[] Galahad the Blademaster - DW Build Showcase

Hi Fluff. Thanks. I naturally have tested with or without deadly momentum. I feel like DM addition really give the build the damage is need. At first it is indeed quite clunky, but I learnt to live with it and maintain it 100% of all time. Take note that because of 100% WPS, cadence charge is doubly faster.
So it takes about 0.5 second to kill everything faster, thus make the build safer.

You can use kubacabra’s chausses for 19/12 deadly momentum, thus gives 170 pierce damage. I have that in my previous iteration of the build, but for some reason, in this iteration, it yield less damage than barbaros.

You are exactly right regarding 2 points of oleron. I maxed it because I obsessed with getting 29k weapon damage in grimtools (in my offline version at least). I’d put that 2 points to veil of shadow though, to be safer. stun is covered by crucible resist buff, while slow resist is not covered at all.

Using MoD is my last effort to make this build as reliable as infiltrator. I also have tried direwolf crest, offensively it’s unbeatable for pierce build. Green medal would be nice, especially cutthroat’s prefix or blademaster’s with dual blades bonus. Of course you can do that if you feel that you don’t need the circuit breaker.

WPS slows cadence charging. Even if WPS hits with both hands, it only counts as 1 cadence charge. Unlike normal dw hits which would count as 2 charges. That’s why dw cadence bm builds only take execution.

Or they changed it. I’m not actually keeping up with updates for builds I don’t play so I might be wrong.

Edit: didn’t read full build before commenting, but I’m pretty sure what I said was also backed up by videos, so probably it was changed.

It’s actually accounted as double charge. Please see the thread link I give above for reference.

For me, I have test it myself, with and without 100% WPS. Night and Day difference

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Just tested it with AQC and execution. WPS procs THAT COINCIDE with the cadence hit take cadence damage and give 1 extra proc, as Dioarchet pointed out. Basically everything he said in that thread is true. But what I meant was the interaction when it’s not a cadence hit, but rather the 2 hits in between. This wasn’t mentioned in Dioarchet’s post. Execution, AQC (and i presume all the other WPS) are only counted as 1 charge. The only exception is when the proc occurs at the same time as the cadence hit, in which it provides 1 charge when it’s supposed to give none. Interestingly, this is also true for normal dw hits. Only 1 charge before charging cadence and 1 extra charge when it happens during cadence. This is consistent with Dioarchet’s observations on ‘single attacks’. I wonder if attack speed has any bearing on this. With the ‘continuous attacks’ observation representing fast atk speed and the ‘single attacks’ representing otherwise.

But yeah, cadence is good with dw wps now due to the chance of a free charge. So they really changed it.

Nope, it’s the opposite. a DW wps, whether it hits 3x times or 2x it is considered 1x charge.

THe only thing is considered 2x hits are the non-wps DW hits, the Basic DW attacks. Which is why Jov only used execution on his DW cadence Warborn builds:)

So the more WpS you have, the harder it is to charge DM as fast as you would without them

Fluff, I have test it with and without 100% WPS. The 100% WPS one kill dummy significantly faster, and it reflected in the crucible performances. Obviously, my first iteration of the build is cadence with only MA, similar to what you guys have all done in all the build section, and the performance doesn’t live up to my expectations.

Well WPS are a dps increase with Belgo strikes ofc, but they won’t increase cadence charge.

As for Belgo strikes I do stand by not using WD as far as i am concerned. I like the wps but it feels too weak. AQC i won’t even touch with this one. I’ve done more than enough testing to know this for my own little self:p…not speaking for others ofc. If it’s better for you it’s better.

Also looking at the crucible buffs, you have roughly the same kill speed as mine 9 min. I have under 10 mins with loads of lag that adds 1 to 1:30 min depending on mutators. So it can kill faster in some situations but you still spend dime charging cadence. It’s when you charge it that matters. I’d only do it at key waves with certain bosses

I think you can take a look at x1x1x1x2 post above for the wps + cadence interaction. I was wrong in saying that WPS gives 2 cadence charge. The reality is WPS that coincide with cadence do cadence hit and a free charge. So it’s essentially make the cadence charge faster with only 2 hit. 100% WPS ensure that this happen everytime, thus more cadence hit.

As for belgo WPSes, I use whirling death because belgothian build is really lack on AoE, using WD is actually make the killing faster. Especially that pesky trash mob, you don’t want to hit them one by one.

Good point on your DM charging tips. I was focusing on make it active all the time, so I must forgot when it truly matters. You obviously is a better pilot than me though, so I am sure you can pilot mine better… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d have to check this reality cause it sounds very iffy.

The main reason i’ve always hated cadence+WPS is how disjointed it feels and limping.

Check the video that diocharcet linked in my asking thread. My 2nd build is made based on that… :smiley:

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I’d still check in spite of Dio:p

Yeah, I said it just to make sure that you also check the video… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey guys,
to avoid constantly charging the DM manually, would it be possible to somehow write a mouse macro that would do it automatically or something? Cos that would be huge QoL and would result in very smooth gameplay.

Sure it’s possible, but me personally do not know how to do it properly. Because usually, you want to charge it in proper timing. For example when you want to press on and kill something fast, you want to do it in one DM charge, especially if the enemy has only little health left after DM expires. Other time you want to take time and kite, like when you face reaper and has expired your DM, you want to kite a little before continuing so you don’t charge his auto attack more.

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Here’s my take on the Warborn Blademaster, much more defensively oriented but without the procs of Blood Sigil or the Elemental Balance set.

To add some heat to Belgo discussion:

  • Fluff’s Belgo BM - highest burst, easiest and most streamlined gameplay out of Belgo builds, but squishy and less consistent than other Belgo builds especially if you are not a good pilot
  • Jabrixone’s Deadly Momentum BM - less streamlined but more consistent (or is it?), less burst but (maybe?) more damage over time than Fluff’s Belgo BM
  • mad_lee’s Belgo Infiltrator - the actual belgothian king chilling inside a seal smoking cigars watching his younger blademaster brothers trying all the bells and deadly momentums and whistles to reach his level

But seriously Infiltrator is only edging it because it’s Inquisitor, imagine if Belgothian set had Inquisitor’s bonuses too

Blood sigil and elemental balance is my own twist to the build. I honestly don’t like defensive build. Yours might be better for dealing with the celestial or stuff though.

That is not a discussion at all… :sweat_smile:
Also the most not streamlined is of course infiltrator because of seal and WoP.

I don’t really like playing with seal because it constraint you in one place. But with +3k armor, it should be more flexible because you can get out of the seal without being killed.

BTW, mine is not bursty at all. The damage is just consistent. I don’t like bursty build except if you can control the burst like witching hour cabalist. I was a pro tcg player and prefer consistent gameplay :D.

Lastly Madlee, I don’t doubt infiltrator at all. I am open-minded and not a fanboy. Honestly I always think that your belgo infiltrator is better than fluff’s belgo BM. I am not someone who want less button gameplay so more casting in infiltrator doesn’t bother me.

This belgo is my effort to make BM is at least par and consistent as infiltrator, in crucible. IDK for celestial killing though. Haven’t kill ravager, lol.

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All hail king Belgothian (infiltrator)!

But for real though, it’s one of my least creative builds, it’s just one very sick set combined with one very op mastery, all I did was min-max it to death, all that heat for the belgo crown is just for fun and banter. Your spin on the classic build is pretty cool though.

Now would someone try belgo tactician? I don’t even know if that would work.

It’d work but you need WPS to make belgo shine. You’d only really have 25% markovian and 12% direwolf crest… zolhan’s is kinda rubbish with dw as it’s locked to mainhand only.

Would definitly function but i don’t think it’d be nearly as good as a nb variety.