[] Acid Grasping Vines - actually viable?

Hello. Today I would like to present my new conjurer build, that focuses on Acid Grasping Vines and discuss it’s viability in general.

It’s obvious that Crate, for some odd reason, wants us to play Acid Grasping Vines. There are currently 4 items that support this idea:

  • Misery sword
  • Conduit of Wild Whispers amulet (with the Acid Vines mod of course)
  • Mark of Leathal Intents medal
  • Mythical/non Mythical Thorn Girdle of Misty Glade

Using those items I’ve created a build that is actually semi-decent and is able to do and farm the main campaign, kill end-game bosses and do 150 crucible with 4 buffs (less than 6 min 170 crucible builds say hi). I was able to reach wave 130 without any buffs, but never finished it.

The Build

*all perma buffs + Blood of Dreeg active


Acid Grasping Vines damage breakdown

*all perma buffs, Blood of Dreeg and Dark One Set proc active (100% up-time)

Gear, skills and gameplay

The core items of this build are 4 acid Grasping Vines items that I’ve mentioned above, The Dark One set (for an amazing proc that actually makes this build viable), the Judicator’s Seals ring set (for fixing OA and DA issues). Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind were chosen because of the slow resistance, and Mythical Venomspine Greaves were chosen because of the proc. The off-hand and the relic were chosen because of the rr that they provide. Try to get the +armor bonus on all craftable items. I didn’t use any greens, just to see how the build performs without them.

The skills chosen are pretty obvious as well. I use the granted Seal of Shadows skill as a primary LMB attack. Dreeg’s eye with the transmuter - to add more poison, CoF - for RR and a proc machine, Bloody Pox to lower enemies OA and also as a proc machine, Totem - for healing. And, of course, the Grasping Vines. The damage may seem low, but it’s actually semi-decent, because you can stack it, turning it into a some sort of a shotgun.

As for the gameplay it’s actually quite interesting. This build is an amazing trash/hero killer and controler and most of the time mobs can’t even get close, because of the Grasping Vines (+ the proc from the belt) staggaring effect. It’s quite tanky too in this current set-up and can facetank most bosses. But, however, the problem arises when strong bosses or nemesis appear. Kiting is an option, but it results in huge damage loss, because you constantly have to move and because of that won’t be able to stack the vines. The build can face bosses and nemesis 1 on 1, but several of them in crucible quickly turns into a nightmare.

Pros and cons

  • Amazing trash killer
  • Pretty tanky for a caster, becuase of the healing procs
  • Great hp and mana regen (finally a build that has no mana issues)
  • The damage can be decent when able to stack Grasping Vines
  • The damage is pretty low when compared to most other builds and fully depends on the Grasping Vines “shotgun effect”
  • Has a hard time against physical damage
  • Lack of RR
  • The Shaman mastery doesn’t support acid damage type in any way
  • No nukes
  • Conduit is a pain to get
  • Vaunrable to CC
  • Can’t clear 170 Crucible


So this build is definitely playable and is much better than I’ve expected. But it is still pretty underpowered when compared to other endgame options, such as the Octavius set for example. One of the solutions to make acid Grasping Vines more viable is to create a dedicated set to support them, like the vitality Grasping Vines have. My idea for such a set can be found in my New Set Ideas thread, check it out if you are interested.


140 - 150 Crucible run (fking 3 Benn’Jahrs!)


Reserved just in case

Good to see someone post this concept. Before, Acid Vines was painfully slow but it’s at least playable to some extent now, though I agree that there’s still room for improvement and hopefully your character will help with showing that. For instance, I fully support Shaman getting Acid RR on one of the items.

This is my take on it that I use for campaign farming roguelikes/Nemeses.

I recommend binding Vines to something with a low cooldown on your setup like Twin Fangs - GV hits twice a second and with multiple, it becomes an insane proccing machine. I have Guardian’s Gaze bound to it and I regularly see 5-10 eyes around my character.

Your version is very interesting, I actually like the idea of taking Guardian’s Gaze for this kind of a build, but unfortunately I can’t think of a way to implement it into the devotion path without loosing some important stats along the way. Using Grasping Vines to trigger Bat is a good idea too.
I still think that the Dark One set is BiS here, because it gives those sweet +250% of acid damage on the proc, allowing this build to have those standart 2000%-ish acid damage bonus.

I have an idea of an acid vines set in mind, that has a -20% to Devouring Swarm mod, hope that somebody from Crate will implement it someday =)

Thanks for the feedback!

Good to see someone create a build around those items. I’ve been curious but never got around to it. I had a Trickster in mind rather than a Conjurer, though. I’m thinking a pair of Miseries, Cowl of the Venomblade, Iceskorn Talons on top of otherwise very similar items to your Conjurer.

Shadowstrike -> ABB -> Grasping Vines -> Autoattack -> Repeat

Might not be able to stack as much poison damage without DEE, but should do decent DPS with autoattacks instead. Might be fun to try. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting thought I just had for this build would be to use this specific Conduit prefix and use Grasping Vines bound to Aetherfire.

Aetherfire as far as I’m aware has no cooldown to it so it’s gonna stack up quickly. I’m unsure whether it’s worth losing the Acid/Poison damage and duration on the Shaman Conduit though but I thought it’d be worth sharing the idea.

Edit: Doing some rough calculations, I don’t actually think it’s worth the loss in Acid damage/duration.

When I was planning this build my first idea was also to make an acid trickster, but with a slightly different item set-up. But I gave up on it during the stage of theorycrafting, because the numbers that grimtools was showing were increadibly low. Occultist is far more superior to Nightblade in terms of acid damage support. Furthermore, using Shadowstrike and ABB would require to stay very close to the enemies, thus limiting the kiting option.

Thanks for the feedback!

Added a dedicated acid Grasping Vines set to my New Item Set Ideas Thread (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80504). Be sure to check it out if you are interested.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mqQzz2 Acid trickster idea. Augs are for whatever res / health you want

That’s a nice build concept, but I’m afraid it really lacks RR (Only -56% from Viel and Rumor + Manticor). Poison builds need at least -90% resistance reduction to work properly, as far as my experience goes. Also not quite sure why you chose Malediction relic here, since its kind of uselless provided you’ve taken manticore for flat rr.
And oh man, those greens… =)

malediction has an insane amount of flat. It was just a concept.

Since the new forum search is much better, I thought I’d append to this thread with a potential retaliation version…

A quick search showed that this is not really a new concept (no surprise), however the FG addition of retaliation means 3/4 of Judgment of the Three set + Bramblevine Shield can up the damage of Grasping vines a fair bit.

I hastily threw this theorycraft together: Retaliation Grasping Vines.

It has potential for ~20K retal acid + 10K normal acid per tick of Grasping vines, and additionally~90%RR.

Would be nice if could find more cooldown reduction to reduce cast time to 1s. Devotions are just to show concept of lots of +%retal and a bit of block hammer fun. The lower OA should be offset by fevered rage.

heres the archon I used. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9kgXnN
the physical retal and fire are converted to acid in game

I will try this one Grim Tools <- vitality to acid conversion increases totem’s and guardian’s damage so it is important.)

-100 acid rr,
-with some good rolls 2k+ acid/poison damage (Moderate is 1950),
-Full grasping vines(or 21) + wendigo (22).
-Good oa and da. ( at least for archon lol)
-Insane healing and sustain(2 Wendigo heals for 6.8k-7k per second)
-Insane trash killing

Problem with this build is trying to max damage skills while not losing acid damage bonuses (for grasping vines).


I think nightshard shield is now better than that off-hand. Also +1 to shaman is really important for bumping skill damage.