[] Elemental Bomber - Cold/Elemental RoH and Devastation Mage Hunter

Update: Build updated for V2 where damage is increased significantly and kiting is no longer necessary

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, and standing on Inquisitor seal.
DPS shown is chillspikes

Build Feature

  • Using not one but two the best skill in the game as nuker
  • Fucking insane damage, everything melt like butter
  • No TD, need to time MoE right
  • No continuous devastation, again need to cast it right

Build Overview
So the RnG god finally smile at me, the filthy GDStasher. He decided to gives me Ascendant Hood with interrogator’s prefix adding +3 to Aura of Censure!!! Thus, I decided to revisit this build again with all of my accumulated experience and what I studied this past 2 months.

Main damage dealer is Cold RoH with 1.5 sec CD. In between CD, supplemental damage done by chillspikes, also 12.5 sec CD Fire/elemental devastation for boss & Nemesis Wave.

For Defense: 21/12 inquisitor seal + 20/12 damage reduction from aura of censure + 14/12 damage absorption Maiven’s sphere of Protection. Heal from Word of Renewal. Really good lifesteal with chillspikes. Decent DA and decent armor. Mirror of Ereoctes for further facetanking.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim for +% armor or +% physique. Get as much CDR as possible from off-hand & Amulet and/or main hand

Core Items:

3 Pieces of Runebinder set: Chest, Amulet (CDR & strengthening RoH), and Shoulder.
Helm: Ascendant Hood. Build defining item, converting 100% devastation’s aether to elemental. Have whatever prefix that has CDR. For suffix, use whatever you like.
Gloves: Mythical Chilling Grip of Hagarrad. converting up to 30% piercing damage to cold. This works for chillspikes and RoH
Medal: Luminari Commendation. converting up to 36% piercing damage to elemental. This works for chillspikes and RoH. Also really nice +2 to inquisitor seal skill line
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion. Just a perfect fit for this build, get +1 to aura of censure as completion bonus

Supporting Items:
Pants: Mythical Legwraps of The Tranquil Mind. We really need that OA. Spirit and Slow res is also nice
Belt: Mythical Arcanowave Cord. Supporting our damage and plus to both masteries
Boots: Stoneplate Greaves. to cover resistances, get any prefix/suffix you like
Rings: 2xMythical Reign of Ice and Fire. nice OA, godly procs, plus to artifact handling
Main-Hand: Mythical Spelldrinker. Just a nice +400% elemental damage. Also give +1 to inquisitor and solving energy issues
Off-Hand: Cataclysm’s Eye. Supporting our damage, + to all skills, and plus % cast speed. Also giving so much Res.

Cold & Fire Offensive setup. Ghoul for a nice circuit breaker and ADCTH

Blizzard > to Rune of Hagarrad
Meteor Shower > to Inquisitor Seal
Rumor > to Storm Box of Elgoloth
Eldritch Fire > to Devastation
Elemental Storm > to Chillspikes
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff

LMB: Chillspikes
RMB: Point to Move
Mouse scroll up: Storm box of Elgoloth
Mouse scroll down: Inquisitor Seal
Middle mouse button: Devastation
Keyboard 1: Nullification
Keyboard 2: Mirror of Ereoctes
Keyboard 3: Rune of Hagarrad
Keyboard 4: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 5: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal. Always have it active and/or save it for heal
Cast inquisitor seal and sit there most of the time.
Mash RoH button while continuously casting chillspikes.
Cast devastation when you have rounded the boss mobs / nemesis. Most trash mobs is fine with RoH and chillspikes.
Cast nullification on yellow spellcaster mobs, shielded enemy, enraged MadQueen, and half/fully charged reaper.

The build doesn’t need to kite at all. It can kill quickly before being killed. Just make sure you are in inquisitor seal when get surrounded. If things get hairy or surrounded by a charged reaper + other nemesis, MoE gives 3 sec invulnerability which is enough.

Build Performance
170 Crucible, video with 4 buff:

Current Fastest run, 7:40. The build can complete 3 set of 151+crucible in a single buff, consistently if you know what you are doing.

The only most dangerous enemy is reaper due to its charge type auto-attack. Cast nullification on him after getting about three hit from him.

Don’t facetank Alek Meteor.

Grava is quite a bitch, but staying in inquisitor seal helps greatly.

Don’t worry about other nemesis.

That is all, I hope you can enjoy the build

Attachment: Elemental Bomber V2 Pane_Crop.jpg
Attachment: Elemental Bomber V2_Crop.jpg

Jabrixone with his classic caster builds! Nice one man. :slight_smile:

Elemental Devastation is quite ingenious, well done here!
Did you consider taking Alkamos rings for further Pierce->Cold conversion for RoH? IMO it works much better than 10% rr from Band of the Eternal Haunt.
Also, Mogdrogen instead of Ignaffar’s Combustion?

I like all gear choices here tbh, and Ignaffar’s Combustion proc is not very good for kiting caster imo (if only Iskandra’s Balance was half-decent for builds like that).

Looks like a really strong build (mage hunter + devastation + roh, duh :)), but one thing I don’t like is devotion pathing. IMO, Leviathan is not that good for a caster. In fact, devotion path to Leviathan sucks, and because of it you ended up with 2500 OA on a build with quite a bit of crit damage.

Thanks Spanks… Glad you like it… :wink:

Alkamos ring never cross my mind even once. At first I considered double myth reign of ice and fire for their beastly procs and plus to artifact handling, but choose eternal haunt as one of the slot as additional RR is valuable for mage hunter. Interesting suggestion though, I will try it.

Thanks Madlee!
Actually this build is not kiting that much :smiley: , thus ignaffar relic will be good here. The build just begging for more plus points because we go 50 points deep on both masteries, so I took mogdrogen’s. This is partly because the head slot is already taken by the MI.

Regarding devotions, the build need +% cold damage badly. This is what makes aether damage type is so good, because the blue devotion provide so much OA n DA. Other good procs would be blind sage, but the devotion pathing will be almost the same.

Right now the base OA is quite sufficient because censure proc deadly aim consistently. However, do you have suggestion regarding the devotion pathing?

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Nice thing you have here man! I forgot what the benchmarks for chillsurge are, but if you cannafford dropping that to 19/12 then you can probably get girdle of stolen dreams to help with OA. pretty sure rune damage isn’t affected much as long as chillsurge projectiles are the same.

Thanks x1x1x1x2. The benchmark is actually 20/12 to provide 5 projectiles :D. I believe even without buff, the OA is still sufficient. The build can already finish 150 without buff and banner easily. With buff, it’s even better. More OA doesn’t hurt though. Maybe changing the weapon augment to the one that provide OA will be good, although I will hate to lose the extra armor.

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Made some devotion pathing magic and here is what I’ve got:

What we lost:
-70 hp/100 armor/25% cold damage (so literally nothing)
What we gained

  • Almost +220 OA and +70 DA
  • 5% crit damage
  • More Elemental Damage
  • Hand of Ultos Proc

You can work in bat or ghoul if your build needs it, by removing Jackal and stealing few points from Amatok.

I see, pursuing ultos Devo instead. We lose wayward soul and giant’s blood proc though, so I think the build will really need bat. I will see if the leech is enough for sustain. The skill binding will be tricky.
Thanks Madlee!

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I didn’t pursue it, I just wanted to get you more OA and not loose any of that %cold damage and Ultos was in the way and I thought it can’t hurt. I am not sure if Benemoth or Wayward soul proc really do shit for high level crucible, cuz, ok, you get healed for less than 20% of your HP every 15 seconds, to me it’s not even drop in a water when I play my casters/kiters. If you heal from ADTCH, then you can squeeze in bat there or squeeze in Restless Remains.

The build Will actually lose its DPS when kiting. You want to stand still while putting multiple RoH, raining devastation above you, and shotgunning with chillspikes in the enemy face. I don’t spend any of my run with kiting, except for some extreme condition like I describe in OP. Note that the most powerful RoH damage is on the center of the rune due to shotgunning effect.
So with that devotion setup, I will need to squeeze some adcth.

Damn, I really need to record some of my gameplay, my PC get slowed down significantly though, because I am still using Windows 7. Maybe sirspanks can help me on this… :smirk:

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I know it’s super overused - but what about aeon’s for double devastation?

With alkamos rings + chilling grips, you can also consider assassin. The shotgun proc it offers is incredible. I know you can bind it to seal and have it very consistently shotgun enemies, but I’m not sure if the 16% WD on it will be wasted.

Is seal considered a player-scaled pet?

Well if 3% ADCtH saved you from kiting, here you go. Now you’ve lost ~60% cold damage compared your original setup which is like 3% damage loss but you still gained 220 OA/5% crit damage/some more elemental damage AND Ultos proc. Can’t be worse than your setup, can it now.

EDIT: It’s actually less than 60% cold damage loss, more like 30% since with my setup you are getting 65 more spirit.

Double devastation is very possible. I am theorycrafted aether version of the build using that. RoH damage is reduced though. There are many things in the build we can explore I see.

Seal is player-scaled pets. I don’t know if “rebuke” count as weapon damage of the seal. Need korsar to verify. If they scale to player’s WD, The weapon damage sheet in the build is miniscule, but 4608 flat Pierce damage sounds awesome.

Looks good. Will need to check for its survivability, offense wise is obviously stronger. Many thanks… :slight_smile:

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Guys, that info is outdated.
Celestial powers with % WD bound to pseudo-pets deal player’s weapon damage and heal you if you have ADCtH


Big update!!!

I got an interrogator’s prefix with +3 aura of Censure on Ascendant Hood!!! So I decided to revisit this build with my current experience.

The build is now a crazy killing machine that can consistently do 3 set of 151+ crucible!!

I liked that build before and I like it even more now. Although, you could take Ultos instead of meteors for more adtch and cold damage! (also, I know gloves convert pierce blah blah blah, but they are so horrible otherwise :cry: )

The devastation got more fire damage though. So I am trying to find balance. Also, meteor + devastation is always a spectacle to look at :D.

You are right regarding the gloves. I think we can use ignaffar’s gloves instead for more casting speed, but plus to biting cold is just so nice…

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Wyrmbornes might perform as well or better because of their stats.