[] The Divine Reaper - DW Aether WPS Reaper

Weird. I remember my first time with GDStash when I slapped of Kings on everything I could. Only one Battle Cry buff icon was popping up but its countdown was resetting as I was taking hits.

Yea, you’re right, my bad, already forgot how it works :slight_smile:

Battley Cry from Chausses of Barbaros and from of Kings do stack tho. It’s pretty powerful.

The first one spells "Battlecry"and the latter “Battle Cry.” Or the other way around? :smiley:

Since we’re talking about it, anyone remembers if the cooldown starts when the buff is up (like with devotions like Hungering Void) or kicks in after the buff is down (like with passive skill buffs like Deadly Aim or Fighting Spirit)?

yes [10 chars]

Hey thejabrixone,
I must say I find this build very intriguing and different and I am currently leveling reaper just for this.
I was wondering if there are any changes to this build in ?

Honestly not that good. The offense is still there but as the build is not that tanky, it relied on MoT and Blade barrier on nemesis, 159, and 169 wave; which got destroyed due to spellbinder nerf-fiesta in

An update to this build will be something like this (more armor, fumble, but unnecessary TD procs):

or like this with more procs (Less DA, so quite risky):

But still, reaper, especially this one, got so many button to push, it’s not a simple build to play. is hard for reaper that not demonslayer.

The build updated for FG!!
Fully redesigned and got even better!

Screenshot with all permanent buff + Pneumatic Burst, Soul Harvest, Lethal Assault, Mindwarp.
DPS shown is fleshwarped strikes.

Cruci Video with 4 buff without banner, 7:25 clear time.:

I was thinking of doing that,but I see it’s being done long time ago.How is qol,when you have to sustain both LA and BH?

Looks very cool! Especially illusion:cool:

Easy. BH has long range and never jam. For LA you need to press ABB when you are auto attacking.

That’s the main feature of this build :wink:
Thanks DMT!

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Very cool, ive been wanting to play a dw reaper. Are there dw weapons for leveling an aether build (like cold infiltrators have chillstrifes) or should i level it as a caster necro?

Also for endgame, are 2 mindwarps better than what u have equipped?

Currently no. You can only play this after you defeat theodin in AoM. There’s no weapon comparable. Also, levelling as aether reaper will be really painful. Not recommended.

Theodin scepter is a build enabler as it gives an auto-attack replacer. 2 mindwarps will be worse obviously.

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Yo, continuining our discussion from your newest build.Maybe revive this one like this.

Are you suggesting that belt just to patch resists? :joy:
I never want to sacrifice belt slot for that…

Havent wanted to revisit this build as the toy for aether, especially reaper, is very limited. May visit it some other time when interested…

I suggest you take any of your melee builds that are not in Shattered set into current Crucible. Maybe then the idea of that belt will stop looking funny to you. :grin:

Is it cheating to play Warborn EoR and say current Crucible isn’t problem for melee :angel:

When Conduit was changed to add -RR to Nightblade, that’s was one of my dream builds. But sadly don’t see much ground for improvement and DW aether doesn’t look strong. Probably even goold old DK will be mediocre despite Cadence. Reaper still have the best combination for DW WPS skills.

Lol, alright, let me check it maybe tomorrow again with my old build first. The old build is very consistent cruci runner previously though.

Seriously, I never thought you will give me that belt as a suggestion. I thought you are joking… :rofl:

What is the current clear time of warlord EoR now?
NVM, see your build. 6:25 with banner? hmmmm…

So oppressor and warlord can achieve similar time. Interesting.

What is the current clear time of warlord EoR now?
NVM, see your build. 6:25 with banner? hmmmm…

So oppressor and warlord can achieve similar time. Interesting.


I didn’t want to use conduit in purpose. But with it, Divine mandate, rings for RR can do probably around 6.

Opressors have dual source of -RR, so they can’t be much behind in Crucible anyway. In SR Warlords are better. If I liked SR probably can push 80-85 with it.

As for aether, my Bonemonenger DW DK can barely make 8 minutes bannered, Krieg probably will be slightly faster, but Idk. Spellbinder according to Lee it’s not fast and that leaves Reaper to defend the honor of DW Aether. Probably phrase no one anticipates :smile:

Current Crucible is a hell for melee, you should have either synergetic min-maxed build with layers of defenses/circuit-breakers or Shattered melee guy (but also min-maxed).

And Reaper is the definition of glass. And that belt offers quite a lot of defenses.