[] Fevered Rage Witchblade

Fevered Rage Witchblade
Grimtools (no greens)

Hello, and welcome to my first build on the forum. I probably won’t post many, since I’ll only post builds that I’m really happy with and that are different enough from other builds.
That said, I’m happy with this build, and I want to thank idontwannaknow0 for his help on this build. He made a lot of suggestions that ended up in the final build and it wouldn’t be where it is without them.

The Concept
I wanted to make a character that made good use of Fevered Rage. I also wanted to make a character with 100% block chance and 100% block recovery. The two seemed to work well together, and so I set out to find a good way to mesh the ideas together.

I tried to find a good Blade Arc build to take advantage of the free crit damage, but the Blade Arc gear didn’t work well with the gear I needed to keep 100% block. I settled on Warborn; although Markovian’s would probably do well, Spellscourge Bulwark has over 50% more blocking power than Markovian’s Bulwark, and I plan to squeeze as much as possible out of that blocking power come the infinite dungeon in FG.

A quick note: if you roll average or less than average for the % block chance on your relic and mark, you need to have survivor’s resilience on your amulet as well as your rings. I rolled 1% bonus on my mark so I could afford to swap while maintaining 100% block chance.

Build Performance
Gladiator crucible is the metric by which builds are measured today, and this build hits the “acceptable” mark. On average, the build should hit 12 minutes or less with 4 blessings and no banner. I have almost no experience in crucible, I have a cheap laptop that lags a bit, and on a double Aleksander 170 (worst case) with Aeon and Ghoul not fully leveled, I made roughly 13 minutes judging by the buff icon.
I wouldn’t call it a “crucible farmer”, but it’s passable.

Where this build shines, however, is in multiplayer. It feels like a classic multiplayer tank, with double blitz to stay at the front and a massive shield presence. And you bring something that almost no other build does: Fevered Rage. As long as you can keep most of the aggro, your party will love how often they crit.

This build is not quite as simple as “run at stuff, use your skills when off cooldown” (although it’s pretty close). There are a few things to note:

  1. Fevered Rage usage. Most of the time you should be fine to use this. But keep an eye on the mutators; if the +75% crit damage mutator (red skull with a crosshair on its forehead) is rolled, don’t use Fevered Rage on high-OA high-threat enemies like most nemeses.
    Whether or not that mutator is rolled, don’t use Fevered Rage on Aleksander or Anasteria. Those two are the toughest enemies for this build and are the sole reason I use Purified Salt on my warmace.

  2. Overguard Management/Rotations. I bind Aeon’s Hourglass to War Cry because it has 100% proc chance and because I want to be able to freely use blitz before Overguard. Whatever you choose to bind Aeon to, make sure to use Overguard before you use the activating skill. Also, if your Overguard has only a few seconds left and you think Aeon is up, it’s best to wait to use the activating skill until you use Overguard. And I probably shouldn’t have to say this, but try not to facetank Fevered Raged enemies while your Overguard is down.

This character has been fun to play and fun to optimize. It was my first character that could farm crucible and was a good learning experience for making builds. I’ve learned that the best strategy is something along the lines of “get just enough defense so that you can obliterate them”; but there’s something satisfying about standing in the middle of a hoard of Fevered Raged enemies and watching your health bar not move an inch. If tanking is something you find enjoyable, I recommend you give this build a try.

I like the spellscourge amulet/shield combo for big cdr boost. Very interesting approach to making a tanky witchblade. Gratz!

I was just thinking “hmm what to do with my old witchblade” and here we have it!

Nice build and nice information, hopefully I can learn when/when not to use fevered rage

Question: Markovian defense and your total cdr should grant you 100% uptime on Overguard. I will probably try that approach (yeah dmg sacrifice but perhaps easier to play with)

That was my initial build. It didn’t include Aeon and the downtime of Overguard was about 0.5 seconds (basically nothing). It was tanky but it had trouble with Kubacabra, Anasteria, and Aleksander. It couldn’t kill Kubacabra fast enough, and the other two don’t care about your shield.
You’re welcome to try Markovian’s Defense, but I’ve tested both with and without and I like without a lot better.
It should be possible to kill Kubacabra with Markovian’s Defense but it will take some serious blood pool management.

I’ll can give it a try I guess. My Warborn Death Knight has “no problem” with markovians defense.

The Crucible time, was that with all four blessings, any banner?

4 blessings no banner. I’ll edit that in. I have little crucible experience so maybe not all 4 blessings are required. Maybe a banner will do just as fine as a blessing and will cost less tributes.
Feel free to take Markovian’s Defense, I’m not gonna tell you how to play the build, I’m just letting you know how I play the build.

Thanks, I guess the 4 blessing is pretty standard but you never know :wink: I am not that much of a cruci-player either

Do you have any advice on how you used the Relic skill “Menhir’s bastion”?

Just save it until you get in a tight spot. Make sure to get the heal value out of it. Other than that, I don’t do anything special with it.

I feel like I’m are not-so-good-person but still can’t do anything with me, for any build is no video - no “like”.

How many videos have you posted here? xD

Ok, I was thinking about saving it for when I miss Aeon and Overguard

I think I will try this set-up first
Perhaps Menhir Bulwark is overkill
I have traded away my Spellscourge amulet, so I though I could try Octavius shield instead for another +1 solider skill (will block less damage though, like 7.2k) picked up the Stone Form proc. Was thinking about switching boots to Golemborn too.

Menhir’s Bulwark was picked for the 4% block chance and for the +1 to all soldier skills.
Use what items you have on hand, just don’t be frustrated if the build doesn’t perform as well. I put a lot of thought and playtesting experience into the items I chose.

There is a way to increase OG uptime through better timing:


That post is a bit outdated though because TD has 16 seconds base cooldown now, not 15. But the basic principle remains.