[][Vitality Caster] Vit-BWC Spam Defiler ( 170 viable)

This build is not playable anymore ( conduit amulet change):o

Grimtools : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JM9ORN

Video : [][Vitality Caster] Vit-BWC Spam Defiler (Gladiator 150-170) 11.40mins ( 4buffs , no banner)


  • change MoD to Hos , now this build can do 170 under 12mins.
  • new video

( permanent buffs)

English is not my native language.Sorry for any mistakes. Thx:)

Did you tried transmuted BWC? I had this in mind, but didn’t checked it. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDXwdkZ

with transmuted : 14-15 mins + kiting too much :undecided:

Update : Change MoD to HoS , now this build can do 170 under 12mins :smiley:

When posting screens try to scale them to 1024 x 576 aspect ratio. Good build btw :slight_smile:

Update : new video 11.40 mins (4buffs , no banner)

Thanks for your tip.:smiley:

Looks awesome!

How does voidheart fire damage conversion behave with the conduit amulet fire damage conversion?

AFAIK, it did nothing to bwc in this build because the conduit amulet converted all fire damage from bwc to vitality damage , so no fire damage left to convert to chaos damage.

“The order of events for Conversion is as follows: Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives”