[] Rune of Corruption - Vitality Rune of Hagarrad Apostate

I really wanted Dermapteran Slicers so I could pair it with PB but there’s not enough skill points so I settled with a full CDR build. Also Assassin side node with + Human Damage is good against Alex so I took it over Living Shadow (aside from the hate :p)

Yo x1x1x1x2,

I was thinking bout what you said regarding rune of kalastor…would it be worth squeezing it into this build as well?


Sure. I just didn’t feel pressing more buttons at the time I made the build.

Hi 1 question why you use in your Magehunter build Star Pact and not Reckless Power:undecided:
i dont know if convert work before %amplify or after

Star pact is for cooldown reduction and nothing else. Cdr is far more beneficial for this build than anything Reckless Power offers us since it both boosts our offense (less cooldown = more runes/rocks) and defense (more mirrors). Btw, this is applicable to any arcanist build whose main skill has a cooldown, except elemental-based rune magehunter

  1. We’re these builds impacted in beyond seals?

  2. Regarding the Pierce conversion in the second build:

How does that work with DoT?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Rune of Hagarrad was nerfed considerably during the patch. While cold builds went from Tier 0 to tier 1. These conversion builds will have it much much harder. Haven’t tested any of these, but I bet both the vit and pierce versions will have a hard time being viable in cruci.

  2. It doesn’t convert dots to anything cause pierce has no dot counterpart.