empowerment too. For ups drop soldier ones and get chilling rounds if you want wps. For more detail you can use thisbuild as inspiration

Thanks for the input!

Wow how did I not see that build by JoV? Must’ve searched for ‘DW’ only… So similar, and those rings do look better (not like I need the +8% as from the Mercy set anyways - the phys rr very nice touch).

Ill try the seal out again, and max ranged expertise. I guess pierce is a must. Ill respec my attr to add some more cunning.

Ill look into those devos…I do like my 107% lifesteal though but I guess we cant have it all :(.

The quality of your lifesteal will be enhanced by higher damage and attack speed. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

One question on JoV’s build: why aura instead of Olerons? (exclusive skill) Is pierce preferred to phys/trauma or is the base 175+ OA/15%phys res that much better than 14% OA/14% MS?

Also, how important is DA past the 2800 mark? I know DA was nerfed a bit, so I’m not privy to exactly what DA I should be ‘shooting’ for on a pistol build.

Maybe a better way to ask, is at what DA do you reach the minimum chance of being hit (60%)?

Conviction gives pretious flat damage and phys res

60% is 3.6K DA or so, if not debuffed. You don’t need this btw unless you want no buff no banner stuff

That build I made is bit outdated now so plz regard it like that.
I opted for aura of c instead of olerons cuz olerons didn’t gave any +% to phis dmg back than and that 15% phys res was just to good not to take, maybe taking oleron is better now.
Also, tho Im not positive havoc’s are bit changed, but even now I do think that they are slightly better than DD side arm.
Devotion vise you can ditch hydra and take ghoul if you like to keep that extra ADCTH, also points from scales can be allocated where ever you want, crab barrier for instance. If you want more DA invest all to phys, back in the time build was made 2.8k DA was more than enough. Also seal is far from mandatory so you can allocate points from it to break morale or somewhere else you find fitting.

Thank you both for the help!

Yeah im starting to see how the DD isnt as good as Havoc, but at a glance I saw that the DD actually give +2 to cadence, as well as +1 to all other soldier skills (of which I have a lot).

Im finally done with work so I will respecc this guy and do some testing. If everything goes well, Ill repost it as a hybrid of JoV (and will edit to include that link since Im going to ‘borrow’ your devotion path :D).