[] Elemental Bomber - Cold/Elemental RoH and Devastation Mage Hunter

You need to test it. The thing is, converting piercing damage to cold/ other elemental increase the DPS output of this build significantly.

Please also note, the DPS sheet of chillspikes on that pane is for 1 chillspikes projectile. 5 chillspikes projectile shotgunning an enemy means almost 200k sheet DPS. Valinov’s mage rage build should be higher than this because of arcanor. This chillspikes might be even stronger than phantasmal blades if build right…

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hot damn (10 chars)

Wtf, I didn’t expect this build to have 5:40 minutes clear. I thought it will be like 6 minutes or a bit below 6 minutes.
Almost 2 minutes clear time cut by using banner is crazy.

Are you a newtype?

Really thanks for the testing and validating this build. How do you feel about each run? I am really interested in watching the video.

EDIT: just watch the video you Linked in my luminari vanguard thread. Really insane, how you play and placement of rune is really good and feels so tactical. I myself usually only place the rune in the face of my enemy while spamming other skill. Thanks for it, I learn a lot.

@Madlee: so what’s the tier of this build now? :smiley:

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What now?

No problem, i was actually surprised myself that i managed a run that fast. I did hit a snag on the very first run i did, i somehow got melted on wave 162 against mad queen and yuvolloth and the elites surrounding me. I didn’t use mirror cause i honestly thought i would pull through, if i had used mirror i’d have survived it no problem.

Overall though i think the build works best with some very minor repositioning (kiting) against harder nemesis combo waves. I wouldn’t try and facetank nemesis waves like double reaper+maiden+fabius/aleksander/kupa/grava etc nor facetank 169 (just maneuver around anasteria a bit to avoid getting surprise bursted and need to use health pot. Cause you’ll ideally want to not have a healthpot on CD on 170)
Since the build doesn’t have enough adcth sustain to outheal the burst damage nemesis can do i felt it’s better to just do some minor kiting on the tougher nemesis combo waves.

Oh for christ sakes i forgot to put storm box (which has rumor bound to it) in my skill bar. It was supposed to be on m4.

Anddddd, the patch hits.

Anyway, some really interesting change to the current equipments of this build, particularly that spelldrinker new conversion and buff. Also we have +2 devastation to the hood now!

I want to check the change, but I may prefer to explore some more build ideas.

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