[] HC Human Torch 2.0

After Zantai ruined all the fun and removed option to attach devotions to damaging auras i shelved the build untill couple days ago when i found some gear and decided to revive it.

The build uses multiple damaging auras and offensive procs on items and multiple devotions with fire dmg. It can tank most bosses and what it can’t tank it can kite and still deal dmg while running in circles.

Grimtools with current Gear :https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbeDkO2

Grimtools with imo BIS gear : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWQKlJN

Gear explanation :

why still using Seal of Blades after you can’t attach devotions to them anymore ? Well with Cinderplate its 2 more fire dmg auras helping with procs from gear.
Elemental Harmony rings over Reing of ice and fire because the proc travels with you and has %weapon dmg so you can leech a bit with it.
Those rings are craftable , just get the blueprints. Ancient grove merchant is a nice source of blueprints and he also sells the weapon we use.
Chest = damaging aura , random drop
Helm = damaging aura, MI pretty easy to get.
Amulet = damaging aura, random drop
Weapon = Resist Reduction and possibly a proc if you manage to get good affix, MI you can farm in ugdenbog or try to get decent one from Ancient grove merchant.
Shield = Just a decent defensive shield, random drop
Shoulders = offensive proc , random drop
Belt = proc + converts half of Seal of Blades dmg to fire, crafted
Relic = proc + inquistor skills, crafted
Gloves = proc , crafted
Use Medal , Pants and Boots for resists/hp/ proc if you manage to get one.

Lokarr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVlgEt0rd0o&feature=youtu.be
Clone of John Bourbon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gzEOm0I198
Reaper of the Lost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4Rd9g0ZUbY
Grava’Thul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k9Blc9LWKY
Kraken https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq6tFKYZWAw
Gargabol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRf9a-NKWKo

Don’t try to level up as this build, level up however you like, farm and craft some of the required gear and then switch.

Pros :
Looks cool
Can always respec into retaliation tank
Not so lazy anymore
Not epilepsy viable
Can cause eye cancer
Requires specific gear

Post your own auramancer build ,questions or improvements. Have fun.

Of course, good sir.

Here’s the Purifier, Avatar of Empyrion!


Mmm those pants , im jelly. Hopefully someday i will get medal and pants with procs and Infernal weapon.

Don’t worry, you definitely will.

I improved it, btw - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZydoLnV
Ditched Cinders in favour of Wyrms. Proc is excellent, more health is also welcome. Most important, no fire damage loss due to conversion.

Wyrms are definitly better for builds using Fire and i like the proc animation better. Cinder just obscures more of the screen which is a problem already with so many other procs.

Posted modified “BIS” grimtools, after talking to UberElite on stream i’ve made some changes and also noticed that ele res wasn’t capped without temp buffs(seal) so i fixed that with swaping some affixes.

Changed up a bit, notes:

Inquisitor seal doesn’t like to proc anything, which is annoying to say the least.

I changed up the devotions a bit, added an ectoplasm for sustain cause my dumbass likes to run out of energy with my changes. Most notably: Added Bat, which adds a LOT of sustain, and started using Flames of Ignaffar (need to add 1 pt endless flame + the electrocute)

I’m still in the process of respeccing, I tested a lot on the old version of this build so every point is like 1250 iron right now… I also apparently vendored my horns of ekket zul at some point so i need a new one of those, but this is where I’m at now:


In the process of fixing up the helmet and some of the augments, not having good aether+vit overcap is making me spooked (gotta farm for horns of ekket’zul like that? no way, i’m doing that on my cabalist instead), and I’d like a bit more energy regen and not sure if the electrocute damage is needed on flames of ignaffar (feels like it makes procs a bit more reliable? dropping it would help energy cost)

I need to change the helmet (obviously) and the medal I’d like to change to something else but I have nothing else right now. Pants could be way better as well. Also I kinda wish blazeheart had a proc, vit->fire would be awesome for bat. I could probably fix my attributes but not too worried about it.

Well inquisitor seal can only proc devotions when you get hit and deal the “rebuke” dmg so yeah its pretty bad for that but i was thinking fissure wasnt necessary on trash mobs only additional dmg against bosses. I really like the flames of igniffar idea, totaly missed that fumble chance on Endless Flame. Infernal Purge is not worth it imo , cause you already have electrocute dmg source on Lightning Tether and energy cost will be a problem. If energy is too much of a problem there is an option to switch Hawk for Scholars Light for 2,5 energy regen but it’s really painful to give up %OA.
I added that 1 point in blindside cause it’s a source of internal trauma which means another dot which means more reliable procs.
As for the Bat i get that its and amazing sustain but i really love viper’s %OA and RR plus Bat kinda doesnt fit the “theme” but ofc thats not really as important as staying alive :stuck_out_tongue:
Links updated in first post