[] Vitality RE Cabalist - No Banner 9:40

The title and most of the op content as well as the comments refer to the previous version of the build whose performance was substandard because I tried to use the benefits of an off-hand on a build that works best with bonuses from dualwielded weapons.

This is the updated version which is much faster (8:26 with my shitty piloting): GT and YT

  • As always all criticisms more than welcome
  • No-Green Setup - not tested


This is my third build posted in these forums and my first ever attempt at a vitality build. I do not credit myself for much original input here. All credits ought to go to my predecessors Sir Spanksalot and Weyu who were beating the shit out of Ravenous Earth when I was still in GD Kindergarten. Also, I openly admit to shamelessly ripping devo setup from the former (after a dozen failed attempts at creating something different) so please don’t shoot…


Main Campaign. Melts all. Some energy issues so might wanna invest in an ectoplasm.

Crucible. Kinda testy. Kiting and repositioning, RE placement as well as MoT/TD/heals handling is key. Also, can’t just do the crazy pianist routine (like me), make sure you know your buttons. Kuba is a problem as his heals and million vit res make him a bitch to kill. Besides, BUILD HAS ZERO FREEZE RES so don’t make the mistake I made in the video and don’t go kiting around Moosie’s turrets. Surprisingly, Reaper and Zantarin are welcome as their summons make for a good Foul Eruption meat.


Why Bonespike and not Pandemic? Way I figure, extra 2s RE uptime is nice but it’s also about global % dmg. Base Bonespike has more +%vit that Pandemic and affixes allow for over 200% more. It does not make up for Pandemic’s flat to RE but this huge extra % go to everything - and specifically to healing procs with built in adcth which form the foundation of the build’s sustain.

Why the off-hand and not dw? Conversion, %cdr (translates to 0.4-0.5s to RE so no loss in this department) and proper relic. Besides, double Pandemics and double Bonespikes are boring. :wink:

In the updated version uses both Pandemic and Bonespike.

What’s up with that Stonehide SG of Kings? Don’t you know they don’t exist? Tbh, that of Kings isn’t much needed. CC doesn’t hurt as much as it would an autoattack build. Any affix, even non-stun res, will do. The only reason I’m not using Ill Omens is that Stonehide. Not having it forces too many compromises.

Barbaros again? Yes, it’s a shame not to use them when Time Dilation is available.

Thank you for reading and in advance for commenting. Have a grim day!

Nice to see another RE cabalist. There’s def room for improvement though since i’ve managed a 3x run, extra spawns with 4 blessings no banner on my BP/RE cabalist (i used to use 2x claw of hagaraz but switched over to 2x bonespikes which, after testing, i felt yielded better and safer results.)

Even managed to pull off fevered raged runs on a slighty different setup that has mostly legendary gear (and using off-hand similar to yours).
Those builds were made with maximum kiting in mind though. Grimtools on them are in the vid description if you want to look them over.

Like I said, this “feels” like a 9 min toon I just couldn’t take time to learn to pilot it right (poor-ass excuse, I know…) and RE needs that.

I’m interested to see gt of that builds if you don’t mind (EDIT: never mind it’s in YT comments… I tried that devo setup but found I need TD for MoT and buff uptimes so I stole Spanks’. I will test maxed BP and Sigil of Consumption instead of Siphon Souls and Doombolt - looks promising). Can’t imagine RE with Claws of Hagaraz and no cdr. Double well-rolled Bonespikes (or a Bonespike-Pandemic combo) are probably fastest but I didn’t wanna do that… I also tried to make RE with DEE but couldn’t crack it.

I’ve actually tried it with 2 naked bonespikes and it still works fine. Just won’t be able to squeeze in 3x runs with extra spawns without a banner. Note that the fevered rage setup is using claw + off-hand. And i don’t really thing you need time dilation if you just kite kite kite. That’s mainly what my goal for the builds were, to throw pox and RE and just run around ala benny hill

I watched a number of your runs including the ones with one of my builds. Not everyone (at least not me) can pull off kiting like that (at least not without a serious dps loss). Dropping TD is a skill gap thing. Personally I found I couldn’t afford it. Also, what mod are you using for that debuff transcription and enemy names?

Can’t see the Fevered Rage setup as the video is unavailable. Anyways, with Spectral Binding, Blood of Dreeg, Stolen Dreams, Dark One gloves, etc. vit cabalists rarely complain about low oa (this one has 3650 with just buffs no banner plus -100oa shred) so I personally don’t see much reason to take Fevered Rage (if not for sport) especially when Doombolt and Foul Eruption already reduce some % health on trash.

Sorry, the fevered rage one was private. Fixed it now if you still want to check it out. And no, there’s no reason to take fevered rage except for fun and or to prove that a build could do it.
Edit: Forgot to add, i’m using grim internals for the debuff transcription and enemy names

Interesting that bloody pox + ravenous earth dark one cabalist can do 3 EX cruci run with only buff. 26/16 RE is good yes, but I always feel that bloody pox not worth to be more than one pointer (only use it for wasting OA debuff). How do you feel about bloody pox damage in your build?

Now I wonder if my valguur cabalist can do it also…

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You might do better time with 60% flat vit mod(converted by dark one) from Fineds resolve. RE is about shotgun not so much DoT so converting the poison part is nice but.

Needs esting though. The only downside is not having %vit on it. The proc is also nice. You can do 11 seconds of face tanking with MOT and the proc

I also considered Myth Contagion but in the end I choose to stick with Blood Orb (my original plan was to make RE plus vit DEE but it sucked) for skill bonuses and whatever little it had to offer to RE.

In the end I think the best option for Dark One Cabalist is to stick with the guns and stay dw with any combo of Pandemics/Bonespikes and stomach using the Belgo relic or Wolf medal. Something like this perhaps?

EDIT: I’d really like to hear your veteran opinion on the details too if you don’t mind.

EDIT2: Actually now that I think of it, Belgo relic (with lots of oa and many AoE hits to guarantee it procs regularly) is an equivalent of a 19% cdr off-hand (1 second off about 5 seconds) but better cause it applies to item skills’ cd too. Is this more or less the right way to think about it?

It’s a legit idea.

TZTZ old DW Bonespike had good results but used scourge for pseudo attack. You can try belgo for more RE.

But you have to pay close attention. The shorter the CD of a spell is, the harder it is to make use of Belgo/Eternity (like for TSS) Becuase the CD of the proc is almost twice as long as the CD from the spell. So a lot of times it procs while your spell, in this case RE, is on CD, And after RE CD then the proc is on CD etc…

Hope I made sense. Case in point that it slowly becomes more like the Clairvoyant set 10% chance to reset. Not as reliable

Yeah. Got it. I was more concerned about the cooldowns of TD, Hungering Void, MoT and such when dropping an offhand. In case of RE the options to replace it (Pandemic and Bonespike) already have flat cdr anyway.

I’ll test the respec I linked above when I have time and maybe edit op to showcase a comparison. Thanks.

That last modifier on RE is nearly useless. Gotta take Manticore since you are not a Ritualist. I would say that Doom Bolt is not effective without boosts from items and hard cap. Take Bone Harvest instead.

This is how I would do this build. (did not touch augments so res are not capped).

This is my first ever build that has anything to do with vitality so I don’t speak with much confidence but:

  • Foul Eruption is pretty good on builds dedicated to RE. It does increase general clear speed on non-nemesis waves and even on nemesis waves I’ve seen it have some impact. And the popping sound is sweet :slight_smile: It’s completely useless for builds that use RE just for dmg reduction, sure.
  • Dropping TD means less Dying God, less Battlcries, less BoD and most importantly less MoT. I know the best way to play it is precision kiting but I’ve noticed that (at least for me) it’s good to be able keep enemies stationary for a while for better shotguns.
  • I like the BH idea. I’m not sure if it warrants such an investment (29 points in there) without Blood Knight’s conversion and with this shitty dagger in main hand but it’s definitely worth testing. Pumping points to Doom Bolt was indeed a miss as I’ve been holding back on it for TD anyway and with no TD there’s no reason to use it at all. I’m wondering about Sigil of Consumption vs. Siphon Souls for sustain…

Will test all the recommendations next week. Thanks

Just a bit of correction, TD will not reset your battlecry as it is a proc skill granted from item. Item skill that can be reset by TD is only item skill that can be activated manually like chaos strike, scourge strike, doom, etc.

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It’s just the way I would’ve built it, but my suggestions are just theorycraft, I might be way off there. Up to you to test it or not. The way I see it is that you don’t have enough damage dealers and doom bolt without buffs from items is kind of sketchy/ineffective (plus it burns mana like crazy). Come back with new results tho!

I updated op with a much faster and mainstream version of the build with some of Superfluff’s and Mercymaker’s suggestions. I’ve yet to test Mad_Lee’s BH angle which also looks promising.