[] The BATTLEMEME - a 2000 spirit forcewave caster

I had a dream… A dream of a caster with no physique that could clear 170. This is a dream no longer my friends.
Snap back to reality and gaze upon perfect spirit.
Dem Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDXBq1Z

This build is about as brain dead as it gets. Basically 3 buttons… blitz, cast arcane devastation, spam forcewave. Force wave crits for 100-115k per cast at near max cast speed… higher in crucible.

Main guy you have to worry about is grava… and thats because of the fumble. It can be done without, but definitely feels safer with Ugdensalve/Royal Jelly Essence for extra HP. Hungerer oil from Barrowhelm vendor is also a plus for boss fights.

Videos Soon™

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Nice build.

I thought forcewave was immune to fumble? :confused: I think superfluff said it in his elemental arcanor thread

The power of memes is strong with this one!

Would probably be a non-meme build with 30% phys/70% spirit :slight_smile:

And here I thought the first no phys build to do it is a pierce build. Nice meme

Forcewave is immune to fumble cause it’s a “spell”. In general, skills that scale with cast speed can’t be fumbled while those that scale with attack speed does (autoattacks, Primal Strike, Blade arc). At least that’s what I know.

Hence my confusion why Valinov said to be careful of gravathul cause of his fumble

It’s weird how they categorize skills then, because AAR scales with cast speed, but it has been known to fumble.

Wait what? I never imagined AAR could be shittier.

AAR doesn’t fumble or impaired aim because someone tested it and i doubt they would make a channeling skill to be affected by that.

And yes, Forcewave doesn’t care for fumble and impaired aim, it’s not affected by either.

Then i find it very odd that I have a huge stream of the word fumble on my screen while casting it standing inside gravas red storm thing.

Not sure what would be fumbling other than forcewave since the build has so few abilities

Maybe procs? Idk but FW does not fumble, one of the best things about it in crucible

Well if it’s actually procs fumbling it should be easy to test by disabling devotions/gear procs on skills under test. Time to track down Grava and check it out.

All skills can miss for my experience, for casts it looks like this

Or maybe it’s just a display bug :slight_smile:
BWC and Grenado do miss tho.

That’s right kids. Knowing IS half the battle!


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Is the ‘miss’ just because of your OA? I mean that char isn’t wearing anything so it might have low OA.

it actually seems like binding ultos to forcewave allows it to fumble? only did one test… but without ultos bound it casts fine no fumbles… soon as i bind ultos there are lots of fumbles on screen.

Are the Hand of Ultos procs fumbling while Forcewave still connects underneath, or is the entire attack nullified in the binding?