[] Lazy Traplord: Runebinder Vindicator that refuses to kite (150-170 4buffs/no banners 9min

TIL. So that’s why rune builds with dual ice and fire rings don’t look to proc ring stuff a lot compared to FS builds proccing balance rings.

I don’t think Inquisitor seal can proc Deadly aim either

Storm box and Word of Pain can though :slight_smile:

Yeah, but Aura of Censure procs it so not a big deal.

Got an amazing pair of Stoneplate Greaves through trade (Tempest of Kings), so decided to give this build a go with new boots and fully leveled devotions (GDstash leveled devotions just for this video).

Result is a 9 minute run. With no lag and hands that don’t look like legs you can do it in 8 minutes probably.

Looks like a great build, thanks for posting!

I’ve got a low level vindicator I haven’t played in months and would like to try your approach. I assume your leveling tips are a fast track to 100, but is leveling with RoH a lot slower? I don’t have that much time to play but I’ve alerady leveled other chars with the skills you suggested and would like to try something I haven’t run with.

If I level with RoH is it worth picking up Kalastor along the way or should RoH be the focus?

I have never tried leveling with RoH tbh, but it can’t be bad, especially if you rush to Aura of Censure and support it with Raging Tempest. Not sure how effecient it would be, but if you are not in a hurry to get to level 100, why not experiment.

EDIT: Noticed that components in my grimtools link are not optimal (Ugdenbog Leather should be in pants, and helmet could use another Sacred Plating for some proper Aether overcap, fixed it.

Spent literally hours trying to make this work in Ended up taking Ghoul and Cord of Deception because 2x Reapers were always killing me. Now it’s working and facetanking everything. Although on 2x Reaper wave it’s mandatory to kill one of the Reapers asap.

Video of 3x Crucible run with a new spec

New Grimtools.

Nice man, I have to give this spec a try

Btw I included this build thread in my beginner ROH build guide http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79103