[] The Elemental Sage - Proc-Fiesta Elemental Caster Mage Hunter

I discovered that last week also.

I’m in an Auramancer/proc mood atm. I theorycrafted on my Mage Hunter and tried this build that is almost the same as yours. With & .1, do you think Gaze of Empyrion Helm + Malakor Mace is better ? A larger and better aura also means more proc’ chances but you lose some skill points and flat damage on WoP and SBoE …

Edit: I forgot the GT link => here !

On mobile, so can’t see devo at the moment. Current online GT act weird if I try to see devo setup in Mobile.

In, you should surely replace the bargoll mace with Malakor. There’s no reason to use bargoll anymore except for placeholder if you don’t have Malakor.

For helm though, I’m inclined to still use gurgoth helm in mage hunter, because of the lack of RR. If you goes with vindicator, you could surely use empyrion helm.

For gloves, I am using everliving glove for more healing as I think I need it to ensure continuous kiting. If you could live with less heal, cindertouch is surely the best options here for more offensive.

Also, I see that you are trying to get more sustain from leech. See if it enough for sustain because I think you will need more %ADCTH if you are going to that road.

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This is why Cruciblers and Campaigners (sure the words exist!) have different approaches on builds, sustain vs damage :slight_smile:

Hello, Jab!

It’s a few months old, so I’m wondering if you have/would make any changes to it. Gear wise, mainly. Is there any major FG pieces that may alter this?

I love the build! Been getting me in a few good shard spots for Ult Shattered Realms.

Just interested in your thoughts. Thanks for all your work!

I can’t speak in the name of of thejabrixone, but from what I saw in my similar build, the rings got a huge buff (8% adcth). That might (?) open some room for a gloves/medal change towards more offence. All in all, new components/augments will make this build even better; all Elemental builds got buffed by these changes.

Belzz is right. The adcth buff on rings open up for more damaging item setup
So I am thinking about something like this:

The medal can still be changed to MoD. This is just a more offensive setup.

I haven’t played this build for a very long time though. I am yet to explore other devo setup for this build. Attak seru buff may be worth to be tested here.

This looks awesome!

Thank you!

You are welcome…
Do share if you manage to optimize the build more!!

I have yet to try the FG area.


I’m quite new to Grim Dawn (just reached the first hundred hours with this build). You are all much more knowledgeable about this than I am.

Is that a viable health pool? 9k? Or does the 3.7-3.8k DA sort of negate that?

I’m just wondering how viable it is for this build to go deeper into Shattered Realm. You did seem to craft it for quick Crucible runs.

Thanks for the continued help! I just really like the feel & look of the build.

Current DA should be about 2900ish. in cruci, if you know what you’re doing, even 8k health is enough. If you are worried, I’d say change the weapon’s augments to 2x ravager’s eye for good boost on DA and health.

I honestly haven’t tried any of FG contents, I am still levelling my oppressor from scratch… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s totally fair.

I may revisit this post after a week or two when you’ve got a real good soaking in the content.

Thanks again!