[] General of The Luminari - RoH + Fire Strike Elemental Gunslinger Purifier

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, and Standing on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Fire Strike.

Build Feature

  • Ultimate Crucible Clear Speed :wink:
  • 16 sec dummy kill :cool:
  • non-Clunky demolitionist, no thermite mine
  • Resistance is hard to be capped
  • played like a mad man :rolleyes:

Build Overview
Ever wondered how will it be if one build has a full fledged rune of hagarrad and fire strike? Here is the build ;). This character is played like the true intent of runebinder set, which is rune supported by auto-attack.

So both RoH and fire strike are point hungry skill, the build manage to have RoH at 22/16 , 20/12 chillsurge giving 5 projectiles and 18/10 artifact handling; also 17/12 fire strike with all of its line softcapped. To achieve this, the build has maximum plus skill to inquisitor which is 6. Fortunately that the weapon for elemental fire strike (Arcanum Sigillis) is giving us +1 to inquisitor :D. In game attack speed is about 185% and fire strike is supported by 92% WPS chances. All has good interaction with fire strike. Lastly, supplemental damage is done by the best fire & cold devotion procs which is meteor shower and blizzard.

Defense is quite minimal: We have a good 2.4k armor with 100% absorb, also 22/12 inquisitor seal + 18/12 damage reduction from aura of censure, fumble & impaired aim from flashbang and ghoul procs.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim and try to get +% armor or +%physique as completion bonus.

Core Items:
Runebinder Set minus the bow
Weapons: 2x Mythical Arcanum Sigillis. Build defining item, strengthening fire strike and +1 to inquisitor.
Rings: Elemental Balance Set. 32 flat fire & cold damage, bonus to fire strike line, godly procs, craftable.
Gloves: Mythical Chilling Grips of Hagarrad. Perfect fit, converting pierce to cold, strengthening chilling rounds, and relevant skill bonus.
Medal: Luminari Commendation. Converting pierce to elemental, also giving bonus to inquisitor seal tree.

Supporting Items:
Pants: Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind. Auto-attack build shall have minimum of ~50% slow res. This pants also give a really good stats
Boots: Stoneplate Greaves. Just to cover resistances, stonehide prefix is somewhat mandatory.
Belt: Mythical Cord of Deception. a defensive inquisitor belt that we need.
Relic: Mogdrogen’s Ardor. Giving +1 to all skills and +8% total speed, get +%DA as completion bonus.

Offensive Fire and Cold based devotions

Eldritch Fire > to Storm Spread
Rumor > to Rune of Hagarrad
Elemental Storm > to Fire Strike
Blizzard > to Chilling Rounds
Meteor Shower > to Inquisitor Seal
Ghoulish Hunger > to Whatever permanent buff

LMB: Fire Strike
RMB: Point to Move
Mouse scroll up/down: Flashbang
Keyboard 1: Rune of Hagarrad
Keyboard 2: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 3: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal
Scroll up/down to throw flashbang
Cast Inquisitor seal below you
Maul your enemies by holding Fire Strike button while also mashing RoH button

Round your enemy and position yourself well so the WPS procs and Rune can shotgun them all at once.

Build Performance
For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff:

7:10 Clear-times. This is my personal record :wink:

The most dangerous one is actually kuba because he takes a while to kill. In the nemesis wave, try to kill it last while also hiding behind other nemesis. Let them cover you from kuba. After you finish with them, kuba will usually only have little health left due to the build crazy collateral damage.

Don’t facetank Alek meteor.

Just rape the other.

This is most likely my last build before FG. I really need to play other games. :eek:

Nice build. Congrats on going all out and dropping the mines altogether. And not using the Ignaffar relic. Two questions:

  1. Wouldn’t maxing Flame Touched for the points from Static Strike be worth it?

  2. Also, taking eel instead of hound and using scales of beronath belt gives you a drop in da but a boost to armor (which is probably the reason why you took hound in the first place) not mentioning the offensive stuff and two extra points?

Nice build, RoH and Brimstone are monstrous when combined.
I had some suggestions, but they are not needed since build already performs better than most builds can.

Thanks ya_. Answering your questions:

  1. Not really. We already have high OA (3k without deadly aim) and flat fire from flame touched is miniscule. Whereas static strike perform crazy with all Inquisitor WPS and burning void.

  2. I use scale of beronath at earlier version of the build obviously. The previous one is trying to stack armor as much as possible. That is why I take the hound. I even tried 2x seal of blades for more adcth and armor and flat Pierce. I managed to stack it to 2.8k but the build still feels so flimsy. DA and dodge from cord of deception is actually make the build perform much much better. Taking eel might be a marginal upgrade. Although usually one need to balance the build between DA and armor.

Thanks Vere. Well, I can always use a good suggestion though. I believe this build can still be improved as the concept is strong.

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Cord of Deception

Pussy. Use scales :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s kinda weird man. The build can have 2.8k armor but with 2.8k DA, but it can still be one shotted by kuba for whatever reasons. Really weird because at flame keeper build, my defense is like that although it has much better life steal due to 200% AS. That DA makes a huge difference though.

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I’d still take that searing strike, though…

What’s searing strike?

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The Fire Strike transmuter. You’re right about that Flame Touched. With lots of oa already, the flat dmg return on the investment is meager. That’s where I’d take the 3 points from.

Searing strike only affect one-handed melee weapon, honey…

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What? Why? But! Y e a h . . . :o

I think it’s because fire strike have worked beautifully with gunslinger, whereas melee still need another push as their brimstone is not spreading.

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The other one for 2h works for ranged so I never even looked at the description. I think I’ve been rolling with 3 wasted points for a couple months now… :smiley:

1h melee Fire Strike options are still limited though. Kylrian mace and Flamestrife, if I’m not mistaken… Wouldn’t you think? <changing the topic away from my blunder>

Saboteur is actually really good because of fire strike, but the synergy between their damage type and passive is still be a problem and need good itemization. Don’t forget their survivability. Also, good nightblade’s WPS for fire strike is only AQC as it hits 3 times like chilling rounds, also maybe Whirling Death. I believe saboteur needs double seal of void because burning void interaction with fire strike is crazy good.

I made one cold saboteur with chillflame (see in one of my thread), it used many MI though.

Double kilrian mace is really good, but I think the fire strike strength lies in their additional flat damage and additional procs from its skill tree, also WPS. See that my WD in this build is below 10k, but its damage is still so massive.

Damn, now I want to explore saboteur again.

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Very nice. Well done :slight_smile:

Great performance! Your love for making everything hybrid with RoH pays off :slight_smile:

I wonder how much of it is due double RR from devotions (like is Eldritch Fire that crucial).

7:10 without a banner is pretty massive.

As for comments:

  1. Are you sure Hound > Eel here?
  2. I would take couple of points from Arcane Empowerement and move them into Ranged Expertise and Vindictive Flame to cap attack speed. With that Slow Resistance your adtch will be unstoppable, imo.
  3. Also, maybe just 2-4 points into Blast Shield? Shit is so good :frowning:

EDIT: It also seems that your bleed and poison is overcapped enough to drop Leather in gloves for more adtch or attack speed.

Thanks Amuro Ray… :wink:

Thanks MadLee!!!
I think Eldritch fire is crucial as majority of fire strike damage is fire. It’s even more needed because I don’t use Thermite mine.

Answering your questions below:

  1. No I am not. In earlier version I use beronath belt, stacking armor with hound. I change the belt but I haven’t change hound to eel. Haven’t test eel either.
  2. Gunslinger is quite weird in Grimtools. According to Grimtools, with max item rolls, I can actually have about 195% AS unbuffed, but in fact I only have 185%. But I see your points. Invest in attack speed should be better than arcane empowerment.
  3. I only have +1 to demo, thus one pointer in blast shield will not be good :(. I will need to put more points there and the build is point-starve as it is.
  4. I want that DA, trying to get at least 3k DA. But we will see if attack speed will be better.

BTW, why there’s no comment on my amazing fashion sense!!

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Your new Purifier is a total pimp! Too bad he will be out of job in a world of Grim Dawn because everyone’s dead.

Knowing that patch will come next week, I am gonna hold the testing of the builds and see what the dev are going to do with the Inquisitor and all classes as general…

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Ravanger kill?