[] Inquisitor 1 Class 94Level & 100Level 9h32m

Inquisitor 1 Class 94level 8h25m

Inquisitor 1 Class 100level 9h32m

Inquisitor 1 Class Lokarr 18sec

Inquisitor 1 Class MadQ 9sec

Grim tools


Push. Great work

At first I didn’t realize that it is a mono class build =)
Since AoM I didn’t hear of mono class builds anymore.
Good Job!

P.s. Any Crucible experience?

well, that’s haggarad fot you, also chilling rounds/storm spread. Add to this perftct RR with good dmg mitigation

Inquis mastery is at them moment probably the most powerful pound for pound.

Nevertheless congrats to OP for doing it. Aside from WoP all skill points are relevant and a second mastery would hardly be even welcome…IEE and mirror, maybe? meh:)

Slightly off-topic. The AA should NOT sound like a FS rifle

The fact that you beat the game with solo class makes you a freaking GOD sir <3

Why many have done it? There’s nothing special aboot it.