[] Vitality FS Defiler - ~10min 170 clear

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLz8pGN
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxkXCR-YKQw&feature=youtu.be
^Clear time is a little longer because I messed up 169, and left Theodin alive. This resulted in me needing to kite a lot more in 170.

Serious credit is due to:

  • Hammyhamster - In discussing with you your vit FS pyro, I ended up incorporating some of your ideas into my Defiler

  • Mad_lee: For suggesting that the Defiler be done with the blood knight set. I had initially tried to make it work with the dark one’s set for better chaos --> Vit conversion.

  • Veretragna: For patiently brainstorming with me all my previous failed Defiler attempts.

Preface - This is my argument as to why the Demo needs some work. Feel free to skip it.

[spoiler]It’s probably common knowledge by now that I enjoy the challenge of trying to get the weird-and-wonderful to work. I don’t strive for top tier builds, I strive for build creativity simply because that’s what I enjoy.

Thus far, I’ve found that the hardest ‘core mastery’ to work with has been the Demolitionist. (Seriously. Try to theorycraft something with the demo that doesn’t involve forcewave or the inquisitor).

What I’ve tried doing (and have failed in):

  • Chaos/fire RE using 2x blazeseer rings, Blazeheart sword + infernal knight set.
  • Dreadscorcher and vortex of souls.
  • Darkone’s vitality firestrike
  • Pure aether FS using diviner’s head/chest piece + magelord’s set
  • Fire/aether drain essence
  • DW physical firestrike using beronath’s reforged and gladiator’s distinction

That’s the problem with this class.

You need to waste valuable item slots to convert damage one way or the other for it to even SEEM viable. (Again, I’m ignoring classes like the arcanist and the inquisitor).

This prevents you from stacking up on the necessary +skill points, RR, and skill modifiers to take the class to the next level.

Currently, the only gear which circumvents this problem is the darkblaze set. Which means that the only pyro most people are ever going to build is going to be the darkblaze pyro.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the rimetongue set. But even then, the NB is going to have a hard time with mana issues without the offhand. And with the offhand, it’s going to have a hard time getting a healthy amount of %bonus damage.

Unless something is done about this, I argue that the demo shall always remain a class which is unable to stand on its own 2 feet.

The very fact that seasoned theorycrafters will almost never pick the demo as a support class further demonstrates its shortcomings. Why do I make this claim? Because:

  1. Everything the demo has to offer is outclassed by the inquisitor.
  2. Skills outside the FS line are very ‘meh’ without serious skill points and gear investment

So in essence, what we have is a class which cannot adequately support another primary mastery, and a class which can only be paired well with a handful of masteries.

Ergo - the demo lacks compatibility.

Even with the corruption of gargabol, an item designed SPECIFICALLY for the defiler, it took some serious tinkering about to get it to work at a semi-competitive level.

And the only way that I could make it work is with a set designed for the deathknight.

Crate, something needs to be done about the demo. If the class itself is going to remain unchanged, non-firestrike skill modifiers on items need to be improved upon.

If you managed to read this entire rant, then seriously. Thank you. :rolleyes:

The corruption of gargabol offers everything to make a fantastic vitality FS build except for one of the most important stats - Attack Speed.

So, gearing decisions, skill point allocation, and devotion pathing must all be geared towards overcoming this otherwise crippling limitation.

While the damage is rather impressive, do NOT expect this to be able to perform on par with a purifier.

This is where this toon truly shines. MoT + Blastshield + Ghoul is where it’s at baby.

Also, BWC gives some amazing DA debuffs to allow us to go for more offensive gearing options, and also provides some awesome flat RR to allow us to bypass manticore.

Gearing alternatives
Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any. Short of getting different affixes needed to fix resists, you’re more or less stuck to the ones you see in my build.

At least, I can’t think of any other way to make it work.

For example, I really wanted to squeeze in boneshatter treads, but its lack of resists just makes it impossible.

I have no idea how I would level the defiler. BWC spam is too energy intensive, RE isn’t really an option at the start…so maybe Bone Harvest?

I don’t know. I’d love some advice on this actually.

Questions? Thoughts? Comments?

In Sands healers are spawned at left spawn point :slight_smile:
Good job! You made these guns work!

Yeah. I forgot about those stupid healers.

I also said, ‘cyka blyat.’ :rolleyes:

Indeed, I heard it :smiley:


That there’s some fancy shootin’ and life-leechin’.

OP’s been updated.

@Hammy - thanks man. Couldn’t have done it without you.

The amount of times I theorycrafted this exact same setup in Grimtools because I feel sad about my dual Blazeheart Justicar set defiler, damn. Only thing that’s stoping me is farming those damn pistols. Gratz on doing this.

Few gear alternatives:

  • Empowered Essence of Beronath amulet + Blood Knight Scrolls - because Defiler severly lacks + skills. I think it’s actually bit better
  • Actually full Blood Knight, yes, lack of attack of speed for more RR, thing that’s ought to be tested
  • Wraithborne Legwraps for amazing stats and that juicy +3 to Spectral Wrath
  • Sash of the Immortal Sage for few relevant skillpoints plus amazing defensive plus a proc that will be actually fully converted into vitality

On skill distribution:

  • Definitely overcap Spectral Wrath as much as humanly possible

I can try beronath, but I don’t think it’s going to be better. My weapon damage is too low (sheet DPS on FS unbuffed is about 100k).

The summons actually go quite a long way in dealing damage, and I think they also cast CoF.

Full bloodknight is right next on my to-test list. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wraithborne…don’t even get me started. I wanted that or legwraps of the tranquil mind, but the amount of res missing on this guy is insane.

In terms of RR, you get diminishing returns on spectral wrath after 8 points. Besides, I have about -135 RR as of now. Investing 6 points for 6% more…I don’t know.

And sash of the immortal sage is a belt I love so much. How could I have forgotten about it? I’ll test it out too.

P.S. Check out dat kiting in the video doe. I played so well.

Yeah, I watched the video, you made it very close there in the middle of it, but overall well played, my vacancy for test piloting my builds is still open, because I feel like my builds look bit worse then they actually are because of how I play them in the videos :slight_smile:

As for Spectral Wrath, it’s not only additional RR which is always a straight up damage boost no matter what, it’s also radius + more attack speed debuff. Unlike thermite mine or night’s chill for example Spectral Wrath delivers so much more than just rr.

Sure. I’ll pilot your specs. Is it the DW gunslinger?

just a heads-up: grim tools link has a missing augment on shoulders.

Thanks for pointing it out! :rolleyes:

I keep making these oversights.

Finally one build dual wielding that pistol.
Honestly, the gun is so good and I was surprised that no build has use that yet until this one. It got so much nice stats in one item. I think it will be better as caster weapons though. Making it as fire strike auto-attacker will be hard like you have just done.

So, congrats for another gladiator build… :wink:

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I think the stats on the weapon are great too, I just think there’s almost no gear support for you to make the most out of it though.

Even if you went BWC spam, you still lack cast speed. If you go transmuted BWC, you lack constant DPS.

You might be able to pair it with ravenous earth I guess, but I still think the damage will be very average.

EDIT: I still advocate for this weapon to be given vit to fire conversion, cast speed, and bonus fire damage to drain essence. This will let the defiler actually use the agrivix set. Right now it’s not even a tri-class set piece. The bonuses to the demo class are just so inadequate compared to the binder.

I just don’t understand why crate consistently gives the demo the worst items. That is not to say that there aren’t any good items for the class, but compared to everything else…

To make a top tier demo, you’re either limited to the darkblaze or the justice set.

Sorry. You got me ranting again :p, but…

A lot of the items for the demo look amazing when you look at them in isolation to everything else, mark of ulzuin, corruption of garwhatever, chaos BWC spam in blood sigil, etc.

But the moment you try to work them into s build, everything just unravels