[] A(nother) Elemental Forcewave Tactician

[b][] An(other) Elemental Forcewave Tactician

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NB: OA/DA = 3000/3100 full buffed.


Lokarr and Master of Flesh (with Alexander Nemesis)



I leleved my Tactician with Forcewave and got logically bored after 80 levels with it. But my theorycrafting obsessive compulsion is back and this item always intrigued me. So I decided to make a build around it.

All items with modifiers to Forcewave are core: Helm, Gloves, Amulet, Medal and Weapon.
Other pieces have proven to be a good addition in elemental builds.

As explained below (p.1 & 2 of the thread), Forcewave has 3 “100% conversion”. In short, it has 43% Fire, 43% Lightning and 14% Cold.

The usual and good RR devotions for elemental builds. The priority then is Casting Speed; that’s why I didn’t take another proc’ (Reckless Tempest or Meteor for instance).
Forcewave is linked to Hand of Ultos;
Blitz to Elemental Storm;
Devastation to Eldritch Fire.

The fight is long and easy but, as seen in the video, energy leech isn’t great in long boss fights.

Pants and Chest Armor; Devotion Path; Energy sustain on long boss fights; DPS.[/spoiler]

This is a greenless and really solid build. All Main Campaign content is on cruise mode, all bosses are face-tankable, though damage output isn’t on top.

I hope you’ll like it !

Edit #1: thanks to malawiglenn and USER_NAME_01: addition of Eldritch Fire (Devotion) and Blindside (Soldier) instead of respectively Revenant and Horn of Gandarr. HoG was energy-expensive for this build and the additional RR helps a lot.
Edit #2: Quick explanation on conversion.

It’s kinda el boringo to see all the elemental forcewave builds, but hey, forcewave is a funny skill.

El Edito: Why didn’t you pick Eldritch Fire (-23% fire RR)? I do understand why not the -23% cold (only ~16% cold damage) and why not Arcane bomb (enemy has to stay in place for ~2 secs), but Eldritch Fire is quite good, imo.

Yeah, Devotion Path is in the “improvement” category. Every option you mentioned has to be tested. Nonetheless, I prioritised pure elemental RR and casting speed because of the 3 simultaneous conversions on Forcewave: 33% Fire 33% Lightning and 33% Elemental if I understand the mechanic correctly. Then, Cold RR is pretty useless for instance.

How will the damage conversion on Forcewave work… you have 100% elemental, 100% fire and 100% lightning conversion… how is that gonna work?

I do not like that low OA :confused: Can the horn be dropped for Blindside?

43% fire, 43% lightning, 14% cold. Approximately, it’s actually ~42.92 fire, 42.92 lightning, 14.16 cold.

so the ratio is 3:3:1 and sum is 100%? Gottcha

Then it make sense to grap eldritch fire as you proposed.

When there are conflictual conversions, 100% physical to X and 100%physical to Y, then it’s 50% to X and 50% to Y. In this case, as the last 1/3 is Elemental, you add a 1/3 of the 1/3 to fire and lightning. Thus, the numbers shown by USER_NAME_02.

Is this better ? LINK

I was the one who said that, not USER_NAME_02. Now people will think I stole what USER_NAME_02 said, when it was me who said it first. You’re mean… :cry:

so conversion TO say both fire and elemental are additive, but conversions from fire to another damage type is multiplicative (like if you have both fire > aether & elemental > aether conversion on gear) or is the additive feature only relevant if you have 100% or higher total conversion?

Have you verified the numbers?

I ask because iirc crate mentioned in a bug report that elemental conversion was a different step for each level. It was this way because elemental is considered a distinct damage type in the calculation. I think this may only have to do with converting from elemental , but I am curious.

If this occurred in the other direction, then you would see a full 33% split or only fire and lit (no cold), depending on which conversion came first.


As far as I know, it applies only to elemental -> X. I mean, you only convert physical damage. If, however, you’re right, then it’d be

33% fire damage, 33% lightning damage, 11% fire damage, 11% lightning damage, 11% cold damage, for a total of 44% fire, 44% lightning, 11% cold damage (yeah, I kinda didn’t want to bother with the last 1%, you can divide it yourself if you want :D).

My fingers are big and dyslexxick.

if you have, let’s say, 50% fire converted to aether and 30% elemental converted to aether, you have then:
60% fire converted to aether = 50% + 10% (from 1/3 of 30% elemental);
10% cold converted to aether;
10% lightning converted to aether.

If you have, let’s say, 200% Fire converted to aether and 100% elemental converted to aether, then your 200%+100% becomes the “new” 100% :
77% = 66% fire converted to aether + 11% (from 1/3 of 100% elemental);
11% cold converted to aether;
11% lightning converted to aether.

Ok I think I see the difference. Thanks