[] Unimaginative Fire Forcewave Commando - 170 facewrecker

I already have a whichblade physical forcewaver running now :slight_smile: second char I made, hopefully he can find some cool stuff for my Death knight, I could not make progress with that one…

Strange. The DK and the WB should stomp vanilla content with physical forcewave.

The phys res offered and the flat damage from both classes are quite substantial.

Mind if I asked for a GT link?

Oh my DK is not a forcewaver, he is level 100 and has finished all the main quests but have some issues surviving against nemesis and other “harder” bosses in ultimate. So i respected him into something like this http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74487 and I am not impressed by the damage output xD So my plan is to use my WB as farmer a bit and get the last two pieces for the Krieg set, and also farm green items that DK can sell and get iron for respecs :stuck_out_tongue: My WB has a nice rolled Mythical Tremor and is just melting everything.

Are there potions that resets SKILLS?
can you transfer over iron bits to chars right away?

Now you know that just isn’t true :wink:

Fluff and I have been reppin’ Best Class for ages

Knew it was Justicar… Didn’t need to click.

Will give the GT link a look when I’m at a PC, but to answer your questions - no and no. :confused:

is that weapon ~= shar’zul or better or worse?

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Also, since none of the devotion procs are critical-hit based, OA isn’t stressed too much in this build, right?

  1. I personally prefer this weapon, but shar’zul’s is a viable alternative as proven by tomodak. His suggestion for the cinderplate girdle, and non-mythical blood sigil is also phenomenal btw.

  2. OA is always important in any build. Not only does it ensure you actually land your hits, you have a crit bonus in the 2nd node of FW.

How hard was it to farm that Weapon and where did you farm it (boc or some other spot)? Or was it gd stashed? Those stats are marvelous.

Totally GDstashed.

But BoC is your best bet, and honestly - you don’t need a double rolled green.

Anything which has decent phys to fire conversion, or cast speed is what you’re looking for (e.g. of fury, of onslaught, etc.).

EDIT: Tip from ptir - it’s easier to farm for greens on elite.

Zully mace is superior to any greens. The inbound skill is just too good to pass. =) But, man, droprate for this mace is retarded. I have only 3 of them after many many many BoC runs >_>

For build - max thermites, you need them. yeah, I know, they suck , but you need them.
Elemental balance rings are BiS.
Prismatic diamond is BiS for head slot. Sanctified bone BiS for chest slot.
You can drop Rendering force and Internet trauma to onepointers . Less mana PITA :stuck_out_tongue:
Blast shield at 17 is overkill. At lvl 10 you are nearly unvulnerable. Push menhir will to 16 instead .
BWC is onepointer at max. You are overcapped on DA with buffs in crucible anyway.

Is the flat damage on diamond really that great? For my 2h runic bolts tactician it’s around 500 weapon damage increase. Not sure if that’s a significant number especially against reaper where a second bone helps a lot if you don’t have revenant.

Why is sharzuls better?

Also, I’m inclined to go with x1x1x1x2 on the sanctified bone

just found a worldeater , would this be good for this build ?

Worldeater is BiS. Spanks just decided he wants a war cleaver for some reason.

Yes. BTW if you are looking for crucible performance, check https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNndG88V this one.

why is that one better then the main GT link ? some pointers ?


How do you do to place rings and amulet ? I don’t have enough Spirit.
Do you have a youtube link too see it ?



Do you have an idea if this build can be better with new update and FG ?
I speak over the build with sharzul
Did you try this ?
I tried this is SR75 - 76 multi and it is not bad. Thanks

The author has been active for a long time + this build is +1 year old.