[] General of The Luminari - RoH + Fire Strike Elemental Gunslinger Purifier

Nope, haven’t killed it…
The build will need to be adjusted just for killing it though.

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In the build still works. However the clear time is reduced significantly (about 8:30 minutes with 4 buff) and clear rates are far worse due to nerf on censure, inquisitor seal, and RoH.

The build might not be worth anymore and pure fire strike is better.

Damn, gone are the day of glass cannon purifier demolishing crucible… :frowning:

Does it mean that RoH hybrids are no longer… so hard to put it one sentence… top-tier?

It might be still top tier, but just not purifier as it’s too squishy. Actually, it is harder for purifier to survive with the Nerf on seal and censure and buff on cruci. Or like Ptiro said. Purifier might need to rely on justicar and Light’s defender set again.

I also tested RoH + Savagery. It’s still good, but its speed is not as fast as before. I think it will be like 1 minutes to 1.5 minutes slower than

Haven’t checked my devastation + RoH again. While devastation is buffed, the Nerf on RoH and chillspikes Will hurt a lot.

Oh well, time to explore other build ideas then…

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I don’t think it’s only the fault of Inqui nerfs. Crucible got harder in general. Fabius just burst though my MoT all by his lonesome ( I didn’t take notice of the mutators during that run because I WOULD NEVER SUSPECT IT COULD EVEN HAPPEN)

Also, I think Crate messed with AI. Enemies are slower to leave spawn zones. I’ve noticed some just standing there, doing nothing, not casting nor moving, for a good couple seconds before waking up and attacking me (there was no confuse or terrify, it happens right at the beginning of a wave)

I think so too. Just tested my flame keeper purifier, and it actually dead because of FIRST TWO HIT of reaper + iron maiden blitz outside Inquisitor seal… gone from full health to zero…

IDK about the mutator and stuff though, I never really paid attention to that.

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