[] Luminari Heavy Bombardment Unit - PrimalStrike+RoH Elemental Vindicator

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, and standing on Inquisitor seal.
DPS shown is Primal Strike (Transmuted)

Build Feature

  • Mix Damage
  • Primal Strike + Rune of Hagarrad :wink:
  • Quite clunky to play at first, like all rune build

Build Overview
So this time I tried to combine another best skills from both masteries, thus vindicator with its primal strike and rune of hagarrad.

Concept is simple, 4 piece of runebinder + a weapon to strengthen primal strike. In this build, I use Ugdenbog Sparkthrower for flexibility in damage type, as I also want to support my other elemental damage. This may be able to work with Ultos 2H-Axe, although I haven’t tested yet.

TL/DR: This is a rune of hagarrad build with Primal Strike supporting from each rune casting. Again, What could possibly go wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Defense is quite minimal: 21/12 inquisitor seal + 21/12 damage reduction from aura of censure. Minimal Armor and Decent DA. Heal from Word of Renewal, good lifesteal, and circuit breaker from ghoul.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipments at arngrim for +%armor or +%physique

Core Items:
The Runebinder set minus the bow.
Main+Off Hand: Ugdenbog Sparkthrower. Build Defining Item, “of scorched runes” suffix is BiS. Use anything you like for prefix, it would be nice if you have elemental one though.
Gloves: Mythical Chilling Grip of Hagarrad. Converting pierce from RoH to Cold
Medal: Luminari Commendation. Converting pierce from RoH to Elemental
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion. Perfect fit for this build and provide important stackable elemental RR, get bonus to aura of censure as completion bonus

Supporting Items:
Pants: Mythical Legwraps of The Tranquil Mind. I really need that OA and Slow res
Belt: Mythical Arcanoweave Cord. Nice plus to vindicator.
Boots: Mythical Stormtitan Treads. Should be BiS for any Primal Strike Build
Rings: 2x Mythical Reign of Ice & Fire. Nice %OA, godly procs, +to Artifact Handling. I haven’t checked elemental balance ring though

May be able to be optimized later

Blizzard > to Rune of Hagarrad
Rumor > to Inquisitor Seal
Elemental Storm > to Wind Devil
Hand of Ultos > to Primal Strike
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff
Wayward Soul > to whatever permanent buff

LMB: Primal Strike
RMB: Point to Move
Scroll Up/Down: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 1: Word of Renewal
Keyboard 2: Rune of Hagarrad
Keyboard 2: Wind Devil

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal, ensure it always active or save it for heal.
Always have at least 2 Wind Devil ready
Put the inquisitor seal on the ground.
Cast Rune of Hagarrad in the center of the enemy horde.
Cast Primal Strike in between cooldown of the rune and devastation.

Build Performance
151+ Crucible, Video with 4 buffs:

This is my current fastest run (7:39). Longest is 8 minutes.

As always, kill AoM nemesis first, except Kuba. Kill kuba lastest. Usually he will die due to RoH collateral damage.

Reaper is the most dangerous one. Kill him first and always stay in inquisitor seal. If you encounter 2 reapers, after kill one, kite a bit, then stay at inquisitor seal to kill him.

Also, do not facetank Alek Meteor!

This build is not as tanky as tactician, thus need extra focus. The clear time is worth the loss of tankiness though :p.

A bit lazy at the moment, might expand this thread later.

Very nice build!

I was actually trying to do this with my beginner RoH build, but I have now made it extremely tanky just so that I can facetank Aleksander xD Huge sacrifice just for that LOL

any changes you would do for Main Campaign play? You think Wendigo Totem and Blood pact might be worth getting a few points into?

Looks pretty strong but a bit awkward since you are interrupting your Primal Strike spam with RoH casts. I like this build, I think it’s pretty creative (and hella strong).

Weapon is surely unrealistic though.

Thanks Mala… :wink:

This is quite similar with the FW+RoH tactician and has the same problem: point-starve build. I honestly has no point to spend on wendigo totem.It will surely be nice for more tankiness though.

For the campaign, I just switch the weapon augment to potent sparkbloom powder. The build manage to kill lokarr a bit longer than killing dummy I think. However, in campaign you will still be ok with whatever weapon prefix/suffix.

Yeah, concept is similar with my FW+RoH the difference is, transmuted primal strike is far far stronger than transmuted FW.

I just like building with MI weapons :). The weapon is a common drop from ugdenbog, heck I have one with “of scorched runes” suffix lying around. But I just want to see what the build capable further.

Ultos’ axe should be a good replacement. Need test if it’s on par / stronger than the ugdenbog sparkthrower.

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With Ultos axe you are losing your range advantage plus attack speed/flat from Ranged Expertise (btw, gotta soft cap it, why didn’t you).

Plus with Sparkthrower you can take Hydra devotion. And by the way, why did you take Chariot over Hydra? Imo, Hydra is so much better (and cheaper) for this build.

EDIT: BTW, I have legitimate Charged of Scorched Runes lying on my mules, I can sell it to you if you want :slight_smile:

I don’t have anymore points, Madleeeeee.

You are absolutely right regarding the hydra. Honestly I didn’t even consider it at all. I take chariot for its plenty OA. I will get it more optimized tonight.

Thanks man, but I mostly GDstashed my items anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:
You should use it for respeccing your traplord vindicator to this build instead.:wink:

I have this condition where I just CAN’T PLAY other people’s builds, I have to come up with my own one and it has to be good. I don’t think there is a cure for that.

Me too man… It’s just not satisfying to play a build which concept do not come from our mind.

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Shouldn’t you mention that in the intro post that you cheat-made this build?

Well, all of my build is mostly made with gdstashed items. I only level the characters legitimately. People should be able to tell as I like building with MI weapons or heads or amulet or medal.

Anyway, using whatever prefixes/suffixes on the weapon will not break the build at all. It will still be beastly.

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Just made the video public because apparently it was set to private before.