[]There will be blood!(nope)Wildblood conjurer

Hello, fellow minmaxers, welcome to my bloody tread of 2H melee hybrid leechtank. A conjurer! With 2H mace, bloody pox, bloody shrubs, bloody insect swarms and, ofc damn bats! And there is no blood at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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As you can see its a vitality hybrid with big mace and huge lifesteal. That’s it, nothing fancy.

Crucible action 150+ 4 buffs and a banner

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came for the picture that you know Ptirodaktill is going to have. And it did not disappoint.

No male anime for you?

Japanese animation has very questionable standarts for male characters. Last time I`ve seen a man in anime was in Ryvius and it was, like 18 years ago :smiley:
As for ingame model I just don’t want to look at man ass for 20 hours during leveling :stuck_out_tongue:

you know what. I dreamt that Grim dawn characters are modeled after anime. should not be bad at all! :smiley:

great build iguess and added to collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, what a horrible idea. :eek:

More anime fetishes in threads then.

I once tried to make this build work by maxing out grasping vines. The set seems designed for it after all. But it turned out that going with savagery instead worked better. This makes me sad, why do auto attack replacers have to be better at everything? Stupid multiplicative weapon damage, it works I know but it’s so dull, every build turns into one if at all possible, eventually. Meh.


Dat weapon damage

I see a lot of hate against AAR, PRM, Stun jacks, Canister bomb, Mortars . But all of these skill`s can cary your character trough the game and do all content. Grasping vines is different - this spell is just one finger above OFF and Blade trap.

I don’t understand why you are ot using Seal of the Void + Seal of Annihilation + Killrian Shattered Soul - that’s 14% attack speed right there. Build also has mana problems even with Ulzuin’s Pact, so even more arguments for using seal of annihilation.

Good idea, but I need to switch some gear pieces to cover aether and vitality resist.