[] Unimaginative Fire Forcewave Commando - 170 facewrecker

First up, thanks to the homies for being homies (ya’ll know who you are); and thanks to the veterans who have given this community so much.

GT link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zo8gdV <-- Changed up the devotion bindings per x1x1x1x2’s suggestion. (Thanks homie.)
YT link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeXsnrN_Wsk&feature=youtu.be

Given the straightforward nature of the build, I’m gonna skip my usual preface.


  1. ~3k OA
  2. 98% RR
  3. Every single offensive fire-based devotion
  4. 200% Cast speed


  1. ~3.3k DA
  2. 3.3k armor, 100% absorption, But with a low 9% Phys res
  3. Blastshield + Ghoul
  4. 18% ADCTH


  1. Purple crossroad --> Viper, Ghoul, Fiend --> Spec out of crossroad
  2. Eldritch + Ascendant crossroad --> Scholar’s light, quill, hawk, 3 nodes into crown, Magi, Solael’s witchblade
  3. Spec out of hawk
  4. All 7 nodes of ulzuin’s torch
  5. Extreme right 2 nodes of kraken

Pretty much the same as you’d play it - FW spam.
Max break morale for phys RR.

Thanks for reading!

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Nice Forcewave build! Good job here.

If it was my build, I’d leave only 1 pt in Internal Trauma, and max Agonizing Flames instead; this allows us to drop Crown and Quill, take Hawk and 5 stars of Revenant to get moar cast speed (even if you’re not buffed), ADCtH and Undead racial bonus. Or 4 stars of Revenant and 70% damage node of Kraken.
Maybe I’m just stuck on Revenant bonuses, but that 6% ADCtH make me hot :smiley:

cool build :slight_smile:

some tweaks i would make

  • leaving rending force at 10 pts ; you have no pierce scale, you also have no pierce to fire convertion, %phys bonus is waste, +crit scales horrible

  • leaving int trauma at 9 pts; you are not focused on burn so int trauma again meh, bleed is irrelevant, %slow is also w/e

  • thermite mine at 10 pts, 11 pts gives %1 RR not worth

  • bwc at 9 pts, again 1 pt gives 12 oa reduction not worth

maybe spread leftover pts to flashbang, max blitz and some in fighting form, would be more ideal OR get agonizing flames for flat RR and modify devotion tree…

Welcome to the soldier side
Where there’s no one here but me

Except you did go for that cookie cutter soldier build goodness and fine tuned it to the max it seems, gratz! How do you scale this build in terms of how fun it is play compared to (already) million other builds you have tried/produced?

Also, small recommendations: move extra points from Demo mastery to Flashbang and BWC to softcape those. DA shred returns are great on soft capped Flashbang (plus radius increases QoL a lot), same with transmuted BWC - bigger radius and duration (plus a bit more of that OA shred) actually helps a bunch.

I have the same build but Tactician and i found out the % physical damage on Rending Force actually increases the Fire damage of Forcewave.

Don’t know if it’s because the % physical is increasing flat physical, therefore more to be converted to fire, but that’s what happens.

I actually did originally incorporate these suggestions. However, blitz wasn’t as reliable a DPS source.

What I will try, however, is toning down internal trauma, and maxing out thermite mines. Thanks for the idea!

How do you scale this build in terms of how fun it is play

I mean, I like button mashing. So this build is kinda boring/brainless. It’s so difficult for enemies to bring you down unless you do something incredibly stupid.

Makes sense, I don’t know why I didn’t softcap flashbang…but as for BWC, I felt my DA was high enough as it is, and was just desperately trying to increase my OA.

% phys isn’t a waste. It’s added to the damage before the phys is converted to fire. Personally I’d max out rending force on commando, since that class got real low crits. On tactician I’d leave it at 10.

@spanks how do you feel about elemental balance rings? Also, have you tried non mythic blood sigil?

I’d suggest a devotion binding change. Flame torrent to forcewave (it’s significantly weaker on thermites cause the flames circle around the mines and take their WD which is zero). Eldritch fire on Flash bang for that high proc chancd and you’ll only cast it once cause it spreads like pox. Elemental storm to bwc and fissure on thermites.

Is agonizing flame really better than elemental storm? I find Ele storm way more reliable.

Larger AoE, shorter CDR, better RR, etc.

Also, we have hardcapped cast speed. I suppose the ADCTH from revenant is worth it, and hawk is always attractive, but I dunno.

The advantage of agonizing flame is that it frees up one devotion skill to use at the cost of skill points. Helps alot considering your awkward bindings but it all depends on if you have points to spare.

Not being defensive at all - just curious, but what’s so awkward about the bindings?

I did a bit different devo setup going Revenant, but mostly same setup as yours minus the fact that I use worldeater. I use cinder belt + non myth blood sigil though. Seems crazy to me not to use them

Non-myth blood sigil…THAT’S a fantastic suggestion, and one I wished I had thought of.

I did consider the cinderplate belt for more flat damage, but ultimately decided that the +1 to all demo (which includes flametouched and temper) would offer similar flat damage.

In addition, the OA/DA boost from ulzuin’s belt was too attractive for me to say no to.

Eh yeah I guess on mine it’s a bit different since I have sharzul. I have 22 flame+temper anyway so at that point it’s pretty much free damage though god damn I hate not having that OA :smiley:

Look at the edit on one of my previous replies:p

You now have an excellent opportunity to explain damage conversions to a n00b like me :smiley:

You mean this, Forcewave -> Rending force for maximizing physical damage on Forcewave, and then handguard of Justices applies and makes it fire damage, then %to fire damage modifiers kicks in?

But, other sources of +to physical damage, such as Oleron’s rage and Decorated soldiers, are not applied?

Would this be a suitable weapon if you don’t have handguard of justice https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/11177 ?

From the game guide: The order of events for Conversion is as follows: Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives

So when you cast forcewave, you get the damage from the Base Skill, then you add/multiply the damage to the modifiers (Rending Force, Trauma, those found in items like War Cleaver), then conversion on the Skill/Transmuter is applied (there’s no conversion in the transmuter here so we only get the conversion on gloves/amulet), then conversion from equipment and buffs apply (nothing here), after that the your sheet %fire modifier applies cause the damage is already converted.

Flat physical damage adds to you Weapon Damage value. Forcewave uses Weapon Damage value as part of base Skill Damage. So all flat damage bonuses do apply to forcewave, and use all forms of conversion and modifiers (cause they are used after base damage is calculated).

Look at Korsar’s reply (i.e. the 3rd comment) in this link

Would this be a suitable weapon if you don’t have handguard of justice https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/11177

No. I don’t believe so. I still think you’re better off farming for a good Obsidian war cleaver. They shouldn’t be too hard to drop given that almost many different kinds of chthonians can drop it.

Failing which, running a stonefist rebuke + Max break morale is a good start point.

I have some legit ones from before I started using GDstash if you want one. Just PM me. :slight_smile:

Nah I prefer to play self-found, perhaps after 2k hours spent in the game I will start trading.

Break morale… you mean a pure physical forcewaver?

Yes. Would be easier at the start.

Temper and oleron’s rage gives some nice flat damage too. OA is relatively easy to get what with flametouched and field command.

Nice cast speed with both squad tactics and vindictive flame.