[] The Divine Reaper - DW Aether WPS Reaper

Big Update: Fully revamped the Build for FG!

The Build

Screenshot with all permanent buff + Pneumatic Burst, Soul Harvest, Lethal Assault, Mindwarp.
DPS shown is fleshwarped strikes.

OLD AoM Build using 2 piece diviner set:

Build Feature

  • Relax and fast Cruci farming
  • The coolest class name in the game :stuck_out_tongue:
  • No more using caster armor
  • Resistance is hard to cap/overcap. Green pants is needed
  • Take a while to kill your nemesis twin

Build Overview
The Divine Reaper is back! Using all heavy armor and some new goodies from FG. Now featuring Fluid gameplay and non pianist playstyle AA build. Also, updated for my standard which is 3 cruci run in one set of buff (no banner).

For all of you that is not familiar, this is an auto-attack conversion build utilizing elemental>aether, converting cold damage from lethal assault and soul harvest. FG giving soulare helm which is really fitting for the concept as it converts up to 30% elemental > aether and giving RR to VoS. Also we have a new conduit that giving even more aether RR to VoS. This is straight upgrade from diviner helm as we do not require to cast additional skill anymore.

Upon experimenting on this build for a long time, I find that hardcapping LA is not really worth it. Thus this build use 4 pieces krieg for better defenses, bonus stats, and good passive skill bonus to Necro. Unfortunately, capping res is hard, so we will need a green pants with thunderstruck prefix. Kubacabra’s chausses and Reaper’s legguards are the best candidate.

On to devo, we will utilize the freshly buff revenant giving 25 flat RR. Dying god might be nice, but I prefer to have good slow res node from Aeon. On attacking devo, converted SoTH deal a really good damage. Additional proc from flame torrent and aetherfire giving the build a nice AoE.

For defense, We utilize %damage reduction from ravenous earth. Super 24% ADCTH with almost 200% attack speed. Also Mark of torment for dealing with dangerous enemy…

Equipment Choices
Try to get 90% elemental to aether conversion, also have as much +% Attack speed as possible. Craft any components in Arngrim’s to have +% armor or +% physique.

Core Items:
Helm: Mythical Soulare’s Helm. Converting 25% elemental to aether, adding Aether RR Veil of Shadow
Krieg’s Armament Set Except Helm. Heavy armor, nice stats, giving +skill to Necro, Supporting Aether Damage, Perfect Fit.
The Magelord Set.Converting up to 60% elemental to aether, adding flat aether damage, good procs
Main Hand: Heart of Theodin Marcell. Build defining items, adding auto-attack replacer. For optimal build, You want prefix that gives flat aether damage. For suffix you want the one that give attack speed or even more flat aether damage
Off-Hand: Mythical Mindwarp. The best overall aether melee weapons
Amulet: Conduit of Night Whispers with Aether RR Mod. Build-defining item. Also giving a really nice defensive properties like all conduit do.

Supporting Items:
Medal: Mythical Dreadchill Mark. Crazy skill modifier for necrotic edge
Pants: Kubacabra’s Chausses. Bonus to Lethal Assault. Got anything that can cover your res
Alternative Pants: Reaper’s Legguards. Bonus to Soul Harvest. Got anything that can cover your res
Belt: Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard. +Nightblade, +flat cold, good stats overall
Relic: Uroboruuk’s Reaping. Really good stats overall, +% Aether damage, +% Attack speed, + ADCTH, +Necro. Don’t use the granted ability. Get completion bonus for spectral binding
Movement Rune: Use whatever you like.


Flame Torrent > to Fleshwarped Strikes
Aetherfire > to Ravenous Earth
Arcane Bomb > to Aether Corruption
Raise the Dead > to Bone Harvest
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff
Spear of the Heavens > to whatever permanent buff

LMB: Fleshwarped Strikes
RMB: Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Mouse scroll up/down: Aether Corruption
Middle mouse button: Mark of Torment
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Shadow Strike
Keyboard 3: Ravenous Earth
Keyboard 4: Bone Harvest
Keyboard 5: Pneumatic Burst

Standard procedure:
Always have Pneumatic Burst active
Scroll up/down, to spread aether corruption and arcane bomb
Shadow strike/movement rune in
Cast Bone Harvest to trigger raise the dead and soul harvest buff
Cast Amarasta’s Blade burst to trigger lethal assault
Maul your enemy with fleshwarped strikes.
Make sure soul harvest, lethal assault, and ravenous earth always active.
Use MoT to deal with MadQueen Shotgun or anything you feel dangerous.

Build Performance
Video with 4 buff without banner:

7:25 clear time. It is varied around 7:30 - 8:00, depend on how many reaper or valdaran you face. :stuck_out_tongue:
Both of those nemeses do not pose any danger to this build though. They are just taking a long time to kill due to their high Aether res.

Also, because this is a pure auto attack build, take attention to kuba’s blood pool and grava’s fumble pool. Actively move to kill them faster.

For Old AoM Video (4 buff without banner):

Shattered Realms:
Is boring. I will give this if I am become interested on it.

One of my most favorite build. Enjoy… :wink:

Attachment: Divine Reaper FG.jpg
Attachment: Divine Reaper Pane_crop.jpg

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cool build mate :slight_smile: i was working on %95 similar builds with small devotion differences.

sadly couldnt find any decent theodin wep to start a char yet

Thanks man. Actually, you can feel the power of the build without specific prefix/suffix of the weapon.

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Aetherfire/magestorm of shattered reality would increase DPS output by ¬12%.

Even with awfull scepetre this build still rape stuff under 8 seconds.

Ptiro is exactly right. The build is perfectly viable without good prefix suffix on the weapon.

Rather than that, you should worry more about good prefix suffix on shoulder and pants to cover your resistances… ;p

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That’s a beautiful spec, dw autoattacker with juicy wps. I would however put AQC at 8/8, skill got very nice returns when you are softcapping it.

Thanks MadLee!
Ptiro raise up that AQC is dps loss before 10/8. I will try to look at that because I thought it hit 3 times with both hand weapon damage. But if he said like that, it probably hit 3 times only with one of the weapons.

The skill points allocation is indeed can receive more polishing like put more points in dual blades for more phys resist.

That doesn’t seem right. It should hit 3x with both weapons because the skill description shows %WD from both weapons, doesn’t it?

I could be wrong though. I trust ptir more than myself. :rolleyes:

P.S. Great build!

Thanks spanks!!

I will test it later regarding that.
Still busy levelling a trickster. I have been curious about the power of malkadarr Korba.

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How do you even go about testing that? Is there a program or something which shows the damage dealt?

No, I will just try to test it in dummy. Just make AQC to be the only WPS then try to hit dummy with that. From there you can feel the damage.

Also maybe try it on normal/veteran dummy, the damage will be more noticable that way I think.

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Build Updated by increasing the damage significantly. So good.

I really want to record some video, but the FPS is so horrible when recording. Well, hopefully I can do it this weekend.

I can`t believe that at 3/8 AQC is better that WD :rolleyes:

Oh, hi Ptiro! :wink:
I feel that AQC improve my single target damage. Necrotic edge already cover AoE department and I feel that addition of Whirling death doesn’t provide noticeable improvement.

Edit: from what I see, AQC hit 3 times and I believe it still hit with 2 weapon. Each hit should have bonuses from fleshwarped strikes. Need korsar to confirm this… :stuck_out_tongue:
Someone, please summon him!!

Added video for this well deserving build! :smiley:

Finally farmed all the MI for this build, its really fun. Thanks.

Oh, this build is not newbie friendly though as it’s an auto attack build that has so many active skills. Glad you like it BTW :wink:

Now I am thinking to make the build simpler and use less MI. Well, I will get on to this later.

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I’m not sure if using two of Kings affixes is worth it. The procs don’t stack, just replace each other. And in the heat of battle the second proc comes right after the first resulting in very little gain in terms of uptime (as far as I’ve seen testing a superstashed malkorbaster). There’s the health and da ofc but something like of Insight would solve your chaos res issues among other things.

Nice build btw.

Thanks Ya!

This build is made before I knew about that info. I am planning to make this build simpler after I am done polishing my other purifier build and (maybe) defiler.

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They do stack.