[] Pet Occultist single-mastery - Gladiator capable

Gladiator 151-170 - 18:00

This thread got me thinking about just how irreplaceable all of the buffs provided by the Occultist mastery are for pet builds, and decided to see if the master could manage on it’s own. Turns out it can!

What the …!!!

I’ve seen your two recent threads with solo class ???!!
both 170 crucible viable ??!!!
with no green ??!!!

I’m in shock.
This is more than impressive :wink:

Is it wrong to hope for solo-necromancer next ? :smiley:

@sigatrev amazing stuff what you come up with in this game… ever thought of branching outta pets?

Because having two ravens is broken, and needs to be nerfed, that’s why. plus the super charging, and other bs. clearing glad in 5 mins with pets, and 17 mins with a single mastery dedicated with pets, is far too overpowered :stuck_out_tongue:

Now take it out into the real world (main campaign) and see how it does. :smiley:

Anything that is able to finish gladiator will faceroll the campaign :stuck_out_tongue:

Necros and their pets are too lacking in robustness and healing. I gave it a couple of tries, made it to wave 170 once, but mostly failed at 160. A better pilot might be able to pull it off.

Nope, pets are my thing.

Quite the achievement. Congratulations!

Will put it to the test.

Why two Seals of Might though? Can it apply twice? :confused:

Edit: Also why Amatok instead of Tempest, given that the Raven is doing lightning damage?

Actually I wondered that too. It’s even more damage with lightning, isn’t it?

Ah, I see. Took points out of Amatok once Solemn Watcher was done so you could put them into Ishtak and Bysmiel’s. Wouldn’t work the same way for Tempest unless you drop Bysmiel’s.

Yes, because they are both granted skill auras, and auras with those values stack together.

Nice. :slight_smile:


In practice I’ve found Blizzard to be better, even disregarding the extra devotion costs associated with getting Tempest. All of the builds RR is all elemental, and the majority of the damage bonuses are either or damage or elemental. Blizzard deals more damage, more often, and having the damage diversity helps against lightning resistant enemies.