[] Valguur's Gluttony V2 - Leech-Everything Vitality Caster Cabalist

The Build

with all permanent buff + Blood of Dreeg, Soul Harvest, and Hungering Void.
DPS shown is bone harvest.

Build Feature

  • Crazy lifesteal, almost immortal build
  • Easy to play, need focus only in double AoM nemesis wave
  • not a spellbinder, need to time MoT right :rolleyes:

Build Overview
Cabalist is my first character and Valguur’s Hunger set is the first set I have worked on. You can check the first version of the build here:

I miss this character and decided to revisit this with my current accumulated experience and make it an easy Crucible clearer.

Main damage dealer is 2 sec CD sigil of consumption with 8 second duration and almost pure vitality. Supplemental damage is done by overcapped bone harvest, overcapped siphon souls, and multitude of procs from equipment and devotions. The build also support 11% ADCTH, ensuring you to also leech from weapon-based skill.

For Defense: Obviously the more damage we dealt, the more we heal. SoC, siphon souls, bone harvest, flame torrent, twin fangs, wendigo’s mark, all heal you. The build also got about 3.3k DA due to DA debuff. When things got hairy, you can always count on 4.4 sec MoT.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim for +% armor or +% physique. Try to get as much conversion as possible in gargabol gun, lifeblaze mantle, and valguur’s chest

Core Items:
Valguur’s Hunger Set
Main Hand: Corruption of Gargabol. I love this gun and have been thinking to use it in valguur cabalist build. The gun converting up to 54% Fire to Vitality, plus to necro, additional RR to Ill Omen, and decent procs. Overall a perfect fit for this build
Alternative Main Hand: Decree of malmouth is nice so you don’t need to invest more in cunning. You can also use Claw of Hagaraz with one-pointer call of the grave.
Shoulder: Mythical Lifeblaze Mantle. is only used for converting up to 30% fire to vitality. If you don’t use gargabol gun, use something else. Bloodfury spaulders or benn’jahr’s pauldron are nice also.
Alternative Shoulder: If you don’t use gargabol gun, use Bloodfury spaulders or benn’jahr’s pauldron or any shoulders you like.
Amulet: Reaver’s Hunger. More damage to bone harvest and sick modifier for sigil of consumption. Plus to Necro, craftable, and really good stats.
Medal: Rylok Mark. More damage to sigil of consumption. Get any prefix suffix you like. Generic stalwart of readiness or stalwart of protection is nice.

Supporting Items:
Belt: Mythical Girdle of Stolen Dreams. The best belt for Vitality build
Pants: Really Great Pants. Use mainly for massive plus to cunning and spirit, also craftable.
Alternative Pants: If you don’t use gargabol gun, you may want to use Grava’Thul’s Leggings for more RR. Use one that has many resist.
Boots: Mythical Boneshatter Treads. I love this boots. I use it in every occasions. :stuck_out_tongue:
Rings: Mythical Cursebearer & Mythical Signet of the Fallen. The ring slots are used for more RR.
Relic: Mogdrogen’s Ardor For more plus skills. Get +%DA as completion bonus

Offensive vitality build setup with many procs. I don’t use TD because I’m bad with skill rotations, especially on many active skill like this build. If you are good at it, feel free to drop wendigo and bat/fiend for it. You can bind it to one-pointer reap spirit and invest more at mark of torment for longer duration.

Flame Torrent > to Ravenous Earth
Twin Fangs > to Curse of Frailty
Wendigo’s Mark > to Sigil of Consumption
Will of Rattosh > to Bloody Pox
Hungering Void > to Bone Harvest

LMB: Bone Harvest
RMB: Sigil of Consumption
Mouse scroll up: Bloody Pox
Mouse scroll down: Curse of Frailty
Middle mouse button: Ill Omen
Keyboard 1: Ravenous Earth
Keyboard 2: Mark of Torment
Keyboard 3: Siphon Souls
Keyboard 4: Blood of Dreeg

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Blood of Dreeg. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal
Scroll up and down and press to activate CoF, Bloody Pox, and Ill Omen, triggering multiple Will of Rattosh and Twin Fangs
Cast Ravenous Earth into the center of the herd to trigger multiple flame torrent
Cast Bone Harvest to trigger soul harvest
Make sure soul harvest and ravenous earth always active.
Cast sigil of consumption continuously. Stack it for more single-target damage or spread it for AoE.

Cast MoT for a charged reaper or on any strong boss wave.

Build Performance
For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff:

8:50 Clear-times. Should be faster if there is no enemy stuck on their spawn point. Will try to record another video later.

As always, reaper is the most dangerous. Cast MoT When you have facetank him until he’s in 1/3 health. It’s not that hard though because it died quite fast. Facing two reapers is almost the same, but position yourself in near spawn point so they have a harder time to ganged you up.

Other nemesis is easy-peasy.

That is all, hope you can enjoy the build.

Watched the video - nice performance. Have you tested it with hard capped Ravenous Earth? I also think that Soul Harvest does very little for your build, imo, those points could spent elsewhere (like Dread or Ravenous Earth).

And since I can’t help myself but meddle in other builder’s builds without anyone particulary asking for it :), here is my suggestion: I think Possession is just much better than Harbinger of Souls because you are not spamming anything and ADCtH only works with Bone Harvest and it’s just a small part of your total leech. Also siphoned some point from Blood Boil into Ravenous Earth. And changed boots/pants that allowed build to take Hawk (thus decrease Cunning requirment on the pistol) and get more skill points and proper stun resist.

Agreed with Possession and RE. I have a similar Cabalist too but with (gdstashed +7 RE) bonespike and basilisk medal… RE+Sigil+Siphon works so great when you like to dance around enemies.

Hardcapped you mean 16/16? Actually no, but more RE projectiles is always nice. I would probably shift those soul harvest point to dread because the build has a massive %vitality decay damage and increased duration.

Adcth works fully even if you have a little %WD on a skill. Means my 11% ADCTH will work fully on flame torrent and twin fangs. It’s actually significantly contribute to my leech. This has been confirmed, but I don’t have the link the thread.

I really like OA shred from blood boil though, because my vanilla DA doesn’t reach 3k :(.

Also, silly me don’t realize that I can still take hawk. I may want to switch head component instead for stun res. I like boneshatter treads so much I don’t want to switch it.

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Even Dread is better than Soul Harvest. I would still go for RE though. Hard capped as in 26/16, but in your case, whatever you can spare.

Yep, I know that. But from here it seems like ~80% of your leeching is from spells/devotion procs and not from weapon damage. Twin Fangs has in-built adtch, and Flame Torrent got very little weapon damage, so ADCtH scales down big time on it. But I would just test it if you want to find out what is better. But I wanna bet that setup with Possession will win at the end.

I really like OA shred from blood boil though, because my vanilla DA doesn’t reach 3k :(.

Also, silly me don’t realize that I can still take hawk. I may want to switch head component instead for stun res. I like boneshatter treads so much I don’t want to switch it.

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It’s just Greaves of Ill Omens seem to fit your build so much better than Boneshatters, and with Tranquil Mind pants you don’t need Slow resist (but could sure use Elemental and Stun resist).

I am more curious if setup with Possession and capped RE is better though, please update if you test :slight_smile:

Yeah, I will shift points from bone harvest and soul harvest to dread and RE. It will surely be better.
Regarding possession, I actually have used it in my first version of the build (from my linked thread).
It is honestly not that much better. Possession is so good in dark one setup because its massive flat chaos will be 50% converted to vitality, but this one is not that much. The damage absorption is good but that’s about it. The previous one still has difficulty in the past 151+ crucible even with banner. Although it may also because of my inexperience and the difficulty decreased of crucible.

With harbinger of souls I am trying to not put all my eggs in one basket… LOL.

I will surely test the build with overcapped RE and Dread.

Hmmm wait, possession might be interesting when pair with double seal of blades. Ah well, we’ll see about that.

why do u use modgrogen ardor relic? i dont see the benefits?

+1 to all skills.

I have been playing the following build courtesy of Ptirodaktil: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28vDX3Z

But your seems to be putting out more dmg since and i especially like the -400 OA debuff piece

why do you use seal of might? for resistance? wouldnt seal of blight better?

I do not think OP wants to channel a beam of acid and poison

but yeah, seal of might is resistances (8% phys res and 24% pierce, vit, bleed res is nice)

Seal of might is for resist.
Also, switch the exclusive skill to possession. It’s indeed better like Madlee and other guys suggest. Lol…

It’s hard to push clear times to be lower than 8 minutes unbannered with this concept though. But it certainly one of the safest one.

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