[] The Elemental Sage - Proc-Fiesta Elemental Caster Mage Hunter

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, and Deadly Aim
DPS shown is Storm Box of Elgoloth

Build Feature

  • Massive AoE
  • Mix damage
  • Easy and safe and fast crucible clear
  • Need to time MoE right
  • No overpowered nuker
  • Acceptable Single-Target damage
  • Kiting 100% of the time

Build Overview
This is quite a funny build. I just discovered how easy to level an inquisitor by using word of pain or storm box of elgoloth + elemental seeker. The damage from that proc is so good, its aura and self-destruct inflict so much damage and has good AoE. Then I try to build around it, maximizing RR and Procs. Naturally I went with Cataclysm set for its sick proc. With this setup, we have about 25% CDR (max rolls), 9 seconds duration WoP, and 0.9 second Elemental seeker Procs. So in one cast of WoP, there will be 10 elemental seekers bulb and detonate every 3 seconds.

Then sure enough, after some polishing, the build clear crucible easy, destroying 2.5 151+ in 1 set of buff. The clear time is almost the same as top-tier DW build. Quite surprising because I use no OP nuker like RoH or Devastation, or other mid-tier nuker like trozan.

For Defense: 19/12 damage reduction from aura of censure + 13/12 damage absorption Maiven’s sphere of Protection. Heal from Word of Renewal + Giant’s Blood + Healing Winds (glove). Circuit Breaker from Mark of Divinity. Annnndddd Mirror of Ereoctes.

Equipment Choices
Equipment is quite flexible and can be fit to your liking. Craft all equipment at Arngrim for +% armor or +% physique

Core Items:
The Cataclysm Set
Helm: Mythical Dread-Mask of Gurgoth. Adding Stackable Elemental RR to Storm Box of Elgoloth.
Main Hand: Bargoll’s Heart. Adding Stackable Elemental RR to Word of Pain. Use any prefix/suffix you like, as long as it added +% elemental damage. What I use is probably BiS though.
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion. Good set of stats, plus to Inquisitor, and important stackable elemental RR

Supporting Items:
Chest: Fateweaver’s Railment. Just all around good robe for elemental build.
Shoulder: Mythical Cortosian Scrolls. Current BiS for elemental Word of Pain build, decent procs, no other best options
Gloves: Mythical Touch of the Everliving Grove . Good defensive gloves. Its healing procs is so good.
Alternative Gloves: Mythical Runesinged Handguards . All around good gloves for elemental build. Also nice plus to WoP
Pants: Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquill Mind. Really good set of status and 50% slow resist. Ensuring you to be able to run all the time
Boots: Mythical Spellsage Boots. Good set of stats and CC resist, plus to relevant skills. Just a really fitting boots for this builds.
Rings: 2xMythical Reign of Ice and Fire. good sets of stats and really good procs, especially if you wear 2 of them.
Alternative Rings: Judicator’s seals set. If someone want to be more defensive.
Medal: Mythical Mark of Divinity. The almighty circuit breaker.
Alternative Medal: Mythical Gildam Arcanum Commendation. If someone want to be more offensive. Also a really fitting medal for this build.

Ultos and Blind Sage is mandatory

Elemental Storm > to Aether Corruption
Hand of Ultos > to Storm Box of Elgoloth
Elemental Seeker > to Word of Pain
Giant’s Blood > to whatever permanent buff

LMB: Point-to-Move
RMB: Storm Box of Elgoloth
Mouse scroll up: Aether Corruption
Keyboard 1: Nullification
Keyboard 2: Mirror of Ereoctes
Keyboard 3: Word of Pain
Keyboard 4: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal.
Scroll up to spread Aether Corruption to horde of enemies and triggering multiple Elemental Storm.
Cast Word of Pain to summon elemental seeker continuously.
Cast Storm Box of Elgoloth to strong enemy, triggering continuous hand of ultos procs.
and run around :stuck_out_tongue:

Cast nullification to shielded boss/nemesis.
Cast Mirror of Ereoctes if you get surrounded and need to escape from enemy’s encirclement.

Most trash dies in a single cast of WoP. Bosses usually dies in two or three cast of WoP and Storm Box. As I said before, single-target damage is just OK, so most of the enemies usually dies together.

Build Performance
170 Crucible, screenshot with 3 buff (Resist, Health, Damage):

Gameplay Video:

Average clear in 10 minutes. Can be faster if you don’t meet iron maiden :stuck_out_tongue:

So, quite different from most of the build, the most dangerous enemy is actually Benn’Jahr because of its entrapment. Crazy as this build has capped trap resist (80%) with resist buff but it can still trap me by more than 0.5 sec (0.66 sec), it’s still dangerous because Alek or reaper or grava or iron maiden can catch you and rape you. Run around non stop and have mirror ready.

That is all, I hope you can enjoy the build

very innovative.

Neat. Nice showcase of the power of procs! And bonus points for finding a use for Touch of the Everliving Grove.

well its seems nice & good build, there is no video of gameplay but about grim tool i can tell u don a great job well done

Cataclysm hunter :rolleyes:

Theorycrafted something similar once but concluded that clairvoyant binder just has a better array of procs, so if I wanted a proc build I’d be playing binder.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Well, proc binder that I know is just x1x1x1x2’s agrivix binder. Never knew clairvoyant one, so you can show me then?

This build concept will be better with more CDR though, so aether version should be good.

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Take Ptiro’s binder and add more procs and bam. Proc binder. Seriously can’t wait for Crate’s binder rebalance, cause I have no idea how to balance that class without making it unplayable.

IDK, there is nothing in necromancer that need to be rebalance. Aether and spellbinder got one of the best itemization in the game, so I think that is the problem. Although I think it’s fine if a game has one or two top-tier class. has been good so far. I just hope that just give a fix to mythical corruption set and maybe some buff to defiler or some of the squishy class.

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Didn’t they already do that last major update? I remember Time Dilation, Mirror and Mark getting slight increases to their cooldowns.

Regardless, I vaguely remember seeing a message from Zantai when some pre-release notes were released/being discussed that they still wanted Mirror/Mark chaining to remain a skill-based strategy or something similar.

Edit: Forgot to mention but nifty build :D. Nice single target and AoE on a kiter looks awesome. I imagine it can handle campaign just as well or better than Crucible?

That’s an interesting build, I think Fluff did something like that at the beginning of AoM. Gratz!

Can you post a video of it in action? Probably pretty af :slight_smile:

Neat build! Reminds me of ArchHeretic’s builds. Specifically this one http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66459 :slight_smile:

This build is made based on my experience on levelling an Inquisitor, thus Campaign is a breeze. One cast of WoP + Aether corruption and you can forget them.

Also you can use Gildam arcanum medal for even more offensive.

I might try defeating the celestial with this build. Cast and run makes everything easy.

Fluff and Chthon did cataclysm deceiver and vindicator with WoP before. But no one use it with elemental seeker. Don’t know why everyone underestimate it. It’s even more powerful than cataclysm proc.

Gameplay is not as pretty as using elemental balance ring. I really want to record some video, but I don’t use Windows 10 and need to use third party program that hurt my fps so much.

I will try after I get back home though. This build is indeed deserve some video as most people will not get how powerful this build is.

Thanks man!!
I haven’t check archheretic’s build at all as he usually using macro and not fit with my preferred playstyle at all.

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I think he just uses them for convenience. I’ve tried a few of his builds and they aren’t really that bad in terms of active skills. Spellbinders are still the piano king when it comes to that. His build tend to be really glass cannon though, and makes use of elixirs and potions on a regular basis. This build is more suited for normal people :smiley:

Seekers have a history of being shit pre-AoM. It’s only recently where it got attention. Great job making use of them here!

Edit: is Seeker + Ultos better than Seeker+Fissure+Blizzard cleartime wise? I like using the latter but never really compared it.

Thanks, I hope you like it… :wink:

I use ultos for its RR, also it has nice AoE. This build accumulated a lot of small to medium damage to kill, so I think that RR will need to be maximized. I usually don’t use blizzard in a build with low weapon damage. Fissure will be interesting, if you could suggest me some good devotion setup, it will be great! Vindicator version of this build can surely skip ultos though.

I honestly been pretty firm on my Devo and just optimize the item setup.

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Nothing special about it. It just doesn’t use Agrivix set because CT is just a proc tool in this build. Clairvoyant offers chaos to aether conversion to optimize damage types of certain procs (Agrivix Malice, Fiend) as well as offers devastation skillpoints.

Did you try out attak seru vs ultos in this build? I’m wondering both if the ultos rr really does much (sense after -rr many enemies will be sitting close-ish to zero anyways) and also what your thoughts are on attak seru if you tried it.

Attak seru would definitly give better stats but unsure on proc quality… (even though i use it on my farath build I’m still unsure of its quality lol)

Ultos has %reduced Target’s resistances, which is good when enemy’s resistance get below zero. So it’s quite important I think. Refer to basic principles of RR.

I use attak seru also on levelling my Inquisitor, and not impressed by the result. Damage is low and no AoE. The seal just hit the enemy one by one. Also take note that it’s part aether, so blind sage has more flat elemental. Maybe it will be better with high CDR, spreading a lot of seal in the ground. However, in that case, blind sage is still better.

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Yeah. Also forgot to take into account that mage h7nter has low RR. Idk if you can get all of Ultos+fissure+seekers without sacrificing significant stats but I’ll try to come up with something when I get home.

On Attak Seru: proc is kinda shit on stairs cause it misses uphill pretty consistently.

I just discovered that nvidia has default reliable recording tool that has no effect to FPS.
Finally I can record my build’s gameplay.

Crucible video added!!