[] The PyroSeer, Raining Fire - Chaos/fire Meteors & Mortar traps - 170 approved **

I finally did it… I made a build that uses this set that can clear 170…6 mortar traps and two meteor showers filling the screen up with destructive glory. Going to keep this short and sweet…might update more later.

This isnt even really optimized, but throwing it up here for now. I only had lvl 6 dying god in this video lol. So kill time probably could be improved… but I dont think 15 min is bad for a build kites nonstop, that doesnt use inq seals, massive leech, or chain mark/mirror.


150-170 clear

  • at 5:17

Kuba/Ancient grove

** = if you can kite :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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cool build. i give 10/10 to that aleks meteor dodge with blitz :slight_smile:

who cares 15mins this build is so shiny and pretty sure fun to play aswell…

i sometimes wanna play these kind of funky builds aswell but something always holding me,

1- game lacks direct CHAOS dmg spells, aka we need dedicated CHAOS mastery
2- ineffeciency of ‘cannot convert X dmg to desired damage’, like mortar trap has lightning dmg you dont care and phys has big portion which soo hardly convertable to fire or chaos :frowning:
3- able to make 2 diff types of dmg work without ready made sets

enjoyed while watching, gg

  1. Absolutely… I am very much hoping the new class will be something like a Void Knight… Chaos caster/fighter.

  2. Originally I wanted to use blood orb to convert all fire and that lightning damage… but I think QoL would be too low without the -2 sec on cd. Max traps would be 4, but that would free headslot for ravager helm I guess or switch to 2 piece infernal knight set.
    Or perhaps something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqK1wM2 It would definitely utilize more of the damage effectively… not sure how much not having the -2 sec cd would hurt tho.

  3. this is a tough one as there are only certain damage types are conductive to pairing due to restrictions of -rr/damage buffs from devotions. Aether/lightning chaos/fire are two of the better supported options.

Nice Build.

Funny, Mythical Herald of the Apocalypse seems to be targeted precisely at this kind of build direction…yet the extra Mortar and +1 all skills and 3% all resistances makes the conduit a better choice overall.

Strange. I definitely imagined Blazeseer pyro with IK set. :rolleyes:

My original theory craft did use it… But i wanted more mortars :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

I really like this build perfect 5/7 fun level for me. :wink: Lots of buttons pushes and very active play.

Less Green setup plox? :smiley: :* ty

Probably something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYD0BrZ

Great builds Valinov

Tweaked the build a bit. added another video… i plan on doing another crucible video after i get dying god leveled up.

Edit. Just noticed i forgot to put a point in antagonizing flame. Will fix when I get home

Just a shameless bump for this thread, and for a build I enjoyed a lot.
I should be spending more time around the forums here again soon. :smiley:

That looks like a fun gimmicky build, man. Not your style of op 5 seconds Grava’Thul killing builds, but those mortars are pretty :slight_smile: Sick piloting too.

That is the best dressed character in the history of Grim Dawn. Period.

Хех, вчера думал о таком же пиромансере :smiley: Но потом посмотрел на урон и передумал. Тот неловкий момент когда у вас нету ни скил поинтов, ни резисторезов, ни дамага, ни выживаемости - только печаль и боль
Зато можно прикоснуться к корням :smiley: На релизе половина магов примерно так себя чувствовала.

Некоторое время я тоже желал ожогового мага. Тот, который наносит урон из многих источников, а не BwC или FoI. Сопротивление представляет собой проблему с отдельными предметами, связанными с огнем.

Кроме того, трахните вас google translate…

сука блять

That’s the only Russian I know.

Good sir, you made my day :smiley:
x1x1x1x2, you play DoTo too much :eek:

I haven’t played dota since 2015 :p. I just follow the scene nowadays

Google translate, или как охладить трахание в домашних условиях :smiley: