[] RNGesus Pure Aether Doom Bolt Cabalist - 400k Doom Bolt Crits in Crucible, 170 viav


I had this build on grimtools before patch 0.6 hit. This started as just another variant of an aether BH apostate I was running a while back (and might post after some adjustments) but never touched it. That was until I failed in some melee builds (melee isn’t really my thing), also Fluff and spanksalot posted Doom Bolt builds which made me quite interested in this setup again. So here we are.

Build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXyMwX2

Char sheet with all permanent buffs and Blood of Dreeg

This is basically the aether version of Fluff’s Solael Conjurer. With added RNG of Clairvoyant Set. It’s good that both Sigil and Doom Bolt have Aether support, otherwise this build wouldn’t even be half as good as this is. The best feat of this build is that it can dish out pure aether doom bolts that can crit for 400k, while having TD and 10% chance to not have a cooldown, you can easily dish out 5x doom bolts in succession. The only weakness of this build for me is that the most dangerous nemeses, Reaper and Alex are both aether resistant and will not be bursted easily, especially if you’re not lucky in your RNG at that certain time, so you have to kite. 160 and 170 aside, this has a pretty good cleartime. Clears Crucible in about 13 minutes (4 buffs +vanguard banner) but if you’re either better than me or have a better pc or both, then maybe this can do 11.

Items, Skills and Devotions

For Itemization, Clairvoyant set and the conversion items are mandatory. Focus on getting 100% Conversion on your items. So, Tome + Amulet Vit>Aether should total 100, and Clairvoyant + AD ring Chaos>Aether should total 100. This is more important than % Aether Damage rolls on your items or even the affixes of the offhand (okay, you probably want one good affix). Don’t worry about farming the offhand cause you can just buy it on Malmouth Steelcap district. There’s an MI vendor there after you complete some rescue quest, for those who don’t know. Just restart game if you don’t see some desirable tome and try again. Medal affixes can be anything you like, but the medal itself is BiS. Pants can be anything that provides necessary resistances. Relic can be Eldritch pact, just make it something Occultist so we can cap Doom Bolt.

As for skills, Doom Bolt and sigil are the ones we build this around. Blood of Dreeg and Mark are autoinclude as usual. The trio of Sigil, Siphon Souls and Pox give this build a very good defense with Sigil and Siphon lifestealing, then Pox and Blood Boild giving a total of 411 OA reduction, making us able to run around with 2800 DA. Ravenous Earth also provides nice defense bonuses while being a good devotion proccer. The choice of Exclusive skill was made mostly due to skill point efficiency cause I would need more points to cap Possession.

Devotions The endgame of TD, Spear and 4 Dying God is pretty Standard for Aether. Wendigo and Imp are the stranger choices I made. Wendigo because Bat would make me not take Hawk for OA. I do recognize that Bat is a lot better for survivability. Imp because Flame Torrent is overused even after nerfs (for me at least) :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for reading. Hope you guys like this build. I need sleep.

Reserved for probable future updates

Gratz on great Cabalist =). I wanted to do a similar Warlock, but dropped the idea cause it tuned intro poor-boy binder.
Did you tried 60% WD to Doom bolt gloves?


Warlock would’ve been great but the lack of RR really bugs me.

Did you tried 60% WD to Doom bolt gloves?

Nope. I wanted those sigil points. And I don’t think my WD is that great to warrant those gloves.

Oh, you chose MoD over HoS and possession. weird. :rolleyes:
Yeah, Sigil scale like crazy at ultimate levels. You can find these +2 SoC on medal of Hungering rifts if you have one.
I see it like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g4ezEV . 15k WD and extra nuke . I dunno why you picked Sear souls, as it only reduce your dmg and sustain .

I like Valguur’s Gloves more on this build - their stats/skill bonuses are just to good for a caster like this one. Plus a little bonus in a form of the proc (that is going to be converted fully to aether).

I also understand MoD over Possesion, if we can kite our way to victory, why take possesion, it only gives us damage absorb, while MoD allows us to kill stuff faster and get hit less (which is more important for a kiter imo).

Honestly I like this build a lot, would love to see the video.

One minor OCD thing for me, since you are going for the armor stack on a caster (which is understandable cuz you are playing Crucible with it), why not take Ancient armor in pants and Living armor in chest? Sure, you will lose tiny bit of oa, but you trap res is still gonna be at ~60-65% and you will gain some additional elemental overcap with it.

I also don’t quite understand pierce resist overcap, why?? (and maybe enchanted earth in boots, or is movement speed overcap there for a reason?)

Nice suggestion. Should be better in terms of burst, though it deviates from my original idea of having that destruction damage converted. Aaaand I’d feel uneasy having that DA and Blood Boil not maxed. I didn’t really notice Sear Souls in this. Siphon was one pointer in an earlier version so I put it to extend Blood Boil duration but forgot to remove it when I started to invest more in siphon.

Thanks, man. I could record a video but it would have 5 fps :stuck_out_tongue:

You could do the living armor thing, but I like my trap resist more. I still have flashbacks of Ben (last patch) trapping me while there’s a meteor incoming lol.

Pierce overcap is just a product of me wanting movespeed overcap. It helps a lot against slows. Kings is probably better now. Just too lazy to change things up.

Should be better in terms of burst, though it deviates from my original idea of having that destruction damage converted.

I dunno, its barely 100 flat dmg. And you`re loosing belt slot and 11 points? Destruction is the last thing I would put my points even with full conversion it scale like shit =(
I still prefere Il omen over Decay in crucible - for 100% upkeep and reliable phyz dmg reduction. It aslo spread like a plague and clear most trash alone with binded Arcane bomb.
BTW with girle of stolen dreams you can pun less points in spirit, resulting in moar DA :roll:

Tested the setup a bit (not in cruci). I lost 25% sigil damage with 1 pt destruction :eek: Number-wise it’s a worthy tradeoff considering you get stronger DB and BH but it turns into a DB/BH build instead of DB/sigil. It does feel faster with BH.

you can drop Soul harvest to onepointer and invest intro Desctruction. Also Iceskorn tallons for juicy 12% chance of extra BH. Or green gloves of Gildam Arcanum .=) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MDEgWN
Or Krieg`s gloves for great stats.

Really digging the setup here - another great build (no surprises here).

I have a few questions about sigil and its mechanics though:

  1. Personally, I’ve always found the skill underwhelming - is it actually that viable end game? Or is it only viable in an aether setup like the one you have here?
  2. @Ptir: Why doesn’t destruction scale well? At what point should I stop putting levels into it?
  3. I know that ground aoe stacks - does this also work for sigil? I.e. with your RNG set up, could you effectively have a whole bunch of sigils stacked against dem fools tryna disrepsect you?

Random question - Why isn’t pierce overcap important?

  1. The skill is awesome, but its tied to Occultist mastery and thats mean mana PITA. 2)Its a mixed dmg modifier. If you can convert all chaos and fire to aether and max it - its worth the effort. If you cant, then its better to invest points somewhere else, cause the difference bewen onepointer and 18/12 is 100 flat dmg.
    3)Yes it stack.

With that logic, is it possible to do a physical sigil using beronath reforged + gladiator’s distinction?

I’ve been trying to come up with a WB build for the longest time.

if i ever get a good machine, i’d love to do a team 2xDB spam some day. Good one :slight_smile:

OFC, but you want to max both Sigil and Destruction and put some +sigil dmg items, aka medal+amy+offhand.

I’d love the game to have aether colored doombolts when that happens :grin:. Same for all other skills and conversions.

Prepare your energy potions :smiley: you’ll need a lot of them if you ever do that build.

Try Physical Warlock then :wink:

Actually surprised that this wasn’t a Warlock cause that’s what I went with myself

Good job with this

Not warlock because got tired with Devastation :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that could work. Don’t forget Inferno has 16 phys RR at softcap.